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in a class of 21 students, 1 out of every 3 students volunteer to work. What is the ratio of volunteers to non volunteers?

find the sum of the numbers from 1 to 200 inclusive

A tent is shaped like a pyramid. It has a square base measuring 8 feet on a side and a height of 6 feet. What is the volume of the tent?

Discuss the role of advertising in product differentiation and the intent of advertising in altering the firm’s demand curve

world history
how did alfred the great secure his modern reputation as a state builder?

a jetliner traveling northward is landing with a speed of 80 m/s. Once the jet touches down, it has 800 m of runway in which to reduce its speed to 10 m/s. (a) Compute the average acceleration (magnitude and direction) of the plane during landing (take the direction of the ...

A man asks for a loan for $5,000 for 14 days. He receives the loan plus $45 in interest. What annual interest did the man pay. How much would the man need to repay at the end of two months if he borrowed $5ooo with the same rules and the same annual interest ra

compare the annual percentage yield for three banks. Bank 1 offers an APR of 3.8% compounded daily; bank 2 offers an APR of 4.1% compounded monthly; bank 3 offers an APR of 4.5% compounded quarterly

vb programing
I can get right the write and save file for the data, but for the stream reading file I don't know how to start the code and to open the stream writing file for the VIN number to get the other results for model, manufacturer, and year.

vb programing
Thank you, but I still have difficulties with the code for second part of the project. I know i have to use reading a file method, but I don't get the right results. Can you help me with this?

vb programing
I need help to create a project for vb auto center from Programming in Visual Basic 2008 Chapter 11 pg 468. Write a project to store vehicle information including model, manufacturer, year, and VIN number. Create a second project that load the data from the file into memory ...

VB Programming
Haw to create a web application for a vb auto center project from chapter 4.

A farm has 60 cows, pigs, and horses. There are 4 times as many cows and pigs as horses. How many horses are there?

How far from the center of the earth must a person be located in space so t hat his/her weight would be the same as when he/she is standing on the moon?

x+5/4=3/4x The next step would be obtained by subtracting 3/4 x + 5/4 from both sides. That gives yoju x/4 = -5/4 Now multiply both sides of the equation by 4.