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  1. Calculus

    Given the table below for selected values of f(x), use 6 right rectangles to estimate the value of the integral from 1 to 10 of f(x)dx. Table: 1 3 4 6 7 9 10 4 8 6 10 10 12 16 The only problem I'm having with this is figuring out the values of f(2.5), f(5.5), and f(8.5) ...
  2. Physics

    I keep getting 145.45
  3. Physics

    A telescope has an objective with a refractive power of 1.65 diopters and an eyepiece with a refractive power of 240 diopters. What is the angular magnification of the telescope?
  4. Science

    what is the name of the structure that air passes through when going to lungs from mouth in the frog?
  5. Algebra

    To help open a jewelry store, Chang borrowed money from his credit union. He took out a personal, amortized loan for $45,000, at an interest rate of 6.45%, with monthly payments for a term of 8 years. For each part, do not round any intermediate computations and round your ...
  6. physics

    A champion discus thrower throws a discus with an initial speed of 26 m /s. If the discus is thrown upward at an angle of 45o, what maximum height and what range will the discus attain? What is its time of flight? For the sake of simplicity, ignore the height of the hand over ...
  7. Math

    Insert the missing digits to make number sentence true _,_63-3,9_9=2,83-
  8. Math

    Fill the bracket with +,-,×,÷. 16 () 10 () 2 () 5 = 20 What is the answer? I have tried for 1 hour but I do not know the answer.
  9. Math_sales tax_ discount

    During a sale arianna purchases a sweater listed at $100 . With 20% off and 7% sales tax, How much did she pay for hte discounted sweater
  10. Math

    i duno
  11. Math

    Since the angles opposite to the equal sides of an isosceles triangle are equal, we draw a 75 degree angle at R. The point at which the rays from Q and R meet is named P. We will find that PQ = PR.
  12. Math

    Construct an isosceles triangle PQR in which PQ = PR, base QR = 5.6 centimetres, angle PQR = 75 degrees using a ruler and a pair of compasses. Draw its lines/line of symmetry.
  13. Social Studies

    Haha thank you Reece's just what I was looking for
  14. Maths

    if seven workers dig a piece of ground in 10 days.How long will 5 workers take.
  15. Math

    A satellite dish has a diameter of 32 inches and is 6 inches deep. If the antenna needs to be put at the focus of the parabola, where would the parabola be placed?
  16. math

    There are no given factors
  17. math

    Find all the solutions in the interval [−2π, 2π] of the equation cos θ = 0.
  18. Science

    yes 100%
  19. math

    Simplify the expression 8² +9(12÷3 x 2) -6 Explain each of your steps.
  20. math

    Iam trying. to unscrambled anruiclme ssepxosneir. please. help. me.
  21. Math

    what is the vale of 14 - a² given a = -3 A 23 B 11** C 8 D 5 what symbol is needed between -2 ? |-3| to make a true statement? A < B >** C =
  22. Math

    A eighteen-sided die is rolled three times. In how many ways can this happen? How would I solve this problem?
  23. Math

    yep 100%
  24. Trig

    How did you find the answer exactly? I am confused.

    Mr A is travelling at 80 Kmph and leaves point X at 815 am, however, Mr B is travelling at 120 Kmph but leaves point Y which is 100 Km further away (behind) from point X at the same time, at what time will Mr B meet Mr A assuming they are travelling in the same direction? a. ...
  26. Chemistry

    A 53.8-mg sample of sodium perchlorate contains radioactive chlorine-36 (whose atomic mass is 36.0 amu). If 29.6% of the chlorine atoms in the sample are chlorine-36 and the remainder are naturally occurring nonradioactive chlorine atoms, how many disintegrations per second ...
  27. physics

    Two identical mass-spring systems consist of 250-g masses attached to springs of spring constant 15 N/m. If one of them starts oscillating from its equilibrium position at time t = 0, how much later should the second one start so they oscillate out of phase by 90 o?
  28. Language arts

