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  1. linear algebra

    Find the inverse of A = [−5 2 2; −3 1 1; −9 3 4]
  2. Chemistry

    What is the mass, in grams, of a pure iron cube that has a volume of 3.80 cm3?
  3. Organic chemistry

    What kind of reaction is occurring between potassium permanganate and cyclohexene? (I.e. Combination, double displacement, etc.
  4. S.S. Check please

    My bad 2 is C I believe! and Thank you
  5. S.S. Check please

    2. Why were Native Americans forced to leave their lands during the 1830s? a.) settlers wanted to settle the land b.) U.S. citizens settled the land first c.) the Supreme Court ordered their removal d.) their new lands were better for farming. ****** 4. How did President ...
  6. Language Arts

    Based on context clues, what is the meaning of deemed in the following sentence? The teacher deemed it necessary that all students turn in their reports before vacation, or they would receive half credit. (1 point) • voted • ruled (this one) • decided • ...
  7. Language Arts

    Which word in the following sentence is an adjective? Jack trudged home through deep snow. (1 point) • trudged (this one) • through • deep • home 7. Which of the following words is a synonym for beseeched in the following sentence? Nathan beseeched his ...
  8. Language Arts

    OH MY GOODNESS is it Brightly??
  9. Language Arts

    Adverbs answer how when where or why right? sandy??
  10. Language Arts

    Which word in the following sentence is an adverb? Teresa smiled brightly as she and her younger brother looked for shiny shells on the sandy beach. • smiled (this one) • brightly • shiny • sandy What kind of word does the adverb in the previous question ...
  11. Art

    That question was a little messed up because right there in the paragraph you posted it also says it can reveal whats not visible to the eye Don't like this question and believe this is why it got asked so much! Everyone was confused!
  12. algebra. help!

    MATRICES What is the sum of [3/4 -2/-3]+[-5/3 -4/-2]? a. [-8/1 2/6] b. [-2/7 2/-1] c. [2/-7 6/5] d. [-2/7 -6/-5]** What is the difference of [3/4 -2/-3]-[2/7 -5/12] a. [-3/-1 3/7] b. [1/-3 3/-15] c. [-3/3 -3/15]** d. [-1/3 3/-15]
  13. algebra. help!

    Matrices. So what is it?
  14. algebra. help!

    I think it is B
  15. algebra. help!

    What is the sum of [3/4 -2/-3]+[-5/3 -4/-2]? a. [-8/1 2/6] b. [-2/7 2/-1] c. [2/-7 6/5] d. [-2/7 -6/-5]
  16. Art check please

    Yes ^ there all right I took the test and all those answers are right!!!
  17. math

    sharon completed her reading homework in 2/3 hour.she completed her science homework in 5/6 hour. how much longer did it take sharon to complete her science homework
  18. Language Arts

    thanksss pacman
  19. Language Arts

    I got them all right thank you Pacman
  20. math

    The scale balanced when n+20=80 Suppose the left side becomes n+3 How can I change the right side so that n+3=____ is equivalent to n+20=80 How can I change the right side to get an equivalent equation my choices are A. Add blank to the right side B. Divide the right side by ...
  21. trigonometry

  22. LA

    SANTANA IS RIGHT!! Thank you so much!
  23. math

  24. physics

    A particle of mass 0.2kg is found to stretch a certain spring by 5.0 cm. a. What is the force constant of the spring? b. By how much will a 1kg mass stretch the spring.
  25. Science

    A mass of .1539 kg. moves down a 5 meter ramp in 2 seconds. What is the velocity and the KE developed by the moving mass?
  26. Physics

    Two sounds have measured intensities of I1 = 110 W/m2 and I2 = 330.00 W/m2. By how many decibels is the level of sound 1 lower than that of sound 2? Answer in dB.
  27. math

    The area of a rectangular field is 96m2. The length of one side is 12m. The farmer needs to know its perimeter to work out how much fencing will be needed?
  28. American Government

    Does that help? That's all I have to find the answer!
  29. American Government

    The way Conspiracy Theory was explained "An unprovable belief that governments and specific policies or events (e.g., wars and assassinations) are controlled by unified, secret, evil elite. The way Plural Elitism was explained: "A view of American politics as being ...
  30. American Government

    Plus A, B, and C is not one of my options!
  31. American Government

    No because it for sure is not answer B.
  32. American Government

    A ______ might consider the compromises struck during the health care reform debate to be an example of elite interest groups each pursuing and achieving their separate sets of agendas? a) plural elitist b) fundamentalist c) conspiracy theorists d) Both A and C
  33. American Government

    A ______ might consider the compromises struck during the health care reform debate to be an example of lit interest groups each pursuing and achieving their separate sets of agendas? a) plural elitist b) fundamentalist c) conspiracy theorists d) Both A and C I was thinking it...
  34. physics

