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  1. algebra

    A rectangle and a square have equal areas. If the rectangle is 6 ft by 8 ft, how long is a side of the square?
  2. Math

    Pamela is 10 years younger then Jiri. The sum of their ages is 68. What is Jiri's age?
  3. Statistics

    I'm trying to figure out which type of factorial ANOVA test to use for this data. The data is from a hypothetical study looking at whether males or females are more likely to ask questions during a seminar where people give various presentations. The dependent variable is...
  4. Math?

    There are clues and a fraction you have to figure out which: My denominator is 5 more than twice my numerator. I am equivalent to 1/3. What is my fraction??
  5. Math Mysteries....

    I need some help on some of these, finding which fraction it would be with clues. I answered some, but some I need help on: 1. My numerator is 6 less than my denominator I am equivalent to 3/4. My answer to number 1: 6/12 2. My denominator is 5 more than twice my numerator I ...
  6. Math

  7. Math

    Mrs. Porter purchased 10 grapefruit and 20 plums. One grapefruit weighs the same as 3 plums. The weight of all 30 pieces of fruit is 175 ounces. The total weight of 2 grapefruits and 8 plums is (blank) ounces. Please help, fast!
  8. Math?

    Thanks again
  9. Math?

    Mrs. Porter purchased 10 grapefruit and 20 plums. One grapefruit weighs the same as 3 plums. The weight of all 30 pieces of fruit is 175 ounces. The total weight of 2 grapefruits and 8 plums is (blank) ounces. Please help.
  10. Math?

    Thank You
  11. Math?

    a ? b means (7-a)*(3+b). Find c if 3 ? 1=5 ? c Please help. Ms.Sue possible to answer??
  12. Science

    Thanks, Ms.Sue
  13. Science

    Help ASAP
  14. Science

    1.If an animal is an ectotherm, It has? A. A skeleton on the outside of its body B. A skeleton on the inside of its body C. A body that regulates its own internal temperature D. A body that does not produce much internal heat
  15. Physics

    Why is the study of infrasound and ultrasound important?
  16. 6th math

  17. Maths

    Thanks Scott. By inspection, the ans is quite obvious I think....something like this.. If x is 2 and y is 3, then 17 could be written as 8 + 9 2^3 + 3^2...I think is not a right approach though.
  18. Maths

    x + y = 5 x^y + y^x = 17 Find x and y
  19. math

    third degree with zeros of 2-i,2+i and 2 and a leading coefficient of 4. Construct a polynomial function with stated properties
  20. Algebra HELP

    How is the graph of the square root function similar to a parabola? How is it different? Why might they be related?
  21. Algebra HELP

    How is multiplying radical expression similar to FOIL with binomials?

    How is multiplying radical expression similar to FOIL with binomials?
  23. Math help

    How is multiplying radical expression similar to FOIL with binomials?
  24. Algebra HELP

    How is multiplying radical expression similar to FOIL with binomials?
  25. Algebra Help!!

    How is adding and subtracting radicals the same as adding and subtracting polynomials?
  26. Help! Communication

    HELP!!! effective verbal message formation is about being. 1) Supportive of others 2) Critical of the motives of others 3) informed about a decision process 4) intentional in one's learning. I think the answer is 2 but i'm not sure.
  27. Algebra help!!

    How does rationalizing the denominator use the form of 1?
  28. Caculus

    A ladder is 25 feet long and leaning against a vertical wall at 3 ft/sec. Suppose we wish to determine how fast the top of the ladder is sliding down the wall when the bottom is 15 ft from the wall Thank you!
  29. History

    What was the importance of the inclusion of the bill of rights in the constitution? a.It limited the power and controls the government b.It guaranteed the protection of basic rights improve U.S relations with the british monarchy proposed a system of checks and ...
  30. Biochemistry

    Calculate the ph of a 1L solution to wgich has been added 25ml of 10mM acetic acid and 25ml of 30mM sodium acetate
  31. Geography

    Can anyone help me with this question: What is the time given to each longitude? I don't understand what it means. Please help!
  32. Launguage arts

    If you would like someone to check your answers, I would be happy to. But if you are just looking for the answer, you will not get any real help.
  33. Government Help

    I'm sorry you were just attacked for having being out of school for a personal reason haha if they're not your teacher it's none of their concern. Anyway, choice A is the correct choice suggesting tyranny over women.
  34. MATH

  35. algebra

    The ordered pairs (1, 81), (2, 100), (3, 121), (4, 144), and (5, 169) represent a function. What is a rule that represents this function?
  36. math

    what amount was borrowed for which the amount of interest is $ 200 at the rate of 5% for 4 years.
  37. algebra

