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unscramble these letters please OXENTS

which of these is always equal to the number of protons in an atom

7th grade
okay thanks. i really am thankfull for ur help

7th grade
this is hw. my teacher is making it 150 words. i already have beacause the title might sound intresting

7th grade
why would some one want to read your paper.

the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and inclined plane is 0.28 and angle è = 65°. What is the block's acceleration (magnitude and direction) assuming the following conditions? (a) It is sliding down the slope. m/s2 (b) It has been given an ...

The floor of a railroad flatcar is loaded with loose crates having a coefficient of static friction of 0.20 with the floor. If the train is initially moving at a speed of 47 km/h, in how short a distance can the train be stopped at constant acceleration without causing the ...

A train moving at a constant speed of 68.0 km/h moves east for 33.0 min, then in a direction 40.0° east of due north for 30.0 min, and then west for 59.0 min. What is the average velocity of the train during this run? Magnitude km/h

A rotating fan completes 1200 revolutions every minute. Consider a point on the tip of a blade, at a radius of 0.11 m. (a) Through what distance does the point move in one revolution? m (b) What is the speed of the point? m/s (c) What is the magnitude of its acceleration? m/s2...

A concrete block of mass 244 kg hangs from the end of the uniform strut of mass 45.0 kg. Angle ϕ = 30.0° and è = 45.0°. (a) Find the tension T in the cable. N (b) Find the horizontal component of the force on the strut from the hinge. N (right) (c) Find the...

a slide loving pig slides down a certain 44° slide in twice the time it would take to slide down a frictionless 44° slide. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the pig and the slide?

At the instant the traffic light turns green, an automobile starts with a constant acceleration a of 2.3 m/s2. At the same instant a truck, traveling with a constant speed of 9.4 m/s, overtakes and passes the automobile. (a) How far beyond the traffic signal will the ...

A concrete block of mass 244 kg hangs from the end of the uniform strut of mass 45.0 kg. Angle ϕ = 30.0° and è = 45.0°. (a) Find the tension T in the cable. N (b) Find the horizontal component of the force on the strut from the hinge. N (right) (c) Find the...

a 51.0 kg uniform square sign, of edge L = 2.00 m, is hung from a horizontal rod of length dh = 3.00 m and negligible mass. A cable is attached to the end of the rod and to a point on the wall at distance dv = 4.00 m above the point where the rod is hinged to the wall.

A circular-motion addict of mass 70 kg rides a Ferris wheel around in a vertical circle of radius 10 m at a constant speed of 6.5 m/s. (a) What is the period of the motion? s (b) What is the magnitude of the normal force on the addict from the seat when both go through the ...

The block in the figure below lies on a horizontal frictionless surface and is attached to the free end of the spring, with a spring constant of 65 N/m. Initially, the spring is at its relaxed length and the block is stationary at position x = 0. Then an applied force with a ...

The position of a particle moving along an x axis is given by x = 15t2 - 2.0t3, where x is in meters and t is in seconds. (a) Determine the position, velocity, and acceleration of the particle at t = 3.0 s. x = m v = m/s a = m/s2 (b) What is the maximum positive coordinate ...

Can someone explain to me Nietzsche's doctroine of the "will to power"

Thank you....I did mean organelle.

2 /r + 8/r- 2 =

math set 4
dave and anita each earned the same amount of money selling newspapers but each worked different number of days. dave worked for 8 days.he earned 15$ less per day then anita did. anita worked for 4 days. how much did each earn altogether? how much money did each earn per day? ...

Ok, first you integrate the problem so it equals 19x + x^2 - 5x^4 Next I'll write this out then show you. You then plug in x = 3 to this equation and then plug in x = 1 Subtract the equation of x = 1 from the equation x = 3. (19(3) - (3)^2 - 5(3)^4) - (19(1) - (1)^2 - 5(1...

Why doesn't it enter the reaction?

What is the products for HCl + Na2S04 + BaCl2?

y' = 60(3x + 1)^19 y' = 60(3(0) + 1)^19 y' = 60(1)=60 Then use point-slope form y - y1 = 60(x - x1) y - 1 = 60(x - 0) y - 1 = 60x y = 60x + 1

what are the analytical writing traits??

the calories in a breakfast sandwich come from three sources: 144 calories are from carbohydrates 108 calories are from fat and 56 calories are from protein use properties of addition to find the total number of calories in the sandwich

Thank you

A 68.5kg skater moving initially at 2.40m/s on rough horizontal ice comes to rest uniformly in 3.52s due to friction from the ice. I need help finding the force friction exert on the skater.

