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help me with this pe.
Terrance has been waiting all day to try out his new skateboard at the park. As soon as school gets out he is off to skate with his friends. A new boy is there for the first time and doesn’t understand how the procedures work for who gets to ride their board on the ramp ...

A pound of body fat stores an amount of chemical energy equivalent to 3500 Cal (remember, 1 Calorie = 1 kilocalorie). When sleeping, the average adult burns or expends about 0.45 Cal/h for every pound of body weight. How long, in days, would the person have to sleep ...

BaCl2*2H2O --> BaCl2 +2H20 4.36g ............... 3.72 ... 0.643g Convert each of the mass of product to moles. 3.72 g BaCl2 x (1 mol BaCl2 / 208.3 g BaCl2) = 0.0179 mol BaCl2 0.643g H2O x (1 mol H2O / 18.0 g H2O) = 0.0357 mol H2O Mole H2O / mole BaCl2 = 2 / 1

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