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  1. physics

  2. Hospitality Management Accounting

    i don't really understand what kind of calculations they are asking for Charlie is thinking of spending $3,000 more in year 2004 on advertising (part of marketing expense). Because of his marketing courses, he believes he can design appealing advertisements to be placed in...
  3. skylin

    Two 75.0-kg hockey players skating at 5.75 m/s collide and stick together. If the angle between their initial directions was 135°, what is their speed after the collision? (Let the motion of player 1 be in the positive x-direction and the motion of player 2 be at an angle ...
  4. science

    that force A is of size 3 N and force B is of size 4 N . that the resultant force R will always be of size 7 N.?
  5. SAT Essay

    # T Essay - sam , Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 7:34pm Hello Sahil. I disagree with the above response. I think your doing a great connection. This is an SAT essay, not for a class where you get days or a week to think. This is a great writing. * SAT Essay - Sahil, Sunday, ...