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  1. Math

  2. english

    Which of the following sentences demonstrates correct subject-verb agreement? By noon, Lisa, Jen, and Elena had already gone home. Crows like to fly through the park and steal food. Kiss me before you leave. All of the choices are correct.
  3. Physics

    Which of the following situations best describes a student engaged in active learning
  4. Physics

    Two events that are simultaneous in one inertial frame of reference will not necessarily be simultaneous in any other inertial frame of reference. Explain.
  5. Physics

    The emf produced in a generator is Vemf=25sin377t. What is the frequency of rotation of the circular coil? 50Hz 60Hz 25Hz 15Hz
  6. english

    Thx thats a good one I need 2 more
  7. english

    can someone make a thematic statement of 'growing up"? Thanks
  8. American government

    American government What challenges do metropolitan areas face today and how are these challenges be adressed
  9. Maths

    just tell the answer plz!!!
  10. s.s.

    This is my anwser yes you idiot
  11. s.s.

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  12. maths

    three boys earned rs 235.50.what is the average rupees earned by each boy?
  13. Social studies

    I need help with the social studies unit 6 lesson 13 test about prosperity, depression, and world war 2 if anyone can help me it would mean the world to me thankb
  14. Algebra

    Does anyone have a study guide i can use so i can study before my algebra 1B semester exam tommorrow i looked all over the school website but i can ot find the one she recomended
  15. science

    can somebody explain to me whats the difference between physical and chemical properties of a substance?
  16. History

    1.A 2.B 3.C 4.C 5.A 6.A 7.A 8.B 9.A 10.B 11.A 12.B 13.C 14.D 15.C 16.C 17.C 18.B 19.D 20.A 21.A 22.B 23.B 24.B 24.IDK
  17. History

    “...[The] said Cooper Hughs Freedman with his wife...are to work on said farm and to cultivate forty acres in corn and twenty acres in cotton, to assist in putting the fences on said farm in good order and to keep them so and to do all other work on said farm necessary to...
  18. math

    5x3= 15 (tally marks) ||||| ||||| ||||| Three groups of five:)
  19. Pre- Algebra

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  20. Health PLZ ANSWER ASAP

    Never mind Hai is right
  21. Health PLZ ANSWER ASAP

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  22. Language Arts

  23. Language Arts

    who are u, how do you know my name
  24. Language Arts

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  25. Language Arts

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  26. Language Arts

    how do you report ppl?
  27. Math

    Peter and Louis are going to dinner and a movie this evening. Peter wants to have at least $70 cash in his wallet. He currently has $10. How much money, x, does Peter need to withdraw from the bank? a. x+10>70; x>$60 b. x+10 (greater than or equal to) 70; x (greater than...
  28. Math

    okay, than is number one A?
  29. Math

    The temperature dropped 18 in 6 hours last night. The equation below can be used to find n, the average number of degrees the temperature changed each hour during that period. -18/6=n -3 -12 -24 THIS ONE -108 2. In the following equations, a and b are equal. Which number could...
  30. Math

    b I mean.
  31. Math

    okay, what about be?
  32. Math

    Okay, I will say the answer will be A?
  33. Math

    Which situation results in a final value of exactly zero? The temperature outside was 50* below 0 at 7:00 am. The temperature rose to 3* in each of the next 4 hours. Hector earned 7.50 for every 8 hours of work. He used 60 of this money to buy video games. Mrs.Kaplan received ...
  34. Geography

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  35. Math

    you guys realize that everyone has different questions and answers on the test... right?
  36. help with utahs physical regions

    3. Utah is in earths temperate climate zone because of its (1 point) A. altitude B. elevation*** C. latitude D. longitude I think its B can you guys check it
  37. help with utahs physical regions

    3. Utah is in earths temperate climate zone because of its (1 point) A. altitude B. elevation C. latitude D. longitude
  38. Art

    Thx I got 100%
  39. science

    how do we make Static Change?
  40. math

    18 liters
  41. Math

    The answer is A. 0.956
  42. science: plz help Mrs. Sue

    B. web spinning
  43. math

    Tom saves 37.5% of his weekly wage of $320. How much does he spend?
  44. math

    11. Janet bought a pair of sandals for $120.00. She needs to pay the 7% sales tax. How much will Janet pay in sales tax?
  45. English

    4.D 5.A 6.F 7.C 8.H
  46. geometry test

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  47. reading connexus help

    I did this and got all right. 1.C 2.D 3.C 4.B
  48. reading the cay

    Hi this Hi are you in 6th grade?
  49. reading the cay

    my answer is c
  50. reading the cay

    What is the most likely conclusion about Timothy’s feelings regarding stew cat? He is angry at stew cat He is a protective of stew cat as he is Phillip He understands Phillips affection for stew cat He is indifferent toward stew cat when rescue does not come quickly p.s ...
  51. health

    couples are choosing to have more children high divorce rate more men stay at home dads .more me work out side the home
  52. Math

