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The system shown below are in equilibrium with m = 2.90 kg If the spring scales are calibrated in newtons, what do they read? Ignore the masses of the pulleys and strings and assume the pulleys and the incline are frictionless. Image: imgur. com/a/GCJIL

CO2 + 3H2 equilibrium CH4 + H2O what is the forward and reverse reaction for it? what are the units of Kc for this reaction?

Why vaporization is a cooling process ?

1.Can a small child play with a fat child onthe see-saw?explain how. 2.Two children are sitting on the see-saw,such that they can not swing.What is the net torque in this situation? 3.Does the speed of a ceiling fan go on increasing all the time? 4.Does the ceiling fan satisfy...

Clayton has three fair coins. Find the probablitlity that he gets two tails and one head when he flips the three coins.

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