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A tap leaks at the rate of 2 cm cube per sec.How long will it take the tap to fill a container of 45 litres capacity?

two friends sold many pieces of furniture and made $1720 during the garage sale. They had fourteen more $10 bills than $50 bills. They had 4 more than two times as many $20 bills as $50 bills. How many of each denomination did they have?

Algebra 1
an electrician charges (f) an initial fee of $20 and then $30 per hour. Which linear equation represents this if (h) represents hours

help someone

whats the answer

Do you have any experience working with SPSS format

how do you do p8?

2.33 84.13

2C is also wrong.

Yeah, Bob. Don't be mean. Anyways, I'm relevantly sure thet the first answer is 100%, and the second one is 50%.

math URGENT!
Do your own homework you ugly dogs and the answer that random because ur asking people if their food is hot or cold u know like that song hot and cold get itttttttt

Does "inadequate ethical views" make sense?

Does adultery affairs make sense?

Calculate the mole fraction of the solute in the following aqueous solution: a) .112M C6H12O6 (d=1.006g/ml). b) 3.2% ethanol, by volume (d=.993g/ml); pure CH3CH2OH, d=.789g/ml

1.10g of an unknown compound reduces the freezing point of 75.22g benzene from 5.53C to 4.92C. What is the molar mass of the compound?

a .72g sample of polyvinyl chloride is dissolved in 250.0ml of a suitable solvent at 25C. the solution has an osmotic pressure of 1.67mmHg.What is the molar mass of the PVC?

A figure shows two forces acting on an object. They have magnitudes F1 = 6.3 N and F2 = 2.1 N. What third force will cause the object to be in equilibrium?

US history
how do you explain some americans fears over the international trade agreement?

US history
explain how government,buisnessm and induviduals are important to the existence fot he imformation super highway

US history
how do you explain some americans fears over the international trade agreement? who was negatively affected by the changes in the economy and what negative effects they suffer?

US history
why did president reagan and bus think it was important to appoint conservative justices to the supreme court?

US history
what role did the moral majority play in the conservative movement of the 1970s and early 1980?

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math 6th grade
try google and search up algebraic expressions notes

Who invented the harp? (or what country it originated from)

What does Na2s2o35h20 stand for?? (I already know about the o and the H)

How does the use of jewellery affects people in the society? (both negative and positive affects) How it affects how people look, feel or act?

femini dentist,doctor,person andteacher

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