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  1. World Geography

    Imagine you are an elected official with the responsibility of drafting legislation designed to protect our environment. What items will you include in your bill? Who will be responsible for the bill's implementation? Its enforcement? Answer these questions in a 125-word ...
  2. World Geography

    Who will be responsible for the bill's implementation? I am unaware of what the question is asking. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. physics

    A driver in a car traveling at a speed of 66 km/h sees a cat 118 m away on the road. How long will it take for the car to accelerate uniformly to a stop in exactly 114 m? Answer in units of s
  4. math

    a blue box has 5 times as many marbles as a red box. the blue box has 24 more marbles than the red box. how many marbles are in each box?
  5. Mcmaster

    A pendulum consists of an object of mass 2.26 kg that hangs at the end of a massless bar, a distance 2.02 m from the pivot point. Calculate the magnitude of the torque due to gravity about the pivot point if the bar makes an angle of 54° with the vertical.
  6. language

    explain how the poem reflects the characteristics
  7. language

    The Odyssey - characteristics The proagonist is heroally larger than life, often the source and subject of legend or a national hero.
  8. language

    she smiled like a toothless baby a simile or meaphor or neither
  9. language

    term for the old car hissed rumbled and popped as it went down the road
  10. language

    term for his garish outfit screamed for attention
  11. language

    many people think susan is an angel
  12. language

    term for i believe ill have just another crumb of that lemon cream pie
  13. language

    term for sean inherited boatlaods of mony
  14. language

    term for katie was strict stoic and stalward
  15. language

    term for the butterfly flew across the sky like a ballerina on stage
  16. language

    correct term for the lonely lion liked to like lollypops