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  1. World History

    How did China become a feudal state under the Zhou? A.The Shang shared regional power over lands with the Zhou. B.Warlords overran regions and set up their own kingdoms.* C.The Zhou awarded control over lands to their supporters. D.Groups of regional villages requested Zhou ...
  2. Math

    You roll two fair dice. Let E be the event that an even total shows on the dice. Let F be the event that a three shows on at least one die. Find P(F) and P(F∣E).
  3. Science

    A transformer has 60 turns in the primary and 1200 turns in secondary.if the primary voltage is 500 V what will be the secondary voltage be? What will the current be if the primary if the secondary carries 2.0 A
  4. Math

    Divide Rs 5000 in the ratio 2:3:5
  5. algebra

    What is the quotient and remainder of 4x^3-2x^2+x+1 divided by x+2?
  6. algebra

    What is the quotient and remainder of 4x^3-2x^2+x+1 divided by x+2?
  7. math

    What is the quotient and remainder of 4x^3-2x^2+x+1 divided by x+2?
  8. ELA

    In the clever daughter adapted from a Czech folktale, why does the magistrate use a riddle to decide the case?
  9. Math

    The mean of 4 numbers is 15.Three of them are 7,10,14.Find the fourth number
  10. MATH

    A family has 4 children. A tree diagram or systematic list can be used to show how many ways the children could have been born, from first born to last born. Determine how many ways the family could have had one boy and 3 girls.
  11. Math

    What is the best estimate for the product of 289 and 7?
  12. physics

  13. Social Studies (check my answers))

  14. math

    diamonds , 1 club and 2 heart
  15. Algebra

    If x<5<1/x-1, then x could be which of the following? a) 5 b) 1 c) 7/6 d) 10/3 Please help, I am thinking the answer is C.
  16. Physical Science

    Green light has a frequency of about 5.3Hz×1014Hz. Using the relationship c=fλ, find its wavelength in air.
  17. Physical Science

    A 100-g chunk of 72 ∘C iron is dropped into a cavity in a very large block of ice at 0∘C. What is the mass of ice that melts. (The specific heat capacity of iron is 0.11 cal/g⋅∘C.).
  18. math

    The area of a square is 36 square feet. Each side of the square measures_____ feet.
  19. Physics

    What is the longest wavelength of light that can be absorbed by a hydrogen atom that is initially in the second excited state?
  20. Physical Science

    Many people mistakenly believe that the astronauts who orbit Earth are "above gravity." Earth's mass is 6×1024kg, and its radius is 6.38×106m (6380 km). Use the inverse-square law to find a height above Earth's surface at that the force of gravity...
  21. Physical Science

    A penny on its side moving at speed v slides off the horizontal surface of a table a vertical distance y from the floor. If the speed is 3.1 m/s and the coffee table is 0.30 m tall, find the distance the coin lands from the base of the table. (Use g=9.8m/s2.).
  22. Physical Science

    Using the formula for gravity, find the force of gravity on a 0.80-kg mass at Earth's surface. (The mass of Earth is 6×10^24kg, and its radius is 6.4×10^6m.).
  23. Physics

    A skier slides down a frictionless slope of angle 30, is the mechanical energy conserved?
  24. Physical Science

    If your mass is 76kg, find your acceleration.
  25. Calculus

    so would it be 1/2(1-(1/e^4))
  26. Calculus

    A base of a solid is the region bounded by y=e^-x, the x axis, the y axis, and the line x=2. Each cross section perpendicular to the x-axis is a square Find the volume of the solid
  27. math

    a ________ represnts 25% of the data
  28. geometry

    If rectangle ABCD has vertices A(6, 2), B(2, 2), and C(0, 6), explain how to find the coordinate for the fourth vertex. Then describe how to verify that the angles of ABCD are right angles.
  29. physics

    as the permeability of a material is the ratio of the magnetic field strength and the magnetic flux, could the permeability of the material be multiplied by the magnetic field strength in order to calculate the flux?
  30. physics

    what is the importance/significance of calculating the magnetic flux density of a solenoid?
  31. Math