    The dragon within?
  29. math

    karen has 60 percent as much as money as leslie. leslie's sum of money is 60 %mof matthews. if matthews gives karen 140, matthew will have the same money as leslie. how much do they have altogether
  30. Math

    7/11litres of a tank is filled with water.24 litres more water are needed to fill the tank completely.What is the volume of water in the tank now?
  31. Math

    Circle the number closest in value to 4. 1. 4.123 2. 4.03 3. 3.981 4. 4.001 The answer I selected is 3.981 is this correct?
  32. math

  33. physic

    A coconut thrown horizontally at 20 m/s from the top of a hill 63 m high. How far from the base of the hill does the coconut hit the ground?
  34. physics

    Which of the following prefixes will multiply the unit by 1,000? Select one: a. Milli b. Mega c. Kilo d. Centi
  35. math

    1.b 2.d 3.a 4.a 100%
  36. Ms. Sue, please help me on math!

  37. Math

    MATHMATHMATH What letter is in the 30th position? I think it is A but I am not sure.
  38. Math

    XYZXYZXYZ..... What is the 30th letter of the pattern I think it is Y but I am not sure.
  39. Physics

    An airplane needs to accelerate at 4.7 m/s2 to reach take-off speed before reaching the end of the runway. The mass of the airplane is 4500 kg. How much force is needed from the engines?
  40. Physics

    The brakes of an automobile are suddenly applied at the instant when its velocity is 20 m/s. If the automobile comes to a stop after 5 seconds, what is its acceleration?
  41. Math

    subtract b
  42. Math

    How would I convert 4000 cups to 400 qts?
  43. Math

    Quick question: 600 gal > 2000pt
  44. Math

    I get it now. Thanks Ms. Sue for your help. I appreciate it.
  45. Math

    How would I do 600 gal. to 2000 pt.?
  46. Math

    Is the answer .363, .333, .33, .309? Is it right.
  47. Math

    So would the answer be .363, .309, .333, and .333? Is it correct now?
  48. science

    A uniform solid sphere is placed on a smooth horizontal surface and a horizontal force F is applied on it at a distance h above the surface. The acceleration of the center?
  49. Dallas Community College

    A 2.00 kg blob of clay is moving with a velocity of 6.00 m/s at 49.0° when it collides and sticks to a 4.00 kg blob of clay that is moving with a velocity of 5.00 m/s at -123.0°. What is the magnitude and direction of the velocity of the resulting big blob of clay?
  50. maths

  51. Mathematics

    A bullet is found embedded in the wall of a room 2.9 m above the floor. The bullet entered the wall going upward at an angle of 36.7°. How far from the wall was the bullet fired if the gun was held 1.1 m above the floor?
  52. Physics

    Consider the equation v = (1/7)zxt2. The dimensions of the variables v, x, and t are [L/T], [L], and [T] respectively. The numerical factor 7 is dimensionless. What must be the dimensions of the variable z, such that both sides of the equation have the same dimensions?
  53. algebra

    X+5x+1=25 x+5x=6x 6x+1=25 Now flip 25-1÷6= 25-1=24 24÷6=4 4=short piece Now times by five and add 1 for longer piece. 4×5=20. 20+1=21 21=long
  54. math

    Beaker A,B and C contain water with a total volume of 1 litre.Beaker B has 125 millilitres less water than beaker A. Beaker B has twice as much water than Beaker C.Find the volume of water in beaker B.
  55. Math97

    Rename as a decimal 7/8 and how do get the answer 0.875
  56. Physics

    Bill, Would you not use: M = 2x10^30 a = 0.5 AU Giving: p = sqrt(((4*pi^2)(0.5*1.49x10^11)^3)/((6.67x10^-11)(2x10^30))) = 1.106x10^7 seconds = 0.35 years Note: Bill's verison of Kepler's 3rd Law is incorrect. Where Bill said: (4pi)^2, it should be: (2pi)^2 = 4*(pi^2)
  57. mathematics

