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  1. Geography

    What are some of the ways that individual citizens of Latin America are working to improve their economic situtaion?
  2. physics

    You want to set up a standing wave on a string that has a length of 3.7 m. You find that the lowest frequency that will work is 46 Hz. What is the speed of a wave on this string?
  3. Language Arts

    ***Doing both Methods
  4. Language Arts

    I tried what FOOGLEBOOGLE said, I do agree, Or, Ok, go to Meow's answers, because she has the correct answer letter, as well as the correct answer written out, so, go to the question you need to find the answer too, and look over your answer options, does one match with ...
  5. Math

    You need 2 cups of orange juice to make 3 quarts of punch. How many cups of orange juice do you need to make 3 gallons of punch?
  6. art

    why would an artist chose to use harmony in a piece of artwork?
  7. Statistics

  8. Physics

    A 4.9 kg block initially at rest is pulled to the right along a horizontal, frictionless surface by a constant, horizontal force of 14 N. Find the speed of the block after it has
  9. maths

    one card is taken from the bag write down all the possible outcomrs of the event
  10. physics

    Calculate the PRP, PRF, PD, DF, SPL, wavelength, period, and Axial Resolution if a 2 cycle pulse emitted from a 10 MHz transducer if the echo time received was 0.26 ms in soft tissue.
  11. science

    Calculate the PRP, PRF, PD, DF, SPL, wavelength, period, and Axial Resolution if a 2 cycle pulse emitted from a 10 MHz transducer if the echo time received was 0.26 ms in soft tissue. Part II - Using the information above: 1. If the PRF decreases what happens the DF? 2. If ...
  12. chemistry

    calculate the volume of 0.0321M NaOH that will be required to neutralize 25.00 mL of a 0.0399M hydrochloric acid solution. M1v1=m2v2 since were trying to find out the volume I would change the equation to m2 times V2 divided by M1 0.0399 X 0.025/0.0321 =0.031L I don't know...
  13. Health

    Is it possible under any type of medical examination(ex. Gastroscope ) to find out if someone has been on diet medicine? Why?
  14. Physics

    While following the directions on a treasure map, a pirate walks 49.7 m north, then turns and walks 4.1 m east. What is the magnitude of the single straight-line displacement that the pirate could have taken to reach the treasure?
  15. Health

    Is it possible under any type of medication (ex. Gastroscope ) to find out if someone has been on diet medicine? Why?
  16. Precalculus

    Where did you get the 75 degrees from
  17. Chemistry

    Ammonium carbonate decomposes upon heating according to the following balanced equation: (NH4)2CO3(s)→2NH3(g)+CO2(g)+H2O(g) Calculate the total volume of gas produced at 24.0∘C and 1.02atm by the complete decomposition of 11.9g of ammonium carbonate. Please show ...
  18. Algebra

    What is the mean and extremes of proportions?
  19. chemistry

    what is the final M solution prepared by diluting 5.0 mL of 6.0 M HCl to 60.0 mL
  20. math

    A theater contains 441 seats and the ticket prices for a recent play were $45 for adults and $21 for children. if the total proceeds were 13,797 for a sold out matinee, how many of each type of ticket were sold?.
  21. Math

    Water is leaking out of an inverted conical tank at a rate of 0.0109 {\rm m}^3{\rm /min}. At the same time water is being pumped into the tank at a constant rate. The tank has height 9 meters and the diameter at the top is 4.5 meters. If the water level is rising at a rate of ...
  22. Physics

    A bullet is fired straight up from a gun with a muzzle velocity of 312 m/s. Neglecting air resistance, what will be its displacement after 1.4 s? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 .
  23. Physics

    A robot probe drops a camera off the rim of a 429 m high cliff on Mars, where the free-fall acceleration is 3.7 m/s2. What equation will be appropriate to find velocity?
  24. math

    Nala and her cousin agreed that they would each mow one-half of the lawn. The lawn is a 25' by 45' rectangle. The lawn mower cuts a path two feet wide. Nala starts at one corner and mows a path completely around the outside, and then continues to mow the outermost ...
  25. Math

    Locate the square root of negative 15 and the square root of 94 cubed to three decimal places on a number line using rational approximations
  26. Math

