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  1. Math

    Eight students are running for three positions in the student council: president, vice president, and secretary. Which represents the total number of ways the three students can be selected if each student can be elected to only one position? A. 8x3 B. 8x7x6 C. 8x8x8 D. 8! Is ...
  2. psychology

    yes write in details
  3. psychology

    can printing technology as a course put food on your table
  4. English

    "My brother, sister, and I grew up in a very nature-friendly atmosphere." The comma after sister is sometimes optional, depending on who you talk to.
  5. science

    Can I get some help on this test
  6. Math

    The points P(-2,2) , Q(4,4) and R(5,2) are vertices of a Triangle. The perpendicular bisector of PQ and the line through P parallel to QR intersect at S. Find the coordinates of S.
  7. psychology of Education

    How do a person become back? Or what is the main element disturbed in a person for him/her to be mad? And what causes madness.
  8. business math

    Rita just finished completing her educational requirements to become a dental hygienist. She has been offered jobs in two different cities and is trying to determine which one she should accept. Both employers offer similar benefits and working conditions, but the jobs are in ...
  9. business math

    Shantel and Kwamie are planning to buy their first home. Although they are excited about the prospect of being homeowners, they are also a little frightened. A mortgage payment for the next 30 years sounds like a huge commitment. They visited a few new developments and scanned...
  10. Math

    Hello, I'm not sure how to do this question. Question A wheel with radius 5 cm is being pushed up a ramp at a rate of 4 cm per second. The ramp is 620 cm long, and 180 cm tall at the end. A point P is marked on the circle as shown How far does the wheel travel in one ...
  11. Math Trig

    I can't seem to get the right answer on my assignment. I keep on getting 276.403 and seem to get it wrong. Please help. Suppose that cot(?)=?8.91 and 0???<360? Find the two distinct angles.
  12. Sociology

    Is Ghana a classless society?
  13. Math

    Is this correct
  14. Math

    But there 8 questions you guys only put 7
  15. computer

    write a pseudocode to list any 25 integer and display both negative and positive
  16. physics

  17. physics

  18. Math

    A boat starts out at 20km/h in direction 30 degrees. However, the boat is blown off course by a 12km/h wind blowing from 80 degrees. What direction does the boat now travel in and how far does it travel in one hour?
  19. chemistry

    The reaction CHCL3(g)+CL2(g)_CCL4(g)+HCL(g) has the following rate law:Rate =k [CHCL3][CL2].If the concentration of CHCL3 is increased by a factor of five while the concentration of CL2 Is kept the same use a mathematical equation to show the factor by which the rate will ...
  20. social studies plz help.

    He has a good point there
  21. Physics

    A tugboat pulls a ship with a constant horizontal force of 6000N and causes the ship to move through a harbor. The water exerts a constant drag force on the ship of 500N. How much work is done on the ship if it moves a distance of 4.0 km? Force is causing parallel displacement...
  22. chemistry

    The equations for the heats of the formation of copper (I) oxide,Cu2O and copper(II) oxide,CuO are: 2Cu(s) +1/2 O2(g) CuO(s); ∆Hof =-166.7kj/mol Cu(s) +1/2 O(g) CuO(s); ∆Hof= -155.2kj/mol The first and second ionisation energies of copper are 750 and 2000kj/mol ...
  23. Physics

    how much heat is needed to vaporize a 400.0 g of liquid water at 310.0 K?
  24. Check my answers MATH

  25. math

    what are the three smallest 7 digit whole numbers that can be made using only the digits 4,3,0,9,2,8,and 5? Each digit must be used exactly one time in each number.
  26. math

    how many flowers can be planted in a flower bed 13 ft long at 13 inches apart?
  27. Social Studies

    Whatever you want to get a few wrong so that they don't think you're some type of Super human
  28. english

  29. Physics

    A plane has a max speed of 200 km/h. What is the maximum speed it can travel due west if there's a northwest wind at 50 km/h?
  30. math

  31. Geometry

    The second-largest state in the US is Texas, covering 268,580 square miles (including water). What is the approximate radius of a sphere with the same surface area as the area of Texas?
  32. Math

  33. Chemistry

    naturall occuring copper consist of two stable isotops 63/29 cu and 65/29.
  34. network analysis

    Point A and B are 0.1m apart. A Point charge of +3.0*10^-9 c is placed at A and a point charge at -1.0*10^-9c B. X is the point on the straight line between A and B where the electric potential is zero. calculate the distance AX
  35. d,m,v

    whats the volume of benzene.?
  36. science (weather & climaate

    There are 20 questions on the quiz two of them are essay questions and the first question is water condenses onto the grass in the early morning when the air is clean because also one of your other people have done this before but I think she needs help with the entire quiz I...
  37. geometry maths

    A piece of wire 30 cm long is cut into two pieces. One of these is bent into a circle, and the other is bent into a square enclosing the circle, as shown in the diagram. What is the diameter of the circle? (Remember that the circumference of a circle = 2 pi r.
  38. Math

    Suppose you are comparing two numbers that are greater than 1,000. You want to find the smaller of the numbers. How many pairs of digits might you have to compare before you have your answer? Explain.
  39. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar concentration of uncomplexed Zn2+ (aq) in a solution that contains 0.22 mol of Zn(NH3)4 2+ per liter and 0.3109 M NH3 at equilibrium. Kf for Zn(NH3)4 2+ is 2.9 X 10^9 I started this way... (0.3109 + 4)2/0.22-x)= 2.9 X 10^9
  40. Chemistry (reposting)