1. Baldwin Products Company anticipates reaching a sales level of $6 million in one year. The company expects net income during the next year to equal $400,000. Over the past several years, the company has been paying $50,000 in dividends to its stockholders. The company ...

How does Calif trespass to computer services differ from trespass to personal property in differenct states?

Project Mgmt
How to write a proposal !!!!

A woman saved $225 on the new sofa which was on sale for 30% off. What was the original price of the sofa?

need help identifying the major schools of psychology and their major underlying assumptions. also what are the biological foundations of psychology

when u say (8/5)B= 1600+40, do u mean (5/8)? im only in sixth grade n m confused

Bell and Eva are sharing 1600 ml of maple syrup. Eva receives 3/5 of the amount received by Bell minus 40 ml. How many milliliters of maple syrup do each of them receive? Bell: ( 1600 + ___)* ___/___= ____ Eva : ( 1600 + ___)* ___/___-40= _____ wat do i fill in the blanks with?

thx it helped a lot

2)3/14 of the rosebuds in a garden bloomed yesterday, and 2/5 of the remaining rosebuds bloomed today. 66 rosebuds have not yet bloomed. 1. How many rosebuds were there in total? 2.How many rosebuds bloomed today? plz help, i don't kno y but i forgot how to do these problems

2. In "Life without Principle," Thoreau writes, "I would have had him deal with his privatest experience, as the poet does." What does this statement mean?

In what way is each of the following a marketing activity? a. The provision of sufficient parking space for customers at a suburban shopping mall b. The purchase by clothing store of seven dozen sweaters in assorted sizes and colors c. The inclusion of a longer and more ...

worksheet 150?
did you hear about...

Can someone tell me if I am right? My choices are observation, prediction, or hypothesis Male Red-winged Blackbirds display red wing patches to signal superiority to other males. Hypothesis Bees make honey. Observation Male Red-winged Blackbirds compete for territories. ...

Can someone tell me if I am right?

managerial finance
The growth rate in dividends for IBM for the next five years is expected to be 19 percent. Suppose IBM meets this growth rate in dividends for the next five years and then the dividend growth rate falls to 5 percent indefinately. Assume investors require an 11 percent return ...

Not sure how to solve the following problem. Suppose two athletes sign 10-year contracts for $80 million. In one case, we're told that the $80 million will be paid in 10 equal installments. In the other case, we're told that the $80 million will be paid in 10 ...

Okay thanks

It's a project and i had to find some on the internet and i cant figure out the theme

Can you help me create a theme for my poems please?

What is the difference between a large market team and a small market team? What makes a team a large market team or a small market team?

Can someone please check my answer to this question: In recent years, a company has greatly increased its current ratio. At the same time, the quick ratio has fallen. What has happened? Has the liquidity of the company improved? My answer: The decrease in the quick ratio shows...

My watch is 1 second fast each hour and my friend's watch is 1.5 seconds slow each hour. Right now they show the same time. When will they show the same time again? Who ever answers my ?, please tell me how.

an equation of the normal to the graph of f(x)= x/(2x-3) at (1,f(1)

f(x)=xlnx Find the minimum value

f(x)=xlnx Find the minimum value

Pick a country of your choice that is experiencing population growth. Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials to find the most recent population count of the country you have chosen and the population growth rate of that country. Use that growth rate to ...

To find the percent you add up all the numbers 5+6+7+12+...then whatever number you get is the denominator. So if you want to find the percent of rats you take 12 divided by all the numbers added together. To determine the degrees of each part you can divide it into 4th which ...

g(x)=[(4x-7)(x+11)] Find g'(x) I thought that you use the product rule but I have the answer and I am not getting the same thing. The answer is g'(x)=3/2[4x^2+37x-77]^1/2 * (8x+37) I keep getting just 8x+37 when I do the product rule. What am I missing?

use your conversion factors to determine grams to mols and then use mols of cl- per solution to convert


math (discount)
A woman saved $225 on the new sofa which was on sale for 30% off. WHat was the original price?

