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Reading Skills
This question is based on the following information about The Call of the Wild, a book by Jack London. The Call of the Wild is a story about a dog named Buck. Buck is a pampered dog who lives with a wealthy family in southern California. During the Gold Rush, Buck is captured...

Reading Skills
8. Below is the last stanza of a poem, "Dover Beach," written in 1876 by Matthew Arnold. Ah, love, let us be true To one another! for the world, which seems To lie before us like a land of dreams, So various, so beautiful, so new, Hath really neither joy, nor love, ...

Reading Skills

Reading Skills
This question is based on the following paragraph. (1) After my interview with these four young people, I reflected on the quiet sense of "difference" I sensed with many of these Upward Bound students. (2) As a college teacher who has also taught seventh-grade ...

As homosexuality has become more visible, efforts to suppress it have become more a. repressed. b. fragmented. c. institutionalized. d. individualized.

the price of the stock is now $85 and no dividends are paid, and expects the price four years from now to be 4125 a share should the investor buy if he wants a 15 percent rate of return.

Thank you so much. I got really confused on the system of equations but I think I understand it now. Thank you :)

If Cathy walks for 2 h and rides her bicycle for 1 h, she can travel 36 km. If she walks for 2 h and rides her bicycle for 2 h, she can travel 56 km. How fast can she walk? How fast can she ride her bike? Let w represent walking and b represent biking.

What is the period and amplitude of y=3tan(2/3x-pi/6)? Thanks!

Silver ion reacts with excess CN− to form a colorless complex ion, Ag(CN)−2, which has a formation constant Kf=3.0×1020. Calculate the concentration of Ag+ in a solution prepared by mixing equal volumes of 2.3×10−3M AgNO3 and 0.21M NaCN.

soc studies 3 questions pls help!!!
8 is definitely D. I just was questioning 10 but I just took it and 8 is d. 9 and 10 are correct.

us history
where did many Scandinavians settle?

Tell which operation you would use for each word phrase. P people increased by two

Ms.Sue that link doesn't tell me anything about Immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe came to the Canadian Plains in the late 1800s and early 1900s in response to an offer of :free land in the Prairie Provinces In 1858, what event significantly changed life on ...

S.S redo

science(check answers)
1.A 2.D 3.B 4.C I hope I helped :)

Language Arts!
What kind of argument is used when an author compares water usage in the United States to water usage in poor countries. appeal to emotions appeal to ethics appeal to reason My answer: B

Scatter plots are used to look for a pattern of association, or trend, between one set of values two sets of values three sets of values four sets of values My answer: two sets of values

Thank you so much!! When you set it up as a slope intercept equation, it is much easier to solve. I get it now :)

The Robertson's find that have used 1/2 gallon of paint to cover 480 square feet of wall. They used 3/4 gallon of paint to cover 720 square feet of wall. Write an equation to find the number of gallons of paint they will need (G), in order to cover S square feet of wall. ...


an astronaut has a mass of 100 kg. she recedes from her spacecraft using spurts of gas from a small unit on her back. if the force generated by the gas spurt is 50N, calculate her acceleration?

Biology- Scientific Method
An experimenter sets out to find out how many hours of sleep a dog needs in order to catch the highest number of balls without a bounce. To test this the experimenter uses 5 dogs in the experiment and allows each dog to sleep a predetermined amount of time: dog 1: 4 hrs, dog 2...

New Consumer Math
Luis Giron works at the Pancake Palace from 3:00 p.m. until 12:15 a.m. 5 nights a week. If he takes a 30-minute break each evening, how many hours per week does he work? 46.25 hrs 44.75 hrs. 43.75 hrs.

Wat is byvoeglike naamwoorde? My onderwyser wil dit nie vir my verduidelik nie

Convert the recurring decimal to a fraction 0.915915 0.317317

A skating rink manager finds that revenue R based on an hourly fee F for skating is represented by the function R= -480(F - 3.25)^2 + 5070. What hourly fee will produce maximum revenue?

I'm not too sure because it's what is written on the work sheet

Find the least positive whole number n for which 582416035 / n is exactly divisible by 11

What were the most important meanings of freedom to the Progressives by 1916? How did each president of the Progressive era view the role of the federal government?

Social Study's
I am only having problems answering 1 question, here it is: 13. Why do nations form alliances? Give examples of different kinds of alliances and explain their proposes. (5 points)

A Hollywood daredevil plans to jump the canyon shown in the figure on a motorcycle. There is a 15. m drop and the horizontal distance originally planned was 60. m but it turns out the canyon is really 65.7 m across. If he desires a 3.2-second flight time, (a) what is the ...

