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    $1.94 times 8, equals $15.52
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    OK so if I did all wrong, #1 would be A. #2, D, and #3 also D.. Right? @Ms.Sue
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    #1 I meant to put (C)15/55 not the 12.
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    #1)Which ratio forms a proportion? Use cross products to test each pair. (A)15/40, 35/90 (B)18/22, 45/55 (C)12/55, 33/121*** (D)17/31, 32/45 #2)Which ratio forms a proportion with 20/30? Use equivalent ratios to test each pair. (A)16/24 (B)10/20*** (c)17/51 (d)15/60 #3)Which ...
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    Which proportion has cross products of 5 x 24 and 8 x 15? (a)5/8 = 15/24 (b)5/25 = 8/15 (c)8/24 = 15/5 (d)15/8 = 5/24 I think the answer is A. Am I correct?
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    I'm pretty sure its D. That's what I got after I did the work. Thank you
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    Would it be A?
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    Which ratio forms a proportion with 18/30? (a)20/35 (b)50/90 (c)36/48 (d)60/100 I think the answer is C, am I correct?
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    Can you help me with my other question? @Ms. Sue
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    thank you so much
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    Which ratios form a proportion? (a)4/9, 12/25 (b)3/7, 18/42 (c)5/8, 15/25 (d)5/11,20/45 I think the answer is B. am I correct?
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    Can you help me? I have the same problems and don't understand this :(