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in a class both boys and girls ratio is 4:5.. if boys percentage is 25% of girls hiw many girls are in a class..


I will never forget a time I lost something important when I was in high school. 1. It was seven years ago when I was in ninth grade in my home country. 2. My parents gave me some money every month for to buy lunch and school supplies. 3. That money put in my wallet and wallet...

differential equation
A mass 􀝉􀬵 􀵌 1 􀝇􀝃 is attached to a spring with a spring constant 􀝇􀬵 􀵌 5 􀯇 􀯠, which is attached to a solid mounting. A second mass 􀝉􀬶 􀵌 1 􀝇􀝃 is ...

my anti deriv.. i got 1/4 Cosx^4 + C what do i do next.. = [

i am still lost can someone please explain