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1. Mark is trying to determine his firm's average cost per unit of production. He finds that the cost for all labor and materials is $80,000 and fixed overhead expenses are $40,000. If the company produces 20,000 items in the time period, the average cost is __________. $...

11th grade

Chemistry --really need help!
5 mol of ammonia were introduced into a 5 L rxn chamber in which it is partially decomposed at high temperatures. 2NH3(g)<--> 3H2(g)+ N2(g) at equlilibrium at a particular temperature, 80% of the ammonia had reacted calculate kc for the rxn

0.872g sample containing only NaBr and KBr gives 1.052g AgBr. what's the % of each salt? This is the type of problem that cannot be answered without other information. I think you have made a typo in your problem I worked through it and I get negative numbers for the mass ...