    If Mr.Chiko earns N$ x in a week and spend N$ y, what part of his weekly salary did he save?
  38. math

    Water is being poured into a conical cup that is 12cm tall. a) When the water in the cup is 9cm deep, what percentage of the cup is filled? b) When the cup is 75 percent filled, how deep is the water?
  39. Physics

    Thank you so much!
  40. Physics

    I just realized I messed up when I was calculating the time. After going back and fixing it, I got that d= about 7.1 m. So if this is correct, then yes the person will reach the pool.
  41. Physics

    Oh yes, I do know that. I think I was just overthinking it because I saw the 'assume no air resistance', that always trips me up. I got d= 11.05 m
  42. Physics

    So t= 2.21 s? I'm confused on if there is a specific formula I need to use or not?
  43. Physics

    A person runs off a 10.0-meter high balcony in a horizontal direction at 5.0 m/s. The swimming pool is at ground level 5.5 meters away from the edge of the balcony. Will the person reach the pool? Assume no air resistance. *I'm having trouble with this question. I've ...
  44. math

    the illustration is a rectangular box sitting on the x and y plane and one of the corners is on (0,0,0). the far corner of the box is (3,6,4).
  45. math

    The illustration at right shows a rectangular box, three of whose edges coincide with the coordinate axes, and one of whose vertices is (3, 6, 4). Give an equation for the plane containing the front face of the box. Do the same for the top and right faces.
  46. math

    hi I reposted this question to see if I would get the answer the person who posted this one last time says that 9sqrt3 is wrong (and I check if they were right) do here is the question again Given: ?PQR, m?R = 90° m?PQR = 75° M ? PR (meaning that m in on segment PR) , ...
  47. Social

    Why do you think such widespread discrimination was socially acceptable back then and is not today?
  48. Social

  49. Social

    I really don't know
  50. Social

    Why western countries such as canada and britain favoured appeasing Hitler? Why did appeasement ultimately fail!
  51. Art:Please Help Me @Ms Sue

    Thanks so much helpman I got 100%
  52. math

    Given: ?PQR, m?R = 90° m?PQR = 75° M ? PR , MP = 18 m?MQR = 60° Find: RQ M is on segment PR 9sqrt3 is wrong(the system did not take it)

    Given: ?ABC is isosceles m?ACB = 120° m?BMC = 60° CM = 12 Find: AB M is on line segment AB
  54. math

  55. math

    Given: ?ABC is isosceles m?ACB = 120° m?BMC = 60° CM = 12 Find: AB M is on line segment PR
  56. math

    Given: ?PQR, m?R = 90° m?PQR = 75° M ? PR , MP = 18 m?MQR = 60° Find: RQ
  57. math

    on line segment PR
  58. math

    One of the numbers increased by 10. How did the average of the two numbers change?
  59. math

  60. math

    Graph the equation y = 1 + 2 sin x. This curve crosses the x-axis in several places. Identify all the x-intercepts with 0 < x < 360.
  61. math

    Consider a billion-sided regular polygon that is circumscribed around a circle of radius r; how are its area and perimeter related?
  62. math

    ms. sue plz help
  63. math

    On the sphere x^2+y^2+z^2 = 13^2, there are many great circles that intersect at (3, 4, 12). Find coordinates for the other point where these circles all intersect.
  64. Geography

    Ms. Sue that does not help most people come on here for answers or for explanations that are easy to understand when you LINK THINGS THAT THEY HAVE PROBABLY ALREADY SEARCHED it does NOT help!!!
  65. Physics

    Okay, I used Fc=mv^2/r and got 690.14 N. I used 83.6kg for m, 7574 for v, and 6,949,000 for r. Does that sound right? Thanks.
  66. Physics

    Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth, had a mass of 83.6kg and travelled at 7574 m/s. The radius of the earth is 6371 km and its mass is 5.972 x 10^24 kg. What gravitational force did Sputnik apply to the earth during this orbit? What I've got so far...
  67. Physics

    I have already calculated the mass using volume multiplied by density and the resulting answer was incorrect. However, I just realised that I had forgotten to convert the mass from grams to kilograms. Thanks for your help.
  68. Physics

    Hi, the following is a problem that concerns angular momentum: Modern hard drives spin very fast! The part that holds the data is a disk called the platter. Assume an aluminum platter that is 3.5in. in diameter, 1mm thick, and spinning at 5400 rpm. Treat the platter as a solid...
  69. Physics