    If i have 8cups of raisins and i use 1/3cups for one bag how many bags can i make
  32. math

    what are the answers to the practice test?
  33. Science

    OMG thank you the weird ninja and 360 that you helped me with my 100% thank you so much <3
  34. Physics

    7 g bullet is fired into a 124 g block that is initially at rest at the edge of a frictionless table of height 1.3 m. The bullet remains in the block, and after impact the block lands 2.2 m from the bottom of the table. Find the initial speed of the bullet. The ...
  35. relative and absolute change

  36. physics

    A typical red blood cell subtends an angle of only 1.7×10−5 rad when viewed at a person's near-point distance of 25 cm. Suppose a red blood cell is examined with a compound microscope in which the objective and eyepiece are separated by a distance of 13.0 cm . ...
  37. Physics

    Find the minimum aperture diameter of a camera that can resolve detail on the ground the size of a person (1.5 m ) from an SR-71 Blackbird airplane flying at an altitude of 26 km . (Assume light with a wavelength of 470 nm .) I got 570 mm which is wrong
  38. Math

    Emily fills a container with 6cubes. Each cube has an edge length of 3cm. The container is in the shape of a right rectangular prism. What is the volume of the container in cubic cm
  39. science/biology

    introduction to cane toad
  40. history

    Greek language and Aramaic. ... the Pitinikas, the Andhras and the Palidas are other people under Ashoka's rule
  41. check my answers please

    what about the last one ?
  42. check my answers please

    1.)order the group of quadratic fractions from widest to narrowest graph. y=3x^2;y=5x^2;y=7x^2 a.)y=3x^2;y=5x^2;y=7x^2 b.)y=7x^2;y=5x^2;y=3x^2 c.)y=3x^2;y=7x^2;y=5x^2*** d.)y=2x^2;y=7x^2;y=3x^2 2.)the area of a play ground is 234yd^2. the width of the playground is 5 yard ...
  43. Math Check my Answers please ?

    1.)if an object is dropped from a height of 144 ft the function h(t)=-16t^2+144 gives the height of the object after t seconds. when will the object hit the ground? a.)1.5 seconds b.)3 seconds *** c.) 6 seconds d.)9 seconds 2.) the area of a play ground is 64 square yards. the...
  44. Math

    Please help ! 1.)a catapult launches a boulder with an upward velocity of 122 feet per second. the height of the boulder, h, in feet after t seconds is givin by the function h(t)=-16t^2+122t+10. what is the boulders maximum height ? and how long does it take the boulder to ...
  45. biology

    How does meiosis and fertilization in humans and other sexual reproductive organisms maintain the normal chromosomes number for each species?
  46. math

    If the bike wheel is rolled along the ground 10 inches, through what angle does the wheel rotate?
  47. History

    is the correct answer a
  48. Algebra II

  49. Algebra

    A photo is printed on a 20-inch by 24-inch piece of paper. The photo covers 320 square inches and has a uniform border. What is the width of the border?
  50. Prob/Stats

    A survey revealed that 44% of movie goers will eat some amount of popcorn during a movie. If the next 17 movie goers are asked if they will eat popcorn during the next movie they attend, what is the probability that at least 8 will say they will eat popcorn during the next ...
  51. math

    The quotient for 20÷1/4 is 5. It wants to know which expression has the same quotient as 20÷1/4. A.1/2÷40 B.1/4÷20 C.15÷1/5 D.6÷1"10 None of these have the quotient of 5. So what are we doing wrong cause none have the choice of ...
  52. English Literacture

    In To Kill A MockingBird book by Harper Lee. What is the Boo Radley game? Who plays it and how do the different characters feel about it? In your response refer closely to the text to build a convincing argument.
  53. History

    Why do you think women and children remain the most vulnerable populations on the planet ? plez help me
  54. Physics (Inside the atom)

