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Language Arts
1. Choose the word that defines the word in bold. “Kugler, Ferdinand was a thief before his tenth year and an INVETERATE liar.” A. Habitual.*** B. Believable. C. Undetectable. D. Entertaining. 2. Choose the word that defines the word in bold. “But really, why ...

Algebra 2/ Trig

rewrite the problem so that the divisor is a whole number: 8.5/2.3

what has the strongest bond? a) C2H6, C2H4, C2H2 b) Cl2, O2, N2 c) H2, Cl2

Arrange the following pure solid elements in order of increasing electrical conductivity: C, Hg, As

thanks so much!

Reworded: Enter the symbol of the element which would have 18 electrons and +3 charge and the element with 2 electrons and +1 charge

which element would have 2 electrons and +1 charge which element would have 18 electrons and +3 charge.

which element will have the greater metallic character? Cs or Sr Ge or In Al or K Sr or Rb

yes, hydrogen (H)

health model
Well it depends how much you weigh...

The secotite of Gumbo Grove
HELP! I need chapter by chapter summerys 8-12 plz HELP ME ASAP!!!!

The secret of gumbo grove
I can't find any summarys and I have a project due tommorro!!!! HELP!!!

How to find an equation when you have a point on a graph and a slope??

I'am getting really confused with exchange rates. Like when a currency appreciates, what does that mean? Are the foreign goods more expensive or cheaper? How about when it depreciates? It would be helpful if somebody gave me a quick lesson on this. Thanks.