K+(aq) + Al3+(aq) + 2SO42-(aq) + 2H2O(l)→KAl (SO4)2 * 12H2O(s) Al is limiting and 1.007 g Find the theoretical yield and percent yield I think the answer is 17 and 40, respect. I just need help figuring it out

Language Arts
Help Please!! Answer the following question about the essay "Escaping." Give an example of one internal and one external conflict from the selection. (Escaping) Nowadays we live in a constant hurry, compete with each other, we are uncertain of future, often don’...

Anyone here to help??

Puzzle question sport
3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 Being a champion means a lot of hard work

Puzzle question sport
What is this ?? h t t p : //imgur . c o m /CTGqqUa

Puzzle question sports
I have to name the latest

Puzzle question sports
h t t p : //imgur . c o m /fvJrYDc

AP Statistics
A standard deck of cards consisting of 52 cards, 13 in each of 4 different suits, is shuffled, and 4 cards are drawn without replacement. What is the probability that all four cards are of a different suit?

Puzzle question
The one who got away h t t p : //imgur . c o m /S4filEB

To Steve
Something to do with literature

To Steve
This image htt p : //4.bp.blogspot . C o m /-DhYuH_eLg5A/T2RqPwctfDI/AAAAAAAAATY/Dv8fjTNczFA/s640/rosette_lula_1700 . jpg Novel + 2013 ?? Puzzle question - Steve, Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 6:24pm nine What's the meaning of nine ?

Puzzle question
Thank you so much Steve :D

Puzzle question
It's something to do with animal farm

Puzzle question
Thanks but i need to name some game ??

Puzzle question
All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." His politics Name the game ??

Puzzle question
This image htt p : //4.bp.blogspot . C o m /-DhYuH_eLg5A/T2RqPwctfDI/AAAAAAAAATY/Dv8fjTNczFA/s640/rosette_lula_1700 . jpg Novel + 2013 ??

Puzzle question
Thank you ms sue :D

Puzzle question
Martin Freeman, Benedict CUmberbatch, Harry Sinclair, Thomas Robbins,Andy serkis, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin There is a special case who shares the common trait with above and yet unique - name dat character ???

Help important
Thank you :D

Help important
She said A novel by that author which is often termed her masterpiece. The novel even introduced a new style of writing

Help important
She said that Mousetrap is the play that the question is talking about. It is the show. But now I am asking you to find masterpiece of that author.

Help important
Teacher said that mousetrap isn't the masterpiece :S

Help important
Thank you very much :D

Help important
I need to figure Thenlongest running theatre show of london......& name masterpiece of author of dat show

How far from the center of the earth must a satellite be placed so that the acceleration due to gravity is half the value at the surface? (Hint: the diameter of the earth is 1.3x107 m.)

Thank you so much, you hit it right on the nail

Traveling in the city its faster to take a bicycle than a bus, one reason for this is that a bike can accelerate faster than a bus. Let’s say a Bike and bus both stopped at a red light and both takes off an exact same time when the light turns green. The bike accelerates ...

A 1-L flask is filled with 1.25g of argon at 25 ∘C. A sample of ethane vapor is added to the same flask until the total pressure is 1.35atm . What is the partial pressure of argon, PAr, in the flask? What is the partial pressure of ethane, Pethane, in the flask?

Differential Equations
There is no y(0) givien, so I'm not sure how to go from there.

Differential Equations
Use the Laplace Transform to solve this initial value problem. y'''' - 8y = 0, y'(0)=63, y''(0)=216, y'''(0)=297 I would really appreciate the help.

5th Grade Math
Her brother won 6 out of 15. 6/15 = 0.4 Multiply this by 100: 0.4*100 = 40% If there were only 10 prizes, and her brother won 40% of them, then he won 4 prizes. 10*0.4 = 4 Hope that helps!

A map has a scale of 3 centimeters = 4 kilometers. If two cities are 8 centimeters apart on the map, what is the actual distance between the cities, to the nearest tenth of a kilometer?

The half-life of carbon-14 is 5,700 years. If a sample originally had 26 g of carbon-14, how much would it contain after 22,800 years?

t^9 x t^-8 I don't really understand how to do the whole negative exponent thing...

Input/output 6 18 7 21 8 24 9 27 question... if jack buys 12 toys, what is the cost?

using expressions to describe patterns
If jake buys 12 toys what is the cost

American History!!!
How was the development of interchangeable parts an example of the move to make work "less skilled" in the early 1800s?