The following tabulation gives earnings per share figures for the Foust Company during the preceding 10 years. The firm’s common stock, 7.8 million shares outstanding, is now (1/1/03) selling for $65 per share, and the expected dividend at the end of the current year (...

After 12 months of making extra payments, what will be the loan balance? After 12 months of making the regular payment and investing the $50, what will be the loan balance? Under the regular payment and investing option, excluding the tax due on the interest earned, what is ...

DESCRIBE OTHER CRITERIA THAT COULD BE USED TO MEASURE A MARKET'S POTENTIAL. What criteria have already been discussed? Your question doesn't make any sense without telling us what the "other criteria" are.

What are some human activities which might cause oxygen levels in the atmosphere to drop dramatically? Read this: Then ask what would happen if we poisoned off the algae. This could easily happen ...

how do i figure this out y= 3/4+2

how do i work this out 80=10x divide each side by ten.

how do I do this Solve for x. 3x – 2y = 6 Add 2y to both sides and then divide both sides by 3, to give you just "x' on the left side. so is this how i work it out 3x-2y=6 3x- 2y= 6 -2y 3x=6-2y x= 2 +2y No. Add 2y to both sides. 3x- 2y+2y= 6 +2y 3x=6+2y divide ...

Where does magnetism comes from? Magnetic forces arise from the movement of electrons (electric charge). In case you want it, here is more information on magnetism.

Can someone please check my answer for the following problem. The Smiths wish to refinance their home worth $250,000. They originally paid $130,000 for the home and made $25,000 in improvements. The bank is willing to let the Smith refinance $200,000 with no further ...

Can someone check my answers. A car dealership gives customers the choice of buying or leasing its cars. The cars cost $20,000 and are sold for $25,000. The standard lease contract is for four years, with the first payment made at the time the lease is signed. Annual payments ...

How would I correct this sentence fragment: Richard III supposedly had the young princes murdered. Never found out what really happened to them. When you have it corrected, please re-post. We'll check it for you. =) ...

Mental health speech
The mind is it's own place and in it it can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven. I have to write a 5 min long speech on this. can anyone make sense of it? tips or pointers I am not certain of the point you will be trying to make. When dealing with something on the ...

Substitution Method in Algebra!HELP PLZ!
is it (5,-1)

The question is :describe the role civil disobedinece played in the civil right movements. my answer: Was a tactic tha Martin Luther King, J.r brought about for peoples believes to be heard and acknowledge even if they needed to disobey the laws and suffer the consequences as ...

I truely need help i just don't understand anything and I've read so many times the chapters that I just can't comprehend anything nomore. I have a test on the first friday of november. I'm trying to answer all the questions in the study sheet and these ...

accrual basis accounting vs. cash accounting basis
Can someone please check my answers to the following problem. Jack Eagles, a CPA, keeps his accounting records for his practice on the cash basis. During the current year, his clients paid $750,000 in the accounting and tax fees of which $5,000 was paid for work to be done ...

economics question!!
Suppose a firm is both a monopoly and a monopsony. How would this firm choose the quantity of labour of labour to employ? what wage would this firm pay? can someone explain this question to me!! im stuck! I gave this question a brief answer earlier. Let me elaborate. Always ...

what is this word unscrambled I have no idea!!!! aiclopv I tried Zach's Word Unscrambler, which you can easily find with Google, and it says there are no unscrambled English words in the 130,000 word database that use those letters. If you find one, I'd like to know ...

What abiotic factor limits the vertical distribution of plants in a body of water? what? LIght has an impact on the vertical distribution. Is Light an adiotic factor?

Tax consequence
Corporation is a calendar-year taxpayer. All of the stock is owned by Fred. His basis for the stock is $35,000. On 3/1 (non-leap year), Corporation distributes $120,000 to Evan. Determine the tax consequences of the cash distribution to Fred in each of the following ...

Organizationl Expenditures
Following expenses incurred by Corporation when organized on July 1 Attorney fees to draft charter 20,000 Underwriter fees for stock sale 10,000 Transfer cost for property contributed to the corporation for stock 4,000 Costs of organizational meetings before beginning ...

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