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  1. Graphic Design

    what term used to be defined as using a blade to cut a physical photograph so that only a segment remains? 1.) Clip art 2.) Crop 3.) Cut and paste 4.) Typeface Please help me! <3
  2. Englsih 10

    Are these correct for connexus academy? O.O
  3. American Government

    thanks Juliet! :D
  4. American Government

    Thanks so much dudes! 100%
  5. American Government

    1. B 2. C 3. B 100% Correct for connexus
  6. American Government

    tysm guys! :D
  7. American government

    Thank's everyone! D. B. A. Is correct for connexus! :D
  8. History

    Tysm Mel!

    Thank you so much everyone who helped! :D #Lifesaversfordayz! ;D
  10. check my work

    Thanks So much Guys! ;D
  11. History/Government

    thanks Serena 100% For connexus academy
  12. check my work

    1.) B 2.) A 3.) C All 100% correct for connexus! :D
  13. CHECK MY ANSWERS American Government

    You're Welcome is 100% Correct for connexus! :D Just took the quiz and got 13/13 yay! lol But I at least took notes! =P
  14. Government

    Thanks amy is correct for connexus acadmey, but 5 Was A lol :)
  15. Government

    Thanks So much Becky2theg! She's 100% correct for connexus! :)
  16. PE

    YAY! :)
  17. American government

    1.) A 2.) A 3.) C 4.) B 100% For connexus! :P
  18. check my work

    Glitch Yes that's what I do I look it up after taking notes and if I still don't understand and I have already picked a answer I always want to make sure those A's stay A's xD
  19. social studies

    1 C 2 D 3 D 4 C 100% Correct for connexus =)
  20. Math Please Help

    Thx bob!

    Thxx so much!!!!
  22. L.A. The Giver!

    Thx annoumus!!!
  23. L.A

    Thx tue!!
  24. Pre Algebra

    Thx klesy!!!!
  25. Social Studies

    Thx cool guy!! :D
  26. social studies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thx kope!!
  27. Social Studies

    4/4 yaaa!!! Thx everyone
  28. History

    Thx here it worked on connexus!
  29. English

  30. Science HELP!!!!

    Thx everyone!
  31. Science

    I am in connexus acamedy and just did this quiz, It is: .a .b .d .c
  32. math

    Thank you!
  33. English

    Anna tysm!!!! :D your 100% for connexus!! ;)
  34. Tecnology

  35. Physical Education

    Well thats not a way to ask for a question, if you want a answer you might try being nice lol just sayin xD .....
  36. math

    Thx (:
  37. math

    XD so. funny!!! Have you seen the parimids in egypt XD!!!
  38. Comm Tech

    Tysm guys!!! :D
  39. Science

    Thx 123!!! I got 100!!
  40. Comm Tech

    Thx SOO MUCH Z!!
  41. English

    Tysm katie!!
  42. Tech

    Thx maira!
  43. Technolgy

    Thx bella is right for connexus!! :)
  44. english

  45. Algebra

    TYSM!!!!! :D
  46. English

    Kayla thx soooo much!!! ^^ really appreciate it!
  47. Language Arts

    Thx sooo much anna!!! ;)
  48. english plz plz help

    Tatiana is 100% correct for connexus! ^^ tysm tatiana! :D

    Bruh is right 100 0/0!!! :) thanks!!
  50. English

    Thanks Guys! I'm working really hard but I just needed help with a few questions! And thank you for the explanation! =D
  51. Language Arts

    Thx everyone!!!
  52. Language Arts (The Giver)

    Thx annoumus!!!
  53. English Language Arts

    Thx that girl!!!!!!
  54. The giver

    Thx everyone!!
  55. Language Arts

    Thx cath
  56. Language arts

    Thx!!! :)
  57. MATH

    Thx grasous!!
  58. LA the giver chapters 1-2

    Thx everyone
  59. art

    Thx everyone!!
  60. S.S

    Thx your right!!!!
  61. Math

    THX EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  62. Social Studies

    Thx iris!! :)
  63. math

    Thx me!!!!m
  64. math

    Thx everyone!!
  65. p.e

    Thx pinnapple!!
  66. Math

    Thx amy your the best!!!!
  67. Language Arts

    Thx that girl!!
  68. Art

    Thx pacman!!
  69. Art

    Thx so much pacman!!!
  70. Language Arts

    Thx candus and lilly!!
  71. Language Arts

    Thx everyone!!! Woo
  72. Language Arts

    Thx everyone!!!
  73. L.A

    Thx house lover!!!
  74. ART

    Iris you rock!!!! Thx so much you've helped me like 10000 times on this sight!!! I'm so. Greatful!!! :)
  75. Art

    Thx everyone!!!
  76. Math check

    Thx cake!!! :)
  77. Science

    Thx halie
  78. language arts

    Thx everyone!
  79. language arts

    Thx everyone! :)
  80. Health

    Thx that girl! :)
  81. Art.

    Lamp is correct just did it on connexus :)
  82. LA

    Don't be mean...
  83. ART

    That girl thx!!! :)
  84. Art

    Yes its right I just got 100! Thx
  85. Art Help!!! Thank you

    Thx!! Omg this website is AWSOME!!!!!!
  86. health

    Thx guys!!! :)
  87. Art

    Thx bubbles!! :)
  88. Language arts

    I go to connexus too! :) also qustion four is, d... just did it, trust me ;)
  89. Health

    False. B. A. I took the quiz and got 100. :D
  90. Art

    C. B. D. Thx art!!
  91. Art

    C. B. D
  92. Social Studies

    C. D. B. B. A. Trust me 100 for sure! :)
  93. History

    Thx the loudest I got 100!!!
  94. Computers

    Tysm star!!! :D
  95. English

    D. B. C. B. I just got 100
  96. EdTech

    Tysm iced!!!!
  97. Science

  98. Ed Tech

    Thx soo much harely!!
  99. English

    Thanks Ms. Sue You're 100% Correct for connexus academy! x3
  100. Ed. T

    Thx guys!
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