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  1. Social Studies

    The baby boom was when the population grew. More people = more demand for goods = more goods sold = economic growth.
  2. reading

    Definitely not D. Probably not B, because the question asks about humans. A or C, I am inclined towards A.
  3. Math

    What Ms. Sue said, or absolute value of each term added to each other: |a|+|b| |11|+|-8| 11+8 = ____ This will work for any two terms, and is more practical, because if you are given larger numbers, it may be hard to graph them on a number line.
  4. Language Arts

    Me too. I am confused about the ideas part. That is the only thing I came for help.
  5. math

    Hi, Alyssa! You can convert the 720 ml (or however much to stock bottle measures) to oz with this link: Then, divide the number you get by 4.
  6. Language Arts

    Here are the answers: 1. A and B 2. Answer varies but if the question was specific....I would give you the answer. 3. C 4. B 5. D 6. D 7. D 8. D 9. Answer also varies. Trust me! I promise you that this is the correct answers if you are a connexus student.
  7. science

    For anyone wondering all these answers are right, I got a 100 for this test. Just to verify this is for connections academy students.
  8. art

    Which reason best describes why Grandma Moses chose to celebrate country scenes by immortalizing them as art? A. to recognize unusual scenes B. to identify simple pleasures (My answer) C. to commemorate her long life D. to reveal her exceptional memory
  9. Science

    ya its c using process of elimination
  10. Science

    Yes, it can occur #First Reason: Evaporation = process in which water evaporates into vapors due to molecular energy .that is a simple concept. There are two main factors for evaporation. 1.Surrounding temperature 2.surrounding pressure If we decrease the temperature and ...
  11. Science Help!!!

    Post by "DangerBunny" on Brainly: The iron filings can be separated with a magnet. The wood chips can be separated by adding water to the water and picking the floating wood chipsfrom the top. The sand can be separated by pouring the water/sand/saltmixture through a ...
  12. Math

    previous year's value*1.05. The first three are (1) 299,250 (2) 314,212.5 (3) 329,923.125
  13. Language Arts 6th grade

    I would but I don't want to be banned sorry you will just have to read it or hear is an online version you can listen to it instead of reading it. type in "heniss pbworks" then click on "ms drews/home" once you are on the site type the cay in the search...
  14. math

    your welcome
  15. math

    The center is the median and/or mean of the data. The spread is the range of the data. And, the shape describes the type of graph. The four ways to describe shape are whether it is symmetric, how many peaks it has, if it is skewed to the left or right, and whether it is ...
  16. Unit 3: Lesson 8: Interaction of Forces Unit Test

    it's d
  17. English

    Definitely common outcome of most processes
  18. science(pls help :D)

    The first "Jazzzmin" is correct. BTW: The last reply is a trap. Don't do what the fake "Jazzzmin" says. Stay safe.
  19. Science

    1, How does sea-floor spreading occur? A, New materials are being added to the asthenosphere. B, Earthquakes break apart the ocean floor. C, Sediments accumulate at the area of spreading. D, Molten material beneath Earth's crust rises to the surface. •• 2, Which ...
  20. s.s

    1. B 2. C 3. B & D 4. A 100% correct answers for Connexus 8th Grade Social Studies unit 4 Lesson 5 Quick Check
  21. social studies

    I can't believe that you people actually write the answers twice because it makes no sense that other people write the answers and the first person doesn't get much acknowledgment but the second one just because wrote '100% Yeay!' 'If you use connexus:'...
  22. Health and PE

    the answers are A, B, and D
  23. social studies
  24. Language Arts

    1. sentence 2. sentence 3. fragment 4. sentence 5. sentence
  25. Language arts

    A timeline is correct
  26. MATH

    Unit 3 Lesson 13 Functions Unit Test Math Grade 8 B Answers: 1. D 2. A 3. D 4. A 5. D 6. D 7. D 8. C 9. A 10. A 11. C 12. B 13. B 14. A 15. A 16. B
  27. math

    Mystery Gurl is correct! Trust her! I promise :)
  28. math

    If they gave you a final result, then you could find a value for the unknown number. If they didn't gave you a result, then "Steve" is correct.
  29. Math

    Here are the answers for the Math Test if you are a connexus student: 1.b 2.c 3.d 4.a 5.d 6.c 7.d 8.c 9.c 10.c 11.a 12.c 13.d 14.d 15.d 16.c 17.c Trust me! They are correct!
  30. language arts

    "Kazuma" is correct!
  31. Social Studies

    Both "tooth fairy" and "Anonymous" are correct.
  32. psychology

    go to course hero
  33. Social Studies

    "jayyy" is correct."No name" isn't.
  34. math

    1D 2A 3B 4A 5D 6C 7A 8D 9A 10A 11D 12B 12A 14A 15C 16D 17A 18B

    1.A 2.A 3.A 4.C 5.C 6.D 7.B 8.C 9.D 10.B 11.B 12.D 13. ANGIOSPERM 14. COURTSHIP RITUAL 15. UMBILICAL CORD 16. ALL 17. ARE 18 ESSAYS
  36. Math help! Check my answers ASAP!

    Sometimes people tend to pretend to be someone else in order to make them look ridiculous. Even though some of these users have the name "Mrs. Sue", they can still fake it.
  37. Math help! Check my answers ASAP!