    When a 1.3kg mass was attached to a spring, the spring stretched 21cm from its equilibrium position. The mass spring system was then set into oscillatory motion by providing the mass with an initial velocity. Its oscillatory motion is then described by the following equation: ...
  35. English

    Thank you so much !
  36. English

    Hi. I was asked to watch a video about the civil rights movement. and state 3 big ideas and to explain why I made them my 3 big ideas I put Freedom Equality Justice and explained why .. Is that 3 ideas ? Next part they asked How would the story be different if Kurt Vonnegut ...
  37. Chemistry

    In 250 mL of a 0.35 M solution of NaOH, there are how many grams of NaOH?
  38. Chemistry

    The equilibrium constant for the reaction H2 + I2 --> 2HI, is 54 at 425 degrees C. If the equilibrium mixture contains 0.030 M HI and 0.015 M I2, calculate the equilibrium concentration of H2.
  39. physics

  40. Chemistry

    How many mL of a stock 2.50M HCl solution are required to prepare 25.0 mL of a 0.15M HCl solution?
  41. Chemistry

    A certain reaction has an equilibrium constant of 0.65. Calculate the constant for the reverse reaction.
  42. algebra. help!

    Find the slope of a line that passes through (-2,-3) and (1,1). a. 1/3 b. 1 c. 2 d. 4/3 For the equation -4y=8x, what is the constant of variation? a. -4 b. -2 c. 1 d. 2 Suppose y varies directly with x, and y=24 when x=8. What is the value of y when x=10 a. 10 b. 30 c. 80 d.240
  43. physical

    I'm so confused
  44. Chemistry

    Identify the intermolecular attractive force(s) that must be overcome to vaporize CH3Cl(l).
  45. math for social science

  46. math

  47. organic biochemistry

    Calculate the number of moles of ZnCl2, in 100. mL of 0.600M solution.
  48. physics

    A 755 N diver drops from a board 10.0m above the water's surface.Find the diver's speed 5.00 m above the water's surface. Then find the diver's speedjust before striking the water.
  49. Science

    centarl nervous system human being brain nerve tissue neurons
  50. English

    Compare and contrast the topics and themes of writers from the Americas and European writers.
  51. english 10

    I need help with this question as well, I'm choosing prompt A.
  52. math

    An estimate for -66
  53. Math

    IDK PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. algebra. help!

    Thank you so much!
  55. algebra. help!

    I choose c
  56. algebra. help!

    Start from 110 feet away, a person on a bicycle rides towards a checkpoint and then passes it. The rider is travelling at a constant rate of 30 feet per second. The distance between the bicycle and the checkpoint is given by the equation d=|110-30t| at what times is the bike ...
  57. algebra. help!

    1. 3x+10≥4 a. x≥-2 b. x≤ 2 c. x≤-2 d. x≥ 2 ** 2. The tennis team is selling key chains as a fundraiser. If its goal is to raise at least $180, how many key chains must it sell at $2.25 each to meet that goal? Write and solve an inequality. a. 2....
  58. Physics

    Two hockey players traveling at 12 m/s (Player #1) and 19 m/s (Player #2) hit in a head-on collision. They grab onto each other to keep from falling and slide in the same direction Player #2 was traveling at a speed of 5 m/s. Player #1 has a mass of 100 kg. What is Player #2&#...
  59. Math

    Hi I really need help. I don't know even how to figure these two questions out so if you could help me, please. Is (–4, 10) a solution to the equation 10 – 5x = y? Explain your answer. Describe the pattern in the table using an equation. x|y 1|15 2|25 3|35 4|45 ...
  60. College Chemistry lab

    No. I'm doing the questions in my lab manual and this is all the information I have. The lab is spectroscopic analysis of spinach. Test tube 1 has 9ml of 2.0M HCl and 1 ml of .00050M FeCl3 and 10ml of KSCN. But question asks for the concentration of iron lll before the ...
  61. College Chemistry lab

    How do I Calculate the concentration of iron(lll) with absorbance measurement. Wavelength is 480nm, solution is 1 ml FeCl3 : 9ml HCl, absorption is .250A, concentration of stock FeCl3 solution is 0.00050M and stock HCl solution is 2.0M. I not sure how to use beer's law to ...
  62. Creative Title Help

    yo mama eats fish too so stop overfishing
  63. Physics

    In the system shown in the figure, suppose the block has a mass of 2.7kg , the spring has a force constant of 500N/m , and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the floor is 0.18. Find the work done on the block by the spring and by friction as the block is...
  64. Science

    A,D,C,C. All right:)
  65. Algebra

    A rectangular region with one side against an existing building is to be fenced in. Assume that there is 150 ft of material available. Since one side is the building, you will use your material to construct 3 sides of the rectangle.
  66. math

