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Math 8
A system of equations are shown below -y+2x=4 2x-y= -4 if i solve separately it has infinite solutions but if i solve together there are no solutions is it infinite or no solution?

Math bet
My sister and I have a bet on my homework The length of a rectangle is 1.2 x10-4 kilometer. The width of the rectangle is 6.25x10^-5 kilometer. What is the area in square kilometers of this rectangle? 7.5x10-9 or 7.5x10^3

scientific notation
Simplify (5.6x10^13)(7x10^-2)/2.45x10^6 I need some help 1.6 x10^6 if it's not correct would you please explain

can-8 be written in scientific notation?

math 8
can you write any whole number as the sum of powers of 2 and only use each power once

Child Development
What did you end up scoring? Which answers are correct?


How do you find the volume of hydrogen gas produced?

A drawer has 10 pairs of gloves. If I grab 5 gloves at random, what is the probability that I pick at least one matched pair? What is the probability that I pick at least one right glove and one left glove?

CEO Salaries In 2002, hourly wages for the top three CEOs (chief executive officers) of U.S. corporations were calculated based on their working 14 hours per day for 365 days. Together the three CEOs made $44,000 per hour. The top CEO earned $2,000 more per hour than the ...

Target Heart Rate (Refer to the preceding exercise.) A target heart rate T that is half a person’s maximum heart rate is given by T=110-1/2A, where A is a person’s age. (a) What is T for a person 30 years old? 50 years old? (b) Sketch a graph of the system of ...

P. 620 #56. Predicting Home Prices Selling prices of homes can depend on several factors such as size and age. The accompanying table shows the selling price for three homes. In this table, price P is given in thousands of dollars, age A in years, and home size S in thousands...

wow i'm just forgetting every thing today: when you find v2, don't forget to minus the initial volume!!! =) (since they are asking how much is added) i got 29.80L

since everything is a 1:1 ratio, you know that [acetic acid] = [H3O+] forgot to add that..

first find the [ace acid] (which is 0.0040~M) use Ka constant formula to solve for [H3o+] then use C1V1 = C2V2 where c1= [ace acid] = 0.004~M c2= [initial HCl] = 12M v1= (initial volume of HCl) = 0.01L and you have to solve for v2 i think this is right lol and roman, it's ...

math 117
I can't answer this question because I need help with this myself.

Managerial Econ
The following schedule shows demand and total cost. Price Quanity Total cost $30 10 $200 29 11 208 28 12 217 27 13 227 26 14 238 25 15 250 24 16 263 To maximize profit firm should produce _____units of output and charge a price of $______

y = x - 5 y = -4x - 12 x - 5 = -4x - 12 Solve for x. Plug that value into one of the equations and solve for y.