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An object weighing 1N in air .it got 0.8N weight when it is emerssed in water what is it's loss of weight?

Express the given sums using sigma notation. 1/2+1/2×3+1/3×4+...1/99×100?

If the earth doubled in mass but stayed the same size, what would be the acceleration due to gravity at the surface? m/s2 The dimensions of the earth as we currently know it are: Mass = 5.98E24 kg, Radius = 6.38E6 m and the universal gravitational constant = 6.67e-11 nm2/kg2

If a ball hits a wall going 10 m/s, and bounces off going 7 m/s. What is the coefficient of restitution?

You are riding a carousel that is turning at a constant angular velocity. You must pull toward the center with 100N of force to stay in place. You decide to move radially toward the center of the carousel to ride on a small animal figure that is at half the distance from the ...


if a regular payment is made quarterly into sinking fund,it accrues to $18258.53 after ten years.What is the annual percentage rate paid by the fund?

Mr X deposit $3000 at the end of each semiannual period for 21 years at 8% interest compounded semiannually.Find the amout will have on deposit?

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Cost accounting
because it is common to all cost accounting

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