    Candice makes gift boxes during her free time.She charges 40 cents for a triangular box,50 cents for a heart shaped box and a cylindrical box for 60 cents.Last Sunday,Candice sold 16 different types of boxes and collected a total of 8 dollars.How many of each type of box did ...
  58. business math115

    CORRECTION.. .5= .75 which is the same thing as 45 minutes worked. 40x + .5x(1.5) + 9x(2) = 58.75 * 13.50 = 793.125 OR $793.13 CHECK 793.125/58.75 = 13.50
  59. business math115

    She worked 40 reg hrs, 1/2 (time and a half hrs) Time and a half 1/2 hr=30 min,, at time and a half it= 3/4 or .45 min. She also worked 9 hrs at double time-- 9*2=18 reg hrs, SO.. 18+.45+40=58.45 * 13.50 = 789.075 In Gross earnings. Rounded= $789.08
  60. Language Arts

    yep its D C A A I got 100%
  61. science (any tutor)

    100% again
  62. Social studies

    1. a 2.d 3.c i got 100%
  63. mathematics

    Tom,Jerry and Ali share 279 marbles. Tom has 4 times as many marbles as Jerry and Ali has 36 more marbles than Tom. (a)How many marbles does Jerry have? (b)How many more marbles does Tom have than Jerry?
  64. math

    Agus sold packets of sweets to Halim and Kairi in the ratio 8:13.He sold the sweets in 2-kg packets.What was the smallest possible mass of sweets Agus sold to both of them?
  65. math

    When 15 is subtracted from a number,the anwser is the same as when the number is divided by 6.
  66. math

    An architect is designing an office building with n floors that will have an FM radio antenna 15.85m tall on its roof. Each floor of the building will be 3.9m high. Which equation can be used to find the total height, h, of the building in meters, including the FM antenna? A. ...
  67. math

  68. math

    To the nearest tenth, what is the distance between (7,4) and (12,5)? a) 4.8 units b) 4.9 units C) 5.0 units d) 5.1 units Please explain. Thank you.
  69. math

    Susie bought 5 kg of flour and 4 kg of sugar for $14.80.If 3/4kg of flour cost as much as 3/5kg of sugar,find the cost of 1kg of sugar.
  70. Math

    Can you please solve it for me? Im still a bit confused...
  71. Math

    In a deck of 52 cards, 3 cards are chosen. What is the probability that all three card are picture cards? (king, queen, jack) By the way, we are learning combinations and permutations. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  72. Geometry

    In a triangle, we have line QR parallel to line ST, PQ = 8, QS = 6, and PT = 12. Find PR.
  73. Math

    In triangle ABC, points X and Z are on line AB and Y is on line AC such that line XY is parallel to line BC and line ZY is parallel to line XC. If AZ = 8 and ZX = 4, then what is XB?
  74. Maths- Proof

    I understand thanks!
  75. Maths- Proof

    The question is: Prove algebraically that the difference between the squares of any two consecutive even numbers is always a multiple of 4. My working was: Let the numbers be n and n + 2 (n+2)^2 - (n)^2 =n^2 + 4n + 4 - n^2 =4n + 4 =4(n + 1) But the answers say the numbers ...
  76. algebra

    A coffee merchant sells a customer 3 lb of Hawaiian Kona at $9.75 per pound. The merchant's scale is accurate to within ±0.03 lb. By how much could the customer have been overcharged or undercharged because of possible inaccuracy in the scale? (Round your answer to ...
  77. algebra

    Mary has $4.00 in nickels, dimes, and quarters. If she has twice as many dimes as quarters and forty-seven more nickels than dimes, how many coins of each type does she have?
  78. statistics

    A company has four production sections viz., S1, S2, S3 and S4 which contribute 30%, 20%, 28% and 22% of the total output. It was observed that those sections respectively produced 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% defective units. If a unit is selected at random and found to be defective, ...
  79. Physics

    A flat disk 1.0 m in diameter is oriented so that the plane of the disk makes an angle of pi/6 radians with a uniform electric field. if the field strength is 589.0 N/C, find the electric flux through the surface. I know that Flux=(integral)|E|cos(theta)dA but I'm not sure...
  80. civil engineering