  53. ELA

    Which sentence uses an infinitive as an adverb? A) My favorite board game to play is stored in the basement. B) Nicole wants to learn the art of rhetoric before next year. C) Dave's favorite thing to do is to walk his dog every evening. D) We met after school to study for...
  54. dirt

    how is dirt iside worms bodys
  55. SS helppp

    thank u it was 100% right!
  56. P.E

  57. P.E

  58. P.E

    what type of medical professional would you visit if you broke your leg
  59. scince

    Which of the following is not an example of a physical property of a substance? density combustion solubility freezing point thx
  60. algebra

  61. Math

    It was 10.4%. I thank both of you for helping me. I only got 29/30 right on my test.
  62. Math

    Clea estimates that a glass contains 250.55 mL of water. The actual amount of water in the glass is 279.48 mL. To the nearest tenth of a percent, what is the percent error in Clea's estimate?
  63. ELA

    The author explains the "fight or flight" response by comparing and contrasting A) humans to tigers B) workers to bosses C) modern man to cavemen D) adrenaline to heart failure I thinking d or b.
  64. ELA

    I have one more question. Can you maybe help me. The author explains the "fight or flight" response by comparing and contrasting A) humans to tigers B) workers to bosses C) modern man to cavemen D) adrenaline to heart failure I thinking d or b.
  65. ELA

    What metaphor does the author use to help readers understand how the "fight or flight" response works in humans? A) a boss calling a meeting B) the body is supercharged C) a caveman running from a tiger D) the heart is an automatic weapon I am thinking it is d.
  66. science

  67. reading

    4. Which of these best states the main idea of this passage? (1 point) A.People liked ice-skating in the winter. B.Many people wanted to skate in the summer. C.Roller-skating has become a popular sport over time. D.Early roller skates were difficult to use.
  68. reading

    what are all the answers
  69. Subject

  70. Subject

    ( I mean end with or begin with the "J" sound sorry!!)
  71. Subject

    What is a synonym for something you use with a credit card?(has to end with an E and have the "J" sound)
  72. ELA

    I believe it is d.
  73. Math

    -11 1/8+ 15 5/12=?? a:4 7/24** b:4 7/12 c:-4 1/3* d:-4 7/24
  74. @ cheating Connexus - banned

    thats fine i dont care i dont cheat anyway and whenever someone does post jerks like to fake the answers and make connexus kids fail so byyee felicia
  75. Social studies

    What presidential power under the constitution led the antifederalists to urge for a bill of rights? A veto power over acts of congress B miltary power, as commander-in-cheif C the power to carry out the laws passed by congress*** D the power to declare states of emergency ...
  76. Social Studies

    Person is correct 100% D C B A A B A A D A
  77. Science

    Why must organisms reproduce? A. Organisms must reproduce to maintain genetic similarity in the species. B. Organisms must reproduce to continue to build genetic diversity into the species. C. Organisms must reproduce to continue the species.*** D. Organisms must reproduce to ...
  78. Science Please helpppp me!!

    Thx Jacob i got 90 percent with ur answers not 100 but its ok.
  79. Social Studies

    zombiemermaid is 100% correct
  80. English

    then A
  81. Language

    !. A 2. A 3. C 4. D 5. C
  82. Language

    !. A 2. A 3. C 4. D 5. C
  83. history

  84. history

    How do you think this resolution influenced later u.s. policy in southeast asia? gulf of tonkin resolution?
  85. history

    no there is another question with a poster also were my answers wrong.
  86. history

    yes sorry i meant we can do it
  87. history

    Called we an do it
  88. history

    The posters above suggest that: (Select all that apply. Women’s roles during the war did not change. Women served in factories and other jobs typically dominated by men.**** Women served on the front lines of battle alongside men. Women entered politics serving as ...
  89. English

    "Suddenly there came a tapping, / As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber doors". Which poetic device does Poe use in these lines? A. consonance B. hyperbole C. metaphor D. onomatopoeia is it A or b.
  90. family

    Alright, thanks but I didn't choose any answer yet because from before you and I weren't sure. So thanks
  91. family

    I thought that but I wasn;t sure. Thanks
  92. family

    The father of my stepbrother is my?
  93. @ Abby - connexus cheat banned

    And you have a teacher to help you we have a teacher who gives us a question on a slideshow explains how it is done then we go to the test at the end and they arent the same things weve learned i never cheat only on the super hard stuf that i have no idea to do and i always ...
  94. Biology

    what happens to partially digested food after it leaves the stomach, up to the stage where it leaves the small intestine?
  95. La

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  96. American History: Iranian Revolution

    i got 100
  97. language arts

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  98. social studies HELP PLEASE

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  99. Texas History

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  100. English pls help

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