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A milk cooler was 3/5 full of milk, 1/4 of that milk was sold, only 360 litres remained in the cooler. how many litres does the cooler have when it is 5/8 full?


what would be the height of a water barometer if atmospheric pressure is 1.0*10^5 Pa and the density of water is 1.0*10^3 kg/m^3? (Hint. Use p= 10 hd)

Change the following sentence from Active voice to Passive voice: 1. The teacher shouted at the learners when thy did not do their homework. 2. The thief stole a watch from the shop. 3. The soccer player dribbled the ball.

Discuss why tuberculosis can be described as a "social disease". (3)

Write a pseudocode to find the average of any amount of positive numbers.

Find the average speed for the journey: jonas drives 70km in 45 min and then another 120km in 1 hour.

What percentage is: 12 of 60

Pete and jan compete as a team in a biathlon. Pete runs at a speed of 9 km/ h for x hours. Jan cycles at twice Pete's running speed for 1 hour and 30 minutes. The total distance of the biathlon is 42 km. Find, in hour and minutes, Pete's running time.

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Yes it is the motherboard

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