    What does this question mean Find the zeros of the following equation y=(x+1)(x-3) Does it mean. 0=(x+1). Or 0=(x-3) x=-1. Or x=3
  27. math

    Jackie wants to buy me a CD player it cost $32.95 she has saved $26 and has a coupon for 30% off the price does Jackie have enough money to buy the CD player
  28. phi 208 ethical and moral reasoning

    Ideals of Human Excellence and Preserving Natural Environments Thomas E. Hill, Jr.*
  29. phi 208 ethical and moral reasoning

    Hill uses this technique in the middle of the article to examine ideas about the human’s place within nature: (Points : 1) He presents specific factual examples that demonstrate harm to the environment. He presents a fictional example of a perfect island. He asks the ...
  30. phi 208 ethical and moral reasoning

    Robinson suggests that the more closely one associates with one’s identity with a certain group, the more one will (Points : 1) Associate one’s honor with defying the honor of the group Associate one’s honor with that of the group Associate one’s honor with...
  31. phi 208 ethical and moral reasoning

    Robinson agrees with Aquinas’ idea that (Points : 1) Honor is a subjective quality Honor is secondary to integrity Honor must be displayed in action Honor is secondary to magnanimity None of the above I think it is c am I correct
  32. phi 208 ethical and moral reasoning

    Robinson describes magnanimity and integrity as both primarily concerned with what? (Points : 1) Honor Wealth Courage Generosity
  33. Chemestry

    If an ion contains 50 protons,68 neutrons and 48 electrons.what is its symbol?
  34. Math

    Shelly delivers the weekly local paper to neighborhoods in her town. House numbers are even on one side of the street and odd on the other. Shelly delivers an equal number of papers to both sides of the street. Although she always aims for the front doorstep, Shelly typically ...
  35. Introduction to statistics

    A researcher would like to estimate the population proportion of adults living in a certain town who have at least a high school education. No information is available about its value. How large a sample size is needed to estimate it to within 0.19 with 99% confidence? n= (...
  36. math

    If I lend somebody one hundred thousand dollar and they have to pay me back in five years, with 4% much will I get monthly ? ( I am NOT a student...however I am thinking of lending my community this amount of money. Can't find any site that can help me. ) ...
  37. Chemistry

  38. math

    it is required to find a rational number which is equal to the recurring decimal number 0.327327327...,(a)find the value of 1000x-x (b)hence, express 0.327327327... in the form a/b, where a and b are integers.
  39. Math

  40. com 200

    Kyle has struggled to feel comfortable in science classes with labs since his junior year of high school, when a solution he was working with ignited. He was always cautious with chemicals but his lab partner that year enjoyed seeing what would happen when he mixed random ...
  41. maths

    how many jelly beans in a jar more than thirty less than sixty
  42. physics

    Force of friction decreases The minimum angle at which the block will slide decreases
  43. Economics

    Define welfare payments or consumer subsidies
  44. L.o

    Four factor that could threaten
  45. Science

    Oh wow, Sorry Ms. Sue! I honestly couldn't find it, so that's why I reported. Thanks for the help!
  46. Science

    Please help! Many people who care about conserving natural resources would choose to use wind energy to power their homes. However, wind power is not an option for people in many parts of the country. Explain what the benefits of wind power are and why it is not available to ...
  47. Science : Please Help!

    Many people who care about conserving natural resources would choose to use wind energy to power their homes. However, wind power is not an option for people in many parts of the coutnry. Explain what the benefits of wind power are and why it is not available to everyone in ...
  48. math

    What is the mean of the following set? 134, 298, 328, 95, 119
  49. 5th grade math

    Estimate the quotient. 3,594/68 My answer is 3,500/70=50 Is my answer correct?
  50. 5th grade math

    I should have said 240/80=3 because 400 is not close to 255.
  51. 5th grade math

    Thanks. For 255/81, my answer is 400/80=5. Do I have correct answer?
  52. 5th grade math

    Estimate the quotient. 1.175/18 2. 231/37 My answer is 1. 200/20=10 2. 200/40=5 Did I find the correct estimates for these problems?
  53. 5th grade math

