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The spring constant for the spring is 20 N / M. Calculate the work done in stretching the spring until the extension of the spring is 0.050m.

A certain fast food restaurant wants to determine the increase in revenue per cheeseburger if sales are $45,000. Let the function [p=(120000-x)/(30000)] represent the price of x cheeseburgers.

Life orientation
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Two fixed charges 1.07mC and -3.28mC are 61.8 cm apart. Where the third charge may be placed so that no net force acts on it

what is meant by the change go temperature of 1 degree celcius on the scale of a plantinum resistance thermometer

Lee forgot to study for her geography quiz, but she was not too worried because the quiz had only five true-false questions.Suppose she guessed all of the answers.What are the chances that she passed with four or five correct answers?

Good and famous writers just don’t fall from sky rather acquire their art of good writing from this very world. Explain in detail how world teaches them to create writing master pieces by avoiding certain frequent writing lapses and problems.

Q2. Correct the sequence of Tenses in the following sentences. 1. Ali said that he had worked hard all day, that he was tired and that he will go to bed early. 2. The boy ran away from home. He will never come back. 3. Had the man ever told you that he has been beaten by her ...