    A sample of radioactive isotope I is to be used for medical diagnosis of the kidneys. The isotope has a half-life of 8.0 days, and the sample is required to have an activity of 8 x 10^5 per second at the time it is given to the patient. Calculate the mass of the I-131 present ...
  55. algebra

    A family is building a circular fountain in the backyard the yard is rectangular and measures 6x by 7x and the fountain is going to be circular with a radius of 2x once the fountain is built what will be the area of the remaining yard?
  56. Physics - sound

    How can one recognise the beat frequency from a graph? Why is the beat frequency equal to the difference of the frequency of the two waves?
  57. Statistics

    Long form: 0.19 / (square root of n) = 0.01 multiply both sides by (square root of n) which gives you: 0.19 = (0.01) x (square root of n) divide both sides by 0.01 which gives you: 0.19 / 0.01 = square root of n both sides to the power of 2: (0.19 / 0.01)^2 = (square root of n...
  58. physics

    A car moves 3 kph. Car B which is 50 m ahead of Car A is moving at 6 kph. If car A accelerates by 5m/s/s, determine if the cars will collide.
  59. science

    A car moves 3 kph. Car B which is 50 m ahead of Car A is moving at 6 kph. If car A accelerates by 5m/s/s, determine if the cars will collide

    a student consumed a 0.23 kg of juice with 115 calories per 1.15 serving. How much work you must perform to remove these calories?
  61. geometry

    . In , AD and BE are the altitudes to BC and AC respectively. If AD = 8 cm, BC = 10 cm and AC = 12 cm, find the length of BE.
  62. Mathematics

    How would I differentiate y = 4cos(2x)cos(3x) u = cos(2x) u' = -2sin(2x) v = cos(3x) v' = -3sin(3x) This is all I have so far


    im sorry , there is no unit indicated in 1.15 and the calories is with the small c :)

  66. Chemistry

    How does salt hydrolysis work between sodium hydroxide and lactic acid in a titration?
  67. Maths

    How do you derive: 2cos(3-2x)?
  68. history

    was the murder of Franz Ferdinand the main cause of ww1 Due on 24/2
  69. ELA

    The magistrate uses a riddle to decide the case because he wants to give a fair chance to both the farmer and the shepherd.
  70. math

    the answer if 5
  71. Chemistry: stoich

    4. Suppose that an excess of propane, C3H8 , burns in 320 g of oxygen, How many moles of water will be formed? C3H8 + 5 O2 --> 3 CO2 + 4 H2O (1 point) 6.02 E 23 moles 1600 moles 4.0 moles 8.0 moles
  72. Chemistry

    5. How many grams of iron oxide can be produced from 2.50 g of oxygen reacting with iron, according to the following equation? 2 Fe (s) + 3 O2 (g) -->2 Fe2O3(s)
  73. Chemistry

    5. How many grams of iron oxide can be produced from 2.50 g of oxygen reacting with iron, according to the following equation? 2 Fe (s) + 3 O2 (g) -->2 Fe2O3(s)
  74. Algebra

    In a right triangle, one angle measures x degrees where sin x degrees= 5/8. What is the value of cos (90 degrees-x) ?
  75. physics

    Given that A= 4.00i(hat)+ 10.0j(hat)and B = 3i(hat)-5.00j(hat), find the magnitude and directions(i.e., angle with respect to the +x axis) of C= A+B magnitude = 8.6 I cant find out how to find the angle
  76. Math

    There are 5 chairs in a row, and three people. In how many ways c an you place the people on the chairs? (each person must occupy exactly one chair, so that two chairs will remain free).
  77. math

    The salary scale in three school districts are as follows, for a teacher with a master’s degree: District P: $30,000 plus $1500 for each year of experience District Q: $30,000 plus $1750 for each year of experience District R: $28,000 plus $1750 for each year of ...
  78. Math

    In which step is the error? Step 1: Let x = 1 and y = 1. Step 2: By substitution xy = y^2. Step 3: Multiplying both sides by -1, -xy= -y^2. Step 4: Adding x^2 to both sides, x^2-xy=x^2-y^2. Step 5: Factoring, x(x-y)=(x+y)(x-y). Step 6: Dividing both sides by x-y, x=x+y. Step 7...
  79. physics