    Thank you!
  54. 5th grade math

    Name the compatible numbers used to find the estimate. 1. 725/19 estimate:35 2. 3,641/34 estimate:120 Please show me how to work out these problems.
  55. physics

    At an angle of 42 degrees to the left of the normal. Because the law of reflection states that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection
  56. math

    Name the position of the first digit of the quotient. 1. 832/4 2. 217/7 I don't understand. Someone please explain to me.
  57. math

    suppose a normal distrubtion has a mean of 25 and a standard deviation of 2. what is the area under the curve between 23 and 27
  58. math

    Rewrite the following equation in the center-radius form of the equation of a circle. x2 - 2x + y2 + 2y - 2 = 0
  59. Science

    Which of the following is a mechanism used by humans to defend against any disease-causing organism 1)the creation of antibodies 2)the injection of vaccines 3)the production of mucus membranes 4)the use of antibiotics
  60. American History

    Which organization specifically promoted support for the war among the American people? A. the Committee on Public Information B. the Red Cross C. the Council of National Defense D. the War Industries Board
  61. Math

    Mrs. Marcincavage allowed each student in her math class to drop the lowest of their five test scores. When Matthew dropped the lowest of his test scores, a 60, his test average increased by 5 points. What is Matthew’s new test average?
  62. Chemistry

    One day at the fertilizer factory, your boss Mr. Haber comes to you with a problem. The process used by the factory to produce ammonia,the raw material for your fertilizer, is just not optimized. He would like to modify the conditions to achieve a better yield of ammonia in ...
  63. Chem- Bronsted bases

    Which of the following substances can act as a Bronsted base in aqueous solution? (Select all that apply.) H2O NH3 H2 CH3NH2 O2 PH41+ CO32-
  64. chemistry

    If 16.0 mL of 8.5 ✕ 10-2 M HClO4 is added to 22.0 mL of 7.6 ✕ 10-4 M KOH, what is the pH of the solution?
  65. AP Chem

    How would you find a formula for a salt that contains NH4+ and is basic? I understand how to determine if a salt is acidic or basic but i don't know how you would go in reverse.
  66. chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution with a volume of 974 mL containing 17 g of CuSO4?
  67. Chemisty

    A 25-mL sample of 0.160M solution of NaOH is titrated with 17 mL of an unknown solution of H2SO4. What is the molarity of the sulfuric acid solution? A. 0.004M H2SO4 B. 0.235M H2SO4 C. 0.117M H2SO4 D. 0.002M H2SO4
  68. Chemistry

    I need to make a calorimeter for my high school chemistry class. Any suggestions? I have a few ideas but I can't figure out how I would light the food on fire from inside the container. I have to burn the food and measure the heat through water. thank you!!!!!
  69. keiser university

    Healthcare Finance Questions 1. Community Hospital has annual net patient revenues of $150 million. At the present time, payments received by the hospital are not deposited for six days on average. The hospital is exploring a lockbox arrangement that promises to cut the six ...
  70. Physics

    How do I put pictures
  71. Physics

    Spring on Incline The block in the figure is initially at rest on an inclined plane at the equilibrium position that it would have if there were no friction between the block and the plane. How much work is required to move the block 25 cm down the plane if the frictional ...
  72. Math

    Department store A charges 9.75% tax; department store B charges 7.25% tax. if a shopper's pre-tax receipt is between $11.57 and $81.43, write and graph a compound inequality that describes the difference in taxes paid for the two locations (to the nearest cent.) I wrote: ...
  73. Math

    Cody wants to go on his senior class trip. He finds a job that pays $7 per hour and he also mows lawns for $9 an hour. He needs to earn $693 to pay for the trip, excluding spending money. 1. Write an inequality describing Cody's goal in terms of hours at his job, x, and ...
  74. Math

    True or False: 1. if [w-7]<-3, then w-7>3 (NOTE: In this case "[ ]" indicate absolute value.) I did: 3+7<w-7<-3+7 10<w<4 So, I think it's False 2. If -4 < -2t + 6 < 10, then 2>t+6>-5 I worked the equation and got: 5>t>-2 So, I ...
  75. Math

