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algebra 2
the two numbers to factor the equation. pair of #s that multiplies to -126 and the same pair that adds to a 4.

algebra 2
consecutive odd integer problem find two odd integers the sum of whose squares is 130. (sq)=squared let x= 1st odd int let x+2=2nd odd int (2x+2)(2x+2)=130 4x(sq) + 4x+ 4x +4=130 4x(sq) + 8x -126= 0 2(2x(sq)+4x-63)=0 My question: WHAT ARE THE TWO DARN #s!!!

i need one more reason...other then downloading is illegal and that people are no longer buying CDs so stores might start to close and singers won't get paid as they used to for their CDs

thanks but i need other reasons....i can't think of any i really need help :(

Listening to a CD has been the method of listening to music for the last 20 years. Now downloading on Itunes and sharing MP3 files has become the wave of the future. Do you think this technology is a revolution and advancement in music or is it a downfall of the music industry...

Zucchini cores placed in sucrose solutions at 27oC resulted in the following percent changes after 24 hours: % change in mass [Sucrose] 20 distilled water 10 0.2 M -3 0.4 M -17 0.6 M -25 0.8 M -30 1.0 M Graph the results and find the molar concentration of solutes within the ...

name ten countries using different techniques in industries

The bank of the UNited States is: A. U.S. Bank B. First National Bank C. Bank of America D. Seafirst E. None of the Above If anything, the bank of the U.S. would be the Federal Reserve. I would go with E There were in actuality two different Banks of the United States. The ...

Hi. Please help me with this?: Suppose you start a home business typing technical research papers for college students. You must spend $3500 to replace your computer system. Then you estimate the cost of typing each page will be $.02. Write a rational function modeling your ...

Find the points of discontinuity and any holes. y=x^2-1/(x^2+3x+2) please and thank you y =(x^2-1)/((x+1)(x+2)) =(x-1)/(x+2) we cancelled the (x+1)/(x+1) which is 0/0 for x=-1 so in our simplified expression when x=-1 y = -2 There is a "hole" at (-1,-2) in the final ...

How do you solve 1/16=64^(5x-4)? thank you Notice that 16 and 64 are both powers of 2. 2^-4 = 2^6(5x-4) take log base 2 of each side.. -4=6(5x-4) solve for x wow, okay thanks!!! so its -.93?

Genetic drift results in a change in gene frequencies because a. gene flow within the population is less than gene flow between populations. b. reproduction is non-random within the population c. the population size is so small that chance occurrences can alter gene ...

Question Details: Finding Regression for each set of data & finding best fit equation for each set of data: Data 1: X: 1 2 3 4 5 Y: 3.1 12.1 20.7 33.9 50.8 Data 2: X: 1 2 3 4 5 Y: 1.16 3.46 5.11 5.98 6.75

can anyone explain this problem?

does anyone know what the rate of sound waves is for 12.6hz? Never mind got it

Climate Graphs
i need a climate graph for japan now plz my teacher will kill me plz plz plz

How many years would it take the planet to orbit the sun. How do you calculate. All I have is, that the planet is 97 times farther from sun than earth or 97 Astronomical units Using Kepler's Law you find that the anser is 97^(1.5) years. You can estimate this without using...

How do you calculate. How many years would it take the planet to orbit the sun. All I have is, that the planet is 97 times farther from sun than earth or 97 Astronomical units Use Kepler's Third Law. If you have never heard of it, read

A 3.00 kg object with an intial velocity of + 5.00 m/s in the postive X direction collides with and sticks to a 2.00 kg object with an intial velocity of -3.00 m/s in the negative Y direction. Find the final componet of velocity of the composite object. Use the conservation of...

A hydrate of strontium choloride contains 40.54% water. What is the formula of the hydrate ? SrCl2*xH2O. H2O = 40.54% SrCl2 = 100 - 40.54 = 59.46% Take 100 g sample. This gives us 59.46g SrCl2 and 40.54g H2O. Convert to mols. mols SrCl2 = 59.46/158.5 = 0.375 mols H2O = 40.54/...

Work energy
Question Details Three masses m1= 5.0 kg ; m2= 10.0 kg ; m1= 15.0 kg are attached by a strings over frictionless pulleys. The horizontal surface exerts a force of friction of 30N on m2. If the system is released from rest, use energy concepts to find the speed of m2 after it ...

Could someone please tell me what the word of 'pocket' as in 'pants pocket' is in Spanish? I used a translator, but I thought there was another word for it. ¿Cómo se dice 'pocket' en Español? Thanks in advance. :) El (casilla, ...

social studies
that is not the right answer.

write the equation for copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate and ammonium sulfate forming: Cu(NH4)2(SO4)2*6H2O not sure how to balance it Check your question very carefully. Is this a question given to you by a teacher? yeah it is in a lab CuSO4.5H2O + (NH4)2SO4 >>Cu(NH4)2(SO4...

Physics newton
A rocket weighs 1 x10^7 N while on the surface of the earth. The ignition of its engines results in a lift off force of 1.5 X 10^7 N a) what is the mass of the rocket. b) what is its acceleration at lift -off c)How fast will it be moving if it acceleartion at this rates for 10...

Physics Newton law
A 10O0Kg elevator is hoisted upward from rest by a cable. In the first two seconds there is an 1100N tension force in the cable hoisting the elevator. What is the speed after two seconds and how far has it travelled ? Get the acceleration first. Tension=mg + m*acceleration. ...

Why can't the slope of a line be expressed as a decimal or a fraction? The slope of a line should be expressed as a fraction. The formula is Rise over Run. Rise is how much further up u go and run is how much further across do u go. Does that answer your quetion? My math ...


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