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KE=.5m(v)^2 so we have 1250 times 121 then divide by 2. the formula reads kinetic energy equals mass times velocity squared then divided by 2

math plz help
its one over the number or variable you are given as seen in the example given by dbob222. you are just switching the position of the numerator and denominator

Math 62
when you solve for the equation, you can easily graph. for example lets say the equation you got is y=3x+3 (i just made it up. not the answer to your problem) What this equation says is if you know X, you can multiply by 3 and then add 3 and you will get the Y value. So just ...

I can answer the first part. Genetic engineering can be used to enhance produce traits. For example, sweeter fruit and larger size.

when you want to solve for a variable you want your asnwer to look like x=? So you need to separate x from everything else. So the first thing to do would be to subtract 4 from 7. So you end up with 3x=3. Now we need X not 3X. So divide both sides by 3. Then we get x = 1

you would need the heat of fusion i beieve for melting and boiling. then its a normal stoich. problem

you take the number and put it over 5000. for ex, 1835/5000 times 100 = the percent of labor

Draw a picture ======> | | | the distance that connects the two ends of the line is the total distance. Use the pythageroen theorem

litres and meters are different measurements. 1cc = 1 mL. I would suggest you convert the initial dimensions to centimeters. So that when you get the volume, it would be in cubic centimeters. And 1 cubic centimeter is 1 milliliter. 1000 milliliters in one liter

Price should rise with demand if the supply is limited.

RAM is a place where memory is held and can be constantly accessed despite of location. I am not too sure of what that particular question is asking as the term electronic holding area is new to me.

RAM is random access memory.

you would draw the picture and get the initial y velocity. then, use any one of the possible equations to get the max height it goes. (at max height, velocity in the y direction is 0) when you get that height, subtract it from the max to get the initial platform height

q-16. Less than means subtract. so 16 less than q means subtract 16 from q. For example, in everyday lingo we say something is 3 less. but we have just ommited the relation. "it is 3 less than 10"

grd1 math
10 + 2 ________ 12 you add each place value. you have to line up the numbers. You can think of 2 as 02. We just don't write 0 in front of numbers because it is pointless.

I am not entirely sure of this but I will explain from what I know. The reserve ratio is the amount of money banks have to have on hand. For example, if a bank had 100 dollars, it is required to keep 25% of it if the ratio os .25. The other 75 can be lent. So 75 is in the ...

6th grade
Density = mass/volume 2/6 = 1/3g/cm^3 the g/cm^3 are the units.

take square root of both sides after dividing by 3.

11 squared is 121 and 12 squared is 144. 139 lies in between

I took macro but revenue should increase with the amount sold.

slope is change in y divided by change in x 0-5=-5=y -2-0=-2=x 5/2 is slope so we have y=5/2x + b plug in the point 0,5 now we have 5=5/2(0) + b b=5. the same for the next problem.

Easter eggs are just things the coders put into the program. It can be a joke or something symbolic. It doesnt really affect the program

social studies
how did the ancient Mesopotamians build irrigation systems