    Need help! The problem is: draw all the possible rectangles with a perimeter of 26 centimeters and whole number lengths of sides for each rectangle label the lengths of two adjacent sides. Dot array homework sheet. Thanks!
  67. Chemistry

    8.78 L
  68. math

    A painter earns $15 per hour. What is the minimum number of hours he must work to earn at least $200? Write an inequality to represent this situation and solve. Show your work.
  69. history

    1.) describe the primary economic activity for each of the tree colonial regions: The new england colonies, the middle colonies , and the southern colonies. explain how the gephraphary of each region helped determine its economy (6 points) @mrs.sue please help
  70. social studies

    1.) contrast the up country and the low country. identifiy three diffrences between the two regions (6 points) 2.) describe the primary economic activity for each of the tree colonial regions: The new england colonies, the middle colonies , and the southern colonies. explain ...
  71. Social Studies

    1.)c 2.)a or d 3.)c 4.)a 5.)b 6.)d 7.)b 8.)a 9.)? 10.)c 11.)d 12.)b Thoes are my answeres
  72. Social Studies

    1. The leaders of the Virginia Company recruited more settlers and reorganized the colony. They allowed the new settlers to own land. Those settlers began to grow tobacco, a crop they learned about from the Indians. By 1612, Virginians were shipping tobacco to England, which ...
  73. Math

    or sir ._.
  74. Math

    yes ma'am
  75. Math

    between were erika is standing to the vertical distance from the kite is 75 meters. how high is the kite in meters a.)125 b.)100 c.)25 d.)15 My answer is c am i correct ?
  76. Science

    1.)When evaluation was first processed which of the following was used as evidence to suport the idea (1 point) a.)observations of nature**** b.)laboratory experiments c.)extensive fossil collections b.)genetic sequence 2.)a farmer sprays insecticide on his crops and notices ...
  77. science

    6. I got C 10. I got B 11. I got C
  78. math

    The area of a circle is found with the formula A =〖πr〗^2, where π represents 3.14. If a tile artist is placing tiles in a circular mosaic pattern and the area of the circle is 658 square feet, what is the approximate radius of the circle in feet? a.)10...
  79. History

    im not really sure about this oen and i have read over and over agin what was the direct result of the Stono rebellion? a.)the passage of the slave code b.) the defeat of govern William bull c.) the exicution of the leaders of the rebelion d.) the creation of laws punish thoes...
  80. History

    thank you ms.Sue i have one more question do mine helping me ?
  81. History

    1.) why did most slave owners not want slaves to be educated? wouldn't it be they feared education would lead to revolts ?
  82. Chemistry

    Find the mass (in g) of Carbon in 2.980 g Carbon dioxide.
  83. algebra 2

    I found out that question 2 is the same equation so it can't be solved but I still need help with question 1.
  84. algebra 2

    Solve the following systems of equations. If the system cannot be solved ,state that it cannot be solved and explain why. 1.3x+y=7 3x+y=10 2. 5x-2y=-24 -4y=-48-10x
  85. algebra. help!

    i say false for 1, and for number 2 a?
  86. algebra. help!

    Is 4x-3=19 true, false, or open? Which of the following is a solution to the equation 16=4x-4? a. -5 b. -4 c. 5 d. 16
  87. algebra. help!

  88. algebra. help!

    is -7+9=-9+7 true false or open
  89. English

    Yes thank you!
  90. English

    The 'White House' has been home to many animals as well as presidents. (1 point) common noun proper noun compound noun collective noun
  91. math

    the expression that is equivalent to -2(x - 7).
  92. algebra

    1.Find an equation of the line that passes through (4,3) and is parallel to the line 3x-y=7. 2. Find the equation of the line through (4,3) perpendicular to the line 3x+y=7. Please show work so I know how to do it
  93. physics

    A barge is hauled along a straight-line section of canal by two horses harnessed to tow ropes and walking along the tow paths on either side of the canal. Each horse pulls with a force of 403 N at an angle of 12.9° with the centerline of the canal. Find the sum of the two ...
  94. science

  95. English

    1.Indirect characterization 2.subconscious saw pterodactyls, bats, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  96. math

  97. Algebra

    Determine the value or values of d that complete the square for the expression. (a) x^2 + dx +64 (b) x^2 + dx +49/4
  98. physics

    You stand at the edge of a cliff, holding a ball out over the edge. You give the ball an initial velocity of 7.00 m/s straight up, releasing the ball when it is 17.0 m above ground level (the level of the ground at the base of the cliff). Use g = 10.0 m/s2, and neglect air ...
  99. Algebra 2

    Reed has $6.20 in nickels and quarters. If the nickels were quarters and the quarters were nickels, he would have $3.50 more. How many quarters does Reed have?
  100. english

    It means that if you want to apply to this nursing program you can't have any other nursing experience, because this is for first-years only.
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