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Is 2 time's 1 3

If the one's digit of a number greater than 1 is 10,what factor or factors must that number have

what is a five digit number, which when rounded to the nearest ten thousands, nearest thousands, nearest hundreds, and nearest tens, still has the same answer?

Heong cut a slice of birthday cake . The slice formed the angle shown. What is the measure of the angle shown?

Choose the letter of the word or phrase best matches the word in italics. The campfire was visible *glimmering* between the trees. Answers are Intermittently, Intermittently conspicuously Brightly Weakly

state one reason why the concentration of glucose in the blood decreases.

state one reason why the concentration of glucose in the blood increases.

PHYS 101
A block of mass m = 1.70kg is released from rest h = 0.485m from the surface of a table, at the top of a θ = 27.4° incline as shown in the figure below. I got a few of the questions a)The frictionless incline is fixed on a table of height H = 1.98m. Determine the ...

math help
-3 and 1

math guide book of countdown class6

Initially a fifty foot ladder rests against a wall. As I start to climb it, the ladder slides down, finally stopping such that the ladder touches the wall at a point 8 feet below where it originally touched the wall. During the slide, the base of the ladder slid 16 feet from ...

The reaction for the complete combustion of acetylene is shown below. C2H2(g) + 5/2 O2(g) -----------> 2 CO2(g) + H2O(l) ΔH = -1299 kJ Use this reaction and the data below to calculate the heat of formation for acetylene. ΔHf[H2O(l)] = -285.8 kJ/mol &#...

AP Chemistry
-175.8 j/k.mol

A canal lock gate is 20m wide and 10m deep. calculate the thrust acting on it assume that the water in the canal is in level with the top of the gate. density of water is 1000kg/m^3

a black of mass 92 kg and volume 0.031 lies at the bottom of the sea how much force is needed to lift it ? take 1.03*10^3 kg/m as the density of sea water

calculus 2
Revolved about the x-axis~ must use: integral 2*Pi*y ds (Eq 1) For ds use: ds = sqrt(1+[F'(x)]^2) dx (Eq 2) sinh(x) dx = cosh(x) = F'(x) sub cosh(x) into Eq 2 and you get: ds = sqrt(1+[cosh(x)]^2) dx now sub ds into Eq 1 integral 2*Pi*y*sqrt(1+[cosh(x)]^2) dx We are ...

Ap chem
If 200 ml of .300 molarity of silver nitrate are mixed with 350 ml of .500 molarity calcium chloride ions how many grams of percipitate are formed? How many moles of each ions are present?

100 joule

A 1340 kg car going 21 m/s has to stop suddenly. The driver locks the brakes, and the car skids to a halt in a distance of 67 m . What was the car's acceleration while stopping? How much work was done by friction to stop the car? What is the coefficient of kinetic friction...

A projectile is fired horizontally from a 39 m cliff at 30m/s . Find the speed and velocity of the projectile when it strikes the ground. Find vx Find vy Find v

Stretching DNA. With its double-helix structure, DNA is coiled like a spring. A biophysicist grabs the ends of a DNA strand with optical tweezers and stretches it 26µm producing 1.2pN- tension in the strand. What's the DNA's spring constant?

A glider (mass = 0.12kg ) on a frictionless horizontal air track is connected by a light string over a pulley to a metal block (mass = 0.13kg ) hanging vertically (see figure below). The objects are released from rest and move 0.44 m . a)Find the objects' acceleration. b)...

A 64kg driver gets into an empty taptap to start the day's work. The springs compress 1.9×10−2 m . What is the effective spring constant of the spring system in the taptap?

A horizontal spring with K = 110 N/m has one end attached to the wall. A 250g block is pushed onto the free end, compressing the spring by 0.190 . The block is then released, and the spring launches it outward. Neglecting friction, what's its speed when it leaves the spring?


Two blocks are connected by a very light string passing over a massless and frictionless pulley (the figure ). Traveling at constant speed, the 20.0- block moves 80.0 to the right and the 12.0- block moves 80.0 downward


A solid metal is often known as having 'an array of positive ions in a sea of electrons'. Write down the electronic structure of magnesium atom and use it to explain what this phrase means. Actually I don't know how to explain it. So I need you to explain it in ...

What is weighted average in chemistry?

What is the difference between a metal and an alloy?

What will my peercentage saving be if I buy something in a sale that offers 3 for the price of 2?

I know that this question had already been answered. But still I could not understand. Calculate this question and write the answer in standard form.The answer should come 5*10. (4.5*10^12)divided by (9*10^10)

Why is it vital that there is friction thatb opposes motion when two surfaces try to slide across one another?

calculate this question and write each answer in standard form. (4.5*10^12)dvided by(9*10^10)


how do i reduced 76/100

what feeling goes with flowers?

Heat Movement Thermal energy is always moving. No matter what substance is heated, there is always another place for the heat to move, unless all available substances are the same temperature and equilibrium is reached. This is particularly true on earth, where thermal energy ...