Copy and paste the link in your browser.

C:\Users\Owner\Pictures\Graph.png Each square on this graph paper is 1/4 Scale: 1/4 inch = 18 inches What are the actual dimensions of the sofa in inches? a. 90x45 b. 90x36 c. 75x25 d. 80x30

American History
How did the textile mills develop in the United States?

Evaluating Expressions
3D+(5-D);D=4 ------ 2. 8+2G-G/2;G=6

Earth and Environmental Science
How much does the amplitude of the waves increase between an earthquake that measures 4.2 on the Richter scale and an earth quake that measures 6.2 on the Richter scale?

Terrence normally uses one-fourth teaspoon of dried basil to make his own salad dressing. He decides to change the recipe and include extra dried basil. He decides that the flavor is perfect when including a total of five-eighths teaspoon. Write an addition equation that could...

that what i was thinking i go to Florida virtual school

4th grade math
Rock band often stack their speakers in an array. One teen band has 24 speakers they stack them at least 2 high but no taller then 8 high what are all the different arrays they can make

Determine whether each verbal description represents a linear function or not. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these!! 6.The price for x pounds of cheese at $6.99 per pound (LINEAR FUNCTION) 7. A car accelerating on the highway to reach a speed of 62 mph then slowing ...

Determine whether each verbal description represents a linear function or not. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these!! 1. Jova walks quickly for 25 minutes then she rests for 5 minutes before continuing on for another 10 minutes. (NOT A LINEAR FUNCTION) 2 A rock that is...

Earth and Environmental Science
The solar wind can be thought of as evidence for which theory of light?

find the value of x or y so that the line through the points has the given slope. (12,y) and (15,-8); slope: 2/3

AP Macroeconomics
3. You buy a certificate of deposit (CD) that pays a nominal rate of 12% annually. You have a tax rate of 25%, so if the interest on this CD is taxable (which it may not be) your after-tax nominal rate is (1 ñ 25%) • 12% = 9%. Since 10% equals .1, we can rewrite ...

AP Macroeconomics
I need help!!! I don't understand this at all, and neither does my history teacher. Please help explain it in a simpler way if possible. Thank you!!!! question: which of these is not a component of the interest rate on a 30 year us government bond? A.) Transaction costs of...

AP Macroeconomics
1. As an example of a price index, consider the A.C.D.P.I. (a fictitious price index). The associated basket of goods is: Good Quantity Price Coffee 3 lb $8/lb Bread 3 loaves $1/loaf Tea 1 lb $15/lb Aspirin 1 200-tablet bottle $2/bottle Cola 1 case $6/case A. If the price of ...

AP Macroeconomics
Which of these is a component of the interest rate on a 10-year inflation indexed US government bond? A.)Risk that the borrower will default B.)Positive rate of time preference C.)Expected inflation rate D.)general uncertainty about the future

science help!!!
Josslyn is correct if you are with Connections Academy!!! Thank you Josslyn!!!

Physical Science

Tamia is correct!!!

They're all correct!

A superhero flies 285 m from the top of a tall building at an angle of 15 ◦ below the horizontal. What is the horizontal component of the superhero’s displacement? Draw the vectors to scale on a graph to determine the answer. Answer in units of m Your answer ...

How did u get 160

Pre Calculus
He needs two adjacent rectangular enclosures - he has 300 feet of fencing. a. find a function that models the total area of enclosures with respect to the width of the enclosures. b. write your function in vertex form using the vertex formula. c. what is the largest area that ...

can you give me an example?

You have just found out your friend has broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. You have always liked the ex-boyfriend (ex-girlfriend) and wonder if you should ask him (her) out. You're not sure how your friend would feel about that. You decide to ask another friend'...

skills for health
thanks, this really helped me out

skills for health
i need some help for ideas of positive feedback.

A farmer wishes to enclose a rectangular region with 196 meters of fencing in such a way that the length is twice the width and that the region is divided along its length into two equal parts. What is the length and width in meters?

Calc BC
Figure out the 35th derivative for xsinx. You have to do a few derivatives by hand to figure our a pattern and then predict the 35th one

Physics 2
An unknown substance has a mass of 0.125 kg and an initial temperature of 98.0°C. The substance is then dropped into a calorimeter made of aluminum containing 0.285 kg of water initially at 30.0°C. The mass of the aluminum container is 0.150 kg, and the temperature of ...

A pair of jeans coast $90 is on sale for $65, what is the percent that you saved?

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