    How would you graph an equation like x+y=4 or y-1=-1x-2? I know you have to change the form, i just don't remember how to do it.
  76. Math

    They may mean perpendicular to the previous question: y=3x+6
  77. Math

    1. What is the equation in standard form of a perpendicular line that passes through (5,1)? 2. What is the x-intercept of the perpendicular line? 3. What is the equation in standard form of a parallel line that passes through (0,-2)? 4. On the parallel line, find the ordered ...
  78. Math

    Use the point-slope form linear equation given to complete the following problems. y-3=3(x+1) 1. What is the slope of the given line? Here's what I did: y-3=3(x+1) y-3+3=3x+3 y=3x+6 m=3 Correct so far? 2. What point does this line pass through, which is the basis of this ...
  79. Need help World Geograpy

    the answer to number 10 is B
  80. please help me!! with this science!!!!!

    Also this is from my quiz so i know all of these are right because it says whether or not i got the question right and what the correct answer is.
  81. please help me!! with this science!!!!!

    Question 1: Second-level consumer Question 2: High average air temperatures are critical to the lizard's survival. Question 3: Deciduous forest- moderate temperatures and rainfall. Question 4: Salt level Question 5: Increased drought cutting off water flow in streams ...
  82. earth

    3. What can scientists learn from the rate at which radioactive elements decay?
  83. math

    People who are gay should be respected.
  84. prealgebra

    The answer given “120 minutes” is incorrect. This question is determined not only by math but also by grammar. The question was not “at how many minutes…” or “at what time…”. The question was “for how many minutes…” “...
  85. IPC

    the highest pressure ever produced in a laboratory setting was about 2000000 atm. if we have a .000010 liter sample of a gas at that pressure until it is equal to 0.275 atm, what would the new volume of that gas be?
  86. IPC

    synthetic diamonds can be manufactured at pressures of 60000 atm. if we took 2.00 liters of gas at 1.00 atm and compressed it to a pressure of 60000 atm, what would the volume of that gas be?
  87. IPC

    in a thermonuclear device, the pressure of 0.050 liters of gas within the bomb casing reaches 4000000 atm. when the bomb casing is destroyed by the explosion, the gas is released into the atmosphere where it reaches a pressure of 1.00 atm. what is the volume of the gas after ...
  88. Science(IPC)

    1.00 L of a gas at standard temperature and pressure is compressed to 473 ML. what is the new pressure of the gas?
  89. geometry

    Deshawn built a model train car. The length of the model train car is 6 in. The scale Deshawn used to build the model train car is 1:36. What is the actual length of the train car in FEET?
  90. science

    Does Anyone know the answer?? 1 either B or C
  91. Chemistry

  92. Chemistry

    How many moles of CaCl2 are produced when this reaction is started with 4.70 grams of chlorine gas?
  93. Chemistry

    Thank you so much!
  94. Chemistry

    If 5.0 grams of Zinc were added to 35.0 grams of H2SO4, how many grams of hydrogen gas would be evolved?
  95. grammar

    What parts of speech are the words "take possession" is this a verb phrase? Is take a "helping verb" here?
  96. AP Chemistry

    At 298K and 1 atm, a 0.5 mol sample of O2 and a separate 0.75 mol sample of CO2 gas have the same: A. mass B. density C. average molecular speed D. average molecular kinetic energy E. number of atoms Please explain, and thanks for helping!
  97. AP Chemistry

    Equal masses of Ne and Ar are placed in a rigid, sealed container. If the total pressure in the container is 1.2 atm, what is the partial pressure of Ar?
  98. walden University

    how that would change if the dependent variable was yes/no obesity instead of BMI. What cofounders should be included in this analysis?
  99. tsu

    Mortgage lenders base the mortgage interest rate they offer you on your credit rating. This makes it financially critical to maintain a credit score of 700 or higher. How much more interest would you pay on a $195,000 home if you put 20% down and financed the remaining with a ...
  100. Finance

    P5. A thirty U.S. Treasury bond has a 4.0 percent interest rate. In contrast, a ten-year Treasury bond has an interest rate of 2.5 percent. A maturity risk premium is estimated to be .2 percentage points for the longer maturity bond. Investors expect inflation to average 1.5 ...
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