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Ohh ok but what do you prefer?

Should I take psychology before sociology or take sociology before psychology. Like saying "You can't do well in chemistry unless you finish biology"

Explain it tell how to find 81-16 using mental maht

University College of Applied Sciences
A rectangular object is 25 cm tall , 15 cm wide , and 10 cm deep .what is its volume in cubic centimeters , liters , and kiloliters ?

The sample mean to be calculated from a random sample of size n= 4 from a population consistsof eight measurements (2, 6, 9, 12, 25, 29, 39, 50) . find the sampling distribution of y y .(hint : there are 70 samplesof size 4 when sampling from a population of eight measurements )

A certain spring elongates 9 mm when it is suspended vertically and a block of mass M is hung on it. The natural frequency of this mass-spring system is: a)0.014 b)5.3Hz c)31.8Hz d)181.7Hz e)need to know M please explain the answer....and hope to answer soon.... thanks in advance

the solubility of co2 gas in h2o depends on ...... while the solubility of h2 gas in h2o depends on.......

a solution consisting of 5.0 gm of an organic solute per 25 gm of CCl4 boils at 81.5 degree celecius .what is the molecular weight of the solute? If the boiling point is 76.8 degree celecius and Kb of CCl4 is 5.02 .

calculate the ph of a 0.18 M NH4CL and0.18 M NH4OH.(Kb=1.0x10^-5)