    Hi, I'm stuck with the following question: The acceleration due to gravity on Mars is only 3.75m/s^2. You would like to modify an antique grandfather clock so that it would still keep accurate time on Mars. If the length of the pendulum on Earth is l, what should the ...
  70. math

    ok...I got b=0, a=5/24, c=19/24 is that right?
  71. math

    oh sorry P=(-1,1)
  72. math

    There is a unique parabola that goes through the points P = ( 1, 1), Q = (1, 1), and R=(5,6) that can be described by y=ax^2 +bx+c. Find coefficients a, b, and c.
  73. Math

    By letting x=5^y, show that the equation p5^y + 5^-y = 5 can also be written as px^2-5x+1 = 0
  74. Mathematics

    Solve the simultaneous equation: x^2 + y^2 = 13 and x + 3y = -3
  75. math

    Without using a calculator, choose (a) the larger of cos 40 and cos 50; (b) the larger of sin 40 and sin 50. Be prepared to explain your reasoning.
  76. modern worl studies connexus

    Guys the confusion is that most quizzes on connexus have some different questions for different students. All the quizzes do not have the same exact questions. If you really want the answers, you will have to look the questions up individually.
  77. Math

    How many pieces 3/7 of a foot each can I make out of 7/2 feet of rope?
  78. Grammar


    Find the volume of a cone of height 8 centimeters and base radius 6 centimeters. This cone is sliced by a plane that is parallel to the base and 2 centimeters from it. Find the volumes of the two resulting solids. One is a cone, while the other is called a frustum.
  80. African Oral Poetry

    imagery in David Diops poem Africa
  81. math

    Sasha has 8 red apples. She has 3 fewer green apples than red apples. How many apples does she have? 13 apples 8-3=5 green 8+5=13
  82. riddle

    Its new and old at the same time
  83. Science

    The offspring will have black fur because BB Bb Bb bb because there is a 75% chance of getting black fur since on one is recessive. The answer is black fur.
  84. Honors English 9

    What are examples of characterization in Antigone? This is a review question in a small packet that follows every book. I have no recollection of reading direct characterization and our books are taken at the end of each quiz.
  85. Chemistry

    The specific heat of silver is 0.24 J/g*C. If 15.4 g of silver absorb 332 J heat, how much will the temperature of the silver increase?
  86. biology

    There is a 25% of the offspring being red because... BB Bb Bb bb
  87. Physics

    A cardboard box of unknown mass is sliding upon a mythical frictionless surface. The box has a velocity of 4.56 m/s when it encounters a bit of friction. After sliding 0.700m, the box has a velocity of 3.33 m/s. What is the coefficient of friction of the surface? Am I right to...
  88. physics

    A. how long will it take for a 55.0 kg steel brick to fall 75 meters on earth. A. how far from the base will a 55.o kg steel brick to land,(horizontally) if it dropped a vertical distance of 75 meters on earth, and what is its velocity just before it hits the ground?
  89. Check my awns-The true cost of fossil fuels - Quiz

    Thank you so much if you need help!!!! 100% I am literally dancing right now!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) .. U
  90. MATH

    If the volume of a cylindrical block is equal to 800cm^3 prove that the total surface area is equal to 2(pi)x^2 + (1600)/x, where x cm is the radius of the base. hence obtain the value x which makes the surface area a minimum
  91. Math

    Find the asymptote of (3)/(2x^(2)+3)
  92. Maths

    Find the vertical asymptote of the following curve: (5x+3)/(e^(x)-1)
  93. Physics

    I’m retarded i don’t know how to do too
  94. Physics

    A force F =(8.700 N)i +(?9.000 N)j F?=(8.700 N)i +(?9.000 N)j is exerted on a particle located at r=(?8.400 m)i +(7.700 m)j r?=(?8.400 m)i +(7.700 m)j. What is the torque on the particle about the origin?
  95. math

    3n+7=4n-12 4n-3n=7+12 n=19 =
  96. Math

    The first number is the price of 1 ounce of soda if 64 ounces cost $1.92
  97. algebra 1

    Susie wants to have at least a 90 average for the year in her Algebra class. Her current test scores are 85, 100, 86, and 97. What does she need to score on her fifth test to have at least a 90 average?
  98. Chemistry

    What is NaOH?
  99. Math

    A sample of 120 bags of potatoes produced by a factory was found to have a mean weight of 2.47 kg and a standard deviation of 0.12 kg. Obtain a 95% confidence interval for the mean weight of all bags of potatoes produced by the factory.
  100. Physics

    Movers are looking to lower a cabinet out of an open window to a mattress on the ground below. One end of a rope is tied to a 188 kg dresser, looped through a pulley, and the other end of the rope is tied to a cabinet. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the dresser...
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