    In which of the following solution would CaC2O4 have the highest molar solubility? Please help. A) 0.01 M NaCl B) 0.01 M H2C2O4 C) 0.01 M Na2C2O4 D) 0.01 M NaHC2O4 E) 0.01 M HCl I think it is E because it is a strong acid and will completely dissociate
  41. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar concentration of uncomplexed Zn2+ (aq) in a solution that contains 0.22 mol of Zn(NH3)4 2+ per liter and 0.3109 M NH3 at equilibrium. Kf for Zn(NH3)4 2+ is 2.9 X 10^9 I started this way... (0.3109 + 4)2/0.22-x)= 2.9 X 10^9 I'm lost and cant figure out ...
  42. Chemistry

    In which of the following solution would CaC2O4 have the highest molar solubility? Please help. A) 0.01 M NaCl B) 0.01 M H2C2O4 C) 0.01 M Na2C2O4 D) 0.01 M NaHC2O4 E) 0.01 M HCl I think it is E because it is a strong acid and will completely dissociate..
  43. physics

    A cue ball rolling across a pool table at 5.7 m/s collides with a stationary eight ball of equal mass. The cue ball stops after the collision. What is the velocity of the eight ball after the collision?
  44. english

    possessive pronouns of martha katz's?
  45. science

    A solution contains 2 mEq/mL of KCL (Molecular weight 74.5). If a 20 mL ampule of this solution is diluted to 1 liter what is the percent strenght of the resulting solution?
  46. Physics

  47. Chemistry

  48. math

  49. math

  50. math

  51. English

    (This homework question has been removed because it was copied directly from a test.)
  52. Geometry

    Explain whether the following statement is a valid definition: “A 30° angle is an acute angle.” Use the converse, biconditional, and at least one Euler diagram to support your answer.
  53. math

    (from current question)5x+negative13x+6x+4x simplify
  54. math

    (from current question)14x+20y+negative17y+negative17x
  55. math

  56. math

  57. math

    what is the percent of 438 to 789
  58. math

    how you figure percents like percent of438 to 789
  59. science

    How many years after voyage 2's launch was it before scientists could view its photographs of Uranus?
  60. math

    the arcade has three pinball machines and five video games.If a person wants to play one pinball machine and one video game,how many different combinations of games could that person play?
  61. math

    fraction for15%
  62. math

    i need the fraction for3/8
  63. math

    a percent for 0.9 decimal
  64. math

    9/10 its the right answer
  65. math

    a fraction for 0.9 decimal
  66. math

    a percent for 3/8
  67. math

    convert 15% into a fraction
  68. math

    the decimal for 15%
  69. math

    find a fraction of 20%
  70. science

    why do you think that people choose to live in places where earthquakes are common
  71. math

    Mr.Garica's class is harvesting the school garden.The rectangular garden is twenty-five feet by fifteen feet.What is the area of the garden?
  72. math

    What the density of 16/2
  73. math

    how many feet are in 261.32 yards
  74. math

    what is 1/3of 98
  75. math

    the melt in your mouth chocolate factory is a rectangular building.The distence across the front of the store is 98 yards.The distance from the front to the back one-third of this distance.If the owners paint a sign all the way around the outside of the factory,how many feet ...
  76. math

    square roots to the nearest tenth of 42
  77. math

    find the square root to the nearest tenth of 13
  78. math

    square root of 64 and the square -64
  79. math

    the two square roots of 9 are 3 and what
  80. math

    the melt in your mouth chocolate factory sells three times as many mints as it sells almond sells half as many almond bars as it sells caramels.if it sells 3,750 cases of mints each month,how many caramels does it sell in one month
  81. math

    find the prime factorization of 175
  82. math

    ms.sue the answer you gave me is not to helpful without a diagram of composite and odd numbers 20-35
  83. math

    i need to complete a venn diagram using the numbers 20-35 please help me drawing a venn diagram.
  84. math

    what is the scientific notation for 1,890,000 and 7,426,000
  85. math

    i need to cmplete a venn digram of composite and odd using the numbers 20-35.
  86. math

    what is the scientfic notation of35,000and982,000,000
  87. math

    write in scientific notation 35,000 and 982,000,000
  88. math

    what is the fraction form of 5.1
  89. math

    which of the following numbers are integers?8,1-1/2,0,-1,3.1
  90. math

    Polk Elementary School has three classes for each grade level,kindergarten through fifth grade.If there is an average of 27 students per classroom,about how many students attend Polk Elementary School?
  91. algebra

    25 divided 0.76 in long formed
  92. chemistry

    If 50.0 g of sodium bicarbonate is reacted and 11.0 g of carbon dioxide is produced, what is the percent yield of carbon dioxide? 2NaHCO3 --> Na2CO3 + CO2 + H2O
  93. 5 of 90 lotto equation formula

    p/s i need two sure for saturday
  94. English

    What has a lot of power and start with with a "s" and ends with a "l".
  95. English

    What are the answers for introducing the big question lesson 1 language arts 6 B unit 2 Rhythm and rhyme pretest
  96. calculus

    If g is a differentiable function such that g(x) is less than 0 for all real numbers x and if f'(x)=(x2-4)g(x), which of the following is true? f has a relative maximum at x=-2 and a relative minimum at x=2, f has a relative minimum at x=-2 and has a relative maximum at x=...
  97. math

    on monday 86 science fiction books were sold at a book sale this is 8 more than twice the amount sold on thursday how many science fiction books were sold on thursday
  98. Math

    there were 10 quizzes. the range was 38. the mean was 90. there was one outlier. few students got 100. Find the sum of the 10 quiz.
  99. economics

    A professor of economics gives multiple choice exams each semester. He curves the exams by giving the maximum possible points to the high score on the exam. For example, if a 50 question exam is worth 100 points and the top score in the class is 40, then each question is worth...
  100. Chemistry

    C5H12 + 8O2 > 5CO2 + 6H2O
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