    A blue car pulls away from a red stop-light just after it has turned green with a constant acceleration of 0.2 m/s2. A green car arrives at the position of the stop-light 7.5 s after the light had turned green. What is the slowest constant speed which the green car can ...
  80. Math

    @Ms.Sue please help
  81. Math

    The ramp shown below is used to move crates of fruit to loading docks of different heights. When the horizontal distance AB is 12 meters, the height of the loading dock, BC, is 4 meters. What is the height of the loading dock DE? A. 12m B. 8m C. 9m D. 15m My answer is 9 is ...
  82. Science

    When you turn on a battery powered flashlight you transform... 1) heat into light chemical energy 2) chemical energy into electrical energy and light 3)heat into chemical energy and light 4) electrical energy and light energy into chemical energy
  83. Chemistry

    Write the equation for the dissolution of NH4NO3 in water. If 4.98 mol of NH4NO3 are dissolved, how many total moles of ions are produced?
  84. math

    the supplement of an angle is 20 degrees less than 3 times its complement. find the ratio of the supplement to the complement.
  85. Social Studies

    geariga please check
  86. Social Studies

    Which of the following state program areas consumes the largest part of the executive budget? (1 point) human services education *** natural resources transportation 2. Which state department is responsible for mental health-related issues and welfare? (1 point) human services...
  87. Chemistry

    Would there be any effect on the amount of precipitate in the experiment if tap water containing calcium ions is used instead of deionized water to dissolve the reactants. Assume that Na2CO3 is present in the excess.
  88. check my english pleaseee

    1.)the storm *remains* a threat to the costal village a.)action verb b.)linking verb** c.)direct object d.)indirect object. 2.)which of these is a direct characterization of ted from " my brothers keeper " a.)im your kids brother five years younger than you are and ...
  89. Maths

    How do you factorise 2x^2 - x - 1
  90. Math

    please help!! which number is the solution of x/4=-5? a. 20 b. 1.25 c. -1.25 d. -20
  91. math

    where Amanda lives the sales tax is 7%. Amanda paid $35 in sales tax on a new stereo. what was the price of the stereo?
  92. Math

    are these answers correct. 1. c 2. a 3. d 4. b 5. d 6. b 7. b 8. c 9. d 10. b 11. c 12. d 13. a 14. d
  93. Math

    3(y+2) for y = 3 a. 21 b. 18 c. 15 d. 12 simplify 3+6y-2y+4 a. 4y+7 b. 8y+7 c. 6x-6 d. 9x-4 simplify 2(3x-2)+3x a. 9x-6 b. 6x-4 c. 6x-6 d. 9x-4 which number is the solution of x/4=-5? a. 20 b. 1.25 c. -1.25 d. -20 what is the solution to 12x=240? a. 20 b. 1.25 c. -1.25 d. -20 ...
  94. Math

    3(y+2) for y = 3
  95. Math / Fractions

    it's 8 because if you skip count by 2 or 4 you say "8"
  96. Physics

    Imagine a landing craft approaching the surface of the moon of a distant planet. If the engine provides an upward force (thrust) of 2890 N, the craft descends at constant speed; if the engine provides only 2200 N, the craft accelerates downward at 0.36 m/s2.
  97. Educational Technology and Online Learning

    It was actually a. c. a. a.
  98. Math

    To pass a course with a C grade, a student must have an average of 70 or greater. A students grades on three tests are 63, 76, 67. Find what score the student must get on the next test to get a C average or better
  99. Math

    Two ocean beaches are being affected by erosion. The table shows the width, in feet, of each beach at high tide measured where 1995 is represented by year 0. Western beach width Dunes beach Year number (in feet) width (in feet) 0 100 20 5 90 45 10 80 70 11 78 75 12 76 80 15 70...
  100. Social Studies

    oops sorry, the question is how would voters most likely react if political leaders raised taxes by 50% ?
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