    Cutie pie is 100% correct
  38. Pre- algebra help please anyone

    thx psyDag
  39. Pre- algebra help please anyone

    X to the power of 11 like x11 and x to the power of two like x2 x9/x2 A x11 B x7 C 7 D x5
  40. Social studies

    B D C A
  41. Science

    7 is wrong but the rest are right! Good job!
  42. Social Studies

    For the PT: 1. B 2. C 3. D 4. D 5. C 6. B 7. C 8. B 9. C Good Luck.
  43. SS

    Answer isn't right on my practice...
  44. Math

    to find the missing angle the steps I did 180-113=67 180-72=108 and then 108-67=41 so ?b=41
  45. Spanish

    fùtbol (soccer)
  46. Math

    For every 1 man, there are 4 women. hope this helps
  47. Social Studies

    It's not B, B and D. I put in those answers and got 66.7%. The correct answers are A B D
  48. Reading Process LA Q

    CCAAB is correct so stop saying it is not I just took the test so shut up
  49. Reading Process LA Q

    Unit 2 Lesson 2 Close Reading Workshop: Poetry 1.B 2.A 3.B 4.A I used everyone elses answers on here and got 0%. But here are the right answers. Hope everyone has better luck than I did <3
  50. Social Studies Pretest Lesson 1 Unit 7

    I used Sad Spotty's answers and got a 1/9. The correct and most recently updated answers are 1. B 2. B 3. C 4. D 5. C 6. B 7. B 8. B 9. A
  51. Language Arts

    On here its not BCA but its ADC on here. so 100% ADC.
  52. Science HELP PLS

    Answers are CBAC!
  53. history

    "Unknown" is correct.
  54. History Check Please!

  55. Spanish

    He is painting El Esta pintando

    "Queen Roaster" isn't telling the truth. "kara" and "Katie" are correct.
  57. Algebra

    if you want the answer for lesson 7 unit 2 1. (-1)(4-c) = -4+c 2. 6(b-p) 3. 1/2(6x-8)-(5x-3)=-2x-1 4. +v2.25 = +1.5 5.3x-7/12 = 0.25 6. length of the field of 479ft = 21.89 why 21.89+21.89= 479ft 7. simplify expression (7+5)+4*13-2 = 62
  58. SS

    For connexus students B D,E B Is right
  59. Language Arts, please check anyone!

    yes these answers are correct. I got a 100% on it.
  60. Social Studies

    I can't believe everyone just repeated the same d*mn answers except the person who put the pretests. Thanks to you too. But anyways, really while scrolling down you didn't see the answers already and still decided to post more answers to the same thing? I don't ...
  61. Biology

    The correct answers are: 1. B 2. C 3. A 4. A Just took it and got 100% :)
  62. Math

    Subtract 5.514 from both sides, then divide both sides by 9.2 and boom, you have solved for x.
  63. Math

    @Amy, you now have to divide both sides by 9.2 and boom, you have solved for x.
  64. English

    I am now done with the test but I cannot post the answers until I receive my grade. Though, if you have a problem...I will help you.
  65. English

    I will help you once I am done.
  66. Math Help Please? (check my work?)

    no, 5 is D lmao 5 isnt C, its D!!
  67. Social studies

    "Endless_Actor" is wrong! "ChOsEnOnE" is correct!
  68. Language arts

    Why your dad? Why is everyone these days so off topic? Really annoying.
  69. Language arts

    You are welcome!
  70. Language arts

    Cannot help you on last essay question...sorry.
  71. Language arts

    Fine...I will help. Just paraphrase it or I will become mad! One event from "Dragonwings" that represents a cause-and-effect relationship was when Moon Shadow's grandfather was lynched by a mob of angry white demons. The cause of this was because he was on their ...
  72. Language arts

    Cannot help on essay questions. I really do wish the essay question asked of something specific so I could help all of you. Just look out for me when I post essay question answers to Science tests.
  73. Math (help)

    These are independent events so the total probability will be the product of the individual probabilities: 1/2 times 1/2 = 1/4
  74. history (reed)

    Just took the quick check. The correct answers are: 1.D 2.B
  75. Social Studies (please check Ms. Sue)

    Correct answers are: A. B. D. D. C 100% correct
  76. Science Check Answer

    "Crystal Clear" is correct!
  77. Language Arts, can anyone check?

  78. Language Arts, can anyone check?

    "ADIDAS" & "thank me later" are correct!
  79. lang art

    Unit 3 Lesson 12 Quick Check B D A A 100%. 4/4. The other answers were all wrong for me :/
  80. lang art

    "lol" is correct.
  81. Music

    UR MOM is correct the answers are D A B :D lol and this works for people on connexus.
  82. history please help

    Everything is correct except for 6. I just took the quiz. the correct answer is D
  83. Language arts

    Fox is absolutely correct!
  84. Language arts

    CDAD is correct for connexus students! Trust me!
  85. Pre Algebra

    Hey just use online calculators, use mathpapa algerba calculator it helped me with almost the wholetest trust me you dont want to use any of these answers posted
  86. L.A

    @Nootella They are all the same person! Look at what times their comments were posted... "RoastedToaster" is correct
  87. english

    NO its D
  88. english

    i believe its D your answer is right
  89. p.e/ drugs

    "boo" is correct!:D
  90. Language Arts

    sorry it is metaphor
  91. Language Arts

  92. Math

    d/r = t
  93. Science

    1. D 2. C Trust me I'm correct.
  94. Science HELP!!!!

    Thanks! 100% correct
  95. health

    trinity is correct I did the test and got a 100% good job trinity
  96. social studies PLEASE HELP

    1.medicine 2.qin shihuangdi 3.empties their minds 4.harmony 5.knowledge and desire tea and spices 7.yellow sea 8.Chang jiang 9.terra-cotta 10.thinker 11.han 12.rudder 13. Helper said "do it your self"
  97. Science!

    Thank you you are 100% correct(9 is 11 grams or D but there is 5 answers instead of 4) as of 1/4/18
  98. Help on math!

    BDAA is correct!
  99. History

    Yes these are the correct answers. I just took the test got a 100%
  100. English

    A A C
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