    Two masses are connected by a light cord over a frictionless pulley as shown. If M1 = 8.9 kg and M2 = 5.7 kg, calculate the tension in the cable (in N). Take the coefficient of kinetic friction between M1 and the horizontal surface to be 0.3 and assume the acceleration due to ...
  81. Physics C

    A charged particle is released from rest in a region that has a uniform electric field of magnitude 64.0 N/C. After traveling a distance of 0.500 m in this region, the particle has a kinetic energy of 0.880 J. The charge on the particle is _______ C
  82. CAL-Critical points

    For the function F(x) = inx/x^2 , find the approximate location of the critical point in the interval (0, 5).
  83. Chemistry

    Benzene, C6H6, consists of six member ring of sp2 hybridized p orbital. How many (pi)_2p bonding, anti bonding, and nonbonding molecular orbitals exist for benzene?
  84. Chemistry

    Calculate the percent purity of a sample of zinc metal if 325 mL of hydrogen gas is collected by water displacement at a temperature of 22.0 C and an atmospheric pressure of 745.0 mm Hg when 1.12 g of the sample is reacted with excess HCl: Zn + 2 HCl = H2 + ZnCl2. The vapor ...
  85. Calculus- Tangent Line- STEVE

    Yeah... my review didn't give me many other information besides this, that's why I was a bit unsure if my answer was correct.
  86. Calculus- Tangent Line

    What is the slope of the tangent line to the curve at the point (4, 0)? Okay, so I got 0.5, did I do this right?
  87. Art... check

    Which of the following is a convention Chinese artist Shen Zhou used in his brush paintings? He used only black ink to emphasize expressive brushstrokes. He painted several seated Buddha in the background. He painted flat, realistic figures to reflect strength and calmness. He...
  88. Physics

    Ohhhh, I was using the radius of the moon as the r instead of the arc length… I feel dumb haha Thank you, Greatly appreciated!!
  89. Physics

    The diameter of the Moon is 3.78x10^6m. It subtends an angle of .00982 radians at the surface of Earth. How far is the Moon from Earth? (Please explain I can't wrap my head around this question.)
  90. 7th grade math

    consider the inequality 2x+3≤-3. Find the set of all integer solutions of this inequality that are also solutions of the inequality 5x-2<3. Please help I am really confuded
  91. math

    semir, sarah and sung so decided to raise money for a local homeless shelter by working in a local deli. the deli agreed to donate to the shelter a portion of the profits from each meal the three sold. semir sold 3 times as many meals as sarah. sung sold 2 more meals than ...
  92. Science/chemisty

    Explain in detail how to prepare 250. mL of a 0.125 M glucose solution. The formula for glucose is C6H12O6.
  93. Physics

    A horizontal force, F1 = 85 N, and a force, F2 = 18.4 N acting at an angle of θ to the horizontal, are applied to a block of mass m = 2.1 kg. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the surface is μk = 0.2. The block is moving to the right. A. Solve...
  94. Trig

    Two people decide to find the height of an obelisk. They position themselves 25 feet apart in line with, and on the same side of, the obelisk. If they find that the angles of elevation from the ground where they are standing to the top of the obelisk are 65 degrees and 44 ...
  95. Chemistry

    Fannie eats a dozen doughnuts every 36 hours. How many doughnut does she eat in a week? I used Dimensional Analysis(which isn't helping at all), but it keeps giving me weird number, like 36 over 2016 or 252 over 2016.
  96. Maths

    Thanks for all the help, really appreciate it.
  97. Maths

    A circular lily pond is surrounded by a gravel walkway that is 4 m wide. Calculate the area of the walkway if the pond is 12 m in diameter.
  98. Math

    A number whose digit in the ten billions place is 5 less than 8
  99. Math

  100. Math

    What are the solutions of the system? y = x2 + 3x – 4 y = 2x + 2 Don't understand
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