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The axiom is called axiom of trichotomy.

If inequality sign is referring to simply < or >, then the answer has to be no. This is even an axiom, i.e. one of the most fundamental concepts on which the whole building of math is built on. This implies our unability to prove the spoken-of axiom - it is a definition.

You know the value of expectation, 7.8h, you know the deviation, 0.75h and you know that the amount of students, sleeping more LESS than (or equal) 9 hours is: /bigPhi((9h-7.8h)/0.75h)= /bigPhi(1.6) Hence the required probability to find such a student (sleeping MORE than 9 ...

This is something I'd be interested in as well. What presicely energy is isn't clear so far. Scientists are argueing about this. So your science teacher is asking a rather ridiculous question, you can tell that. However, the idea supposed to be used here is the concept...

college algebra
Is this really college algebra? However, suppose you take a car and assign it the value x, for instance, beacuse of it being the xth car you encounter on the street. Suppose you've looked up any setting of its. It is called y (u), where the (u) shall denote the unit of the...

Well, by a simple vector calculation in the plane, you can easily find the last verticle. However, I interpret the question just as MathMate did.

survey math
The first one can be written as 0*2^0+1*2^1+1*2^2+1*2^3+1*2^3. Go calculate that and you'll be done.

Well, even though I have no experience in this kind of math, i'd say it is not about factoring into prime numbers. To be honest that was actually the first thing I'v though as well. Besides, what is Incan basketball actually? I suppose it is about numbers written in ...

You have to calculae the limits. As x -> + infinity, we see that f(x) -> infinity as well. As x-> - infinity, one has f(x) -> 3. Hence, the asymptote is 3

c.f. rules of logarithms on wikipedia.

Plot the graphs. It is equal to sin(x). Proof: cot(x), tan(x) have period pi and no amplitude in the classical way. cos(0)=1, hence it cannot pass through the origin, whereas sin(0) = 0, yielding sin(x) to be the function-in-question.

Physics and Calculus
Firstly, you are to use not the product rule, but the quotient rule, check out the related wikipedia article. Secondly, there is no necessity to "get rid" of R. Your solution can depend on R, for example. Just treat R as a constant (In fact it is, Radius (R) = 2.7 ...

Would also be a possibility, however, it does depend on the scale, as you surely know. If we set pi ^= 3, it is clear what is meant and the recipient can easily calculate how the function looks like in real.

By drawing a rectangular coordinate system, the axes labelled x and y respectively. Proceed further by make a table in which you calculate the value of y for given x. Use these values to draw the graph in the coordinate system, the x-value being the abscissa and the y-value ...

11th grade economics
When granting credits to enterprises, banks will want to have in return. This is called interest as well. Inflation might also be a trigger for an increasing interest rate, however, it is surely not the main attractor for banks. Banks themselves constitute enterprises as...

11th grade economics
Make sure you know the concise meaning of reward in economy. Reward means your benefit, to speak briefly. Personally, I'd rate your idea as correct because of the possibility to regard the problem from two perspectives: 1.) Business opens up an account for savings 2.) ...

Hint: After breathing air, there is still a sufficiently high ration of oxygen in it in order to breathe it two times again.

algebra 2
1.) Depends on what group/ring etc. you consider, for the set of the real umbers it is 1 2.) i(4)= 1/4;; i(0.1)=1 / 0.1 = 10

10th grade
"Wissen, was die Welt im Innersten zusammenhält" - "To know what holds together the world in its interior." (Faust 1, most famous German piece of literature) "Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings of outrageous fortune, or to ...

This a linear equation system I) 1 = a*(-2) + b II) 5 = a*(0.25) + b

Pretty easy. Use the fact that the product of the first derivatives of linear functions and their perpendiculars respectively are always -1. This is: m'=-1/(1/2)=-2 Since we can choose an arbitrary function with the imposed properties, it suffices to take g(x)=-2*x q.e.d.

What is the a supposed to denote?

Chemistry 120
You will have to calculate the numbers of oxidations in order to prove this to be a REDOX-reaction... The rest is simple algebra.

college math
There's absolutely no use in doing so. Even though she's ill, I am really convinced about her managing to solve this, supplied with the correct algorithms. (In fact, I do ot understand why it is always about calculating. Proving the applicability of this algorithm ...

college math
Well, this is simple, you just have to form the derivative of the presumed functions. e.g. d/dx[2x-3sinx]=:g(x); [2x-3sinx]=:f(x) Afterwards, you have to numericaly take the following algorithm as many times as necessary in order to be yielded the wanted result: x_(n+1)= x_n-f...

Ask yourself the question: What is the trigger for a volcano eruption.


Well, try to think logically? What is granite? A mineral, and when are minerals form chemically? Yes, when there is a big pressure and a big heat to catalyse the reactions. Hence it is self-evident that the necessary event needs to be the "volcano eruption".

Well, this is regression analysis... Have a look at the wikipedia article.

Thumbs up!

This is avery good question! This leads us directly into quantum mechanics, a branch of modern physics. It has been proven mathematically (very complex, so I will not bother you with the details!) that electrons can and must be assigned a number, either +1 or -1 denoting the ...

In various ways. If you always look upon yourself as not able to answer the teachers' questions, this will affect your brain in a negative way. Conversely, a lack of social functions also impacts the psyche as social interaction with other people turns out to be rather ...

E is correct. As we have four bondings, and no one is in any way to be preferred, it is logical that they are sp³ hybridized.

This is a typical question referring to the circumstances of the broken home model typica for many people. People coming home but not recognising any love with the people living there with them or even not having some of these.

healtheir life style amongst the poor
Aha, interesing to know, but where is the question?

Thanks a lot :)

Managerial Economics
A so-called cubic function is nothing else than a polynomial function of degree 3. f(x)=ax^3+bx^2+cx+d, where a,b,c,d are fixed, but not determined constant coefficients, imposed the condition a != 0.

How about including a set of rules for not dumping waste anywhere else than in the bins? Moreover, I would strongly recommend to use renewable enrgies to power the roller costers and so on. Solar plants would be a great idea. Recently, I heard of two Israelian scientists ...

O.K., this is a rather stupid question. A possible tuple of numbers would be (6;6;6;..;6), where there are 12 times this 6. However, this does not constitute a "set" concerning the rigorous mathematical definition of a set. Go and ask your math teacher to read a ...

Let x denote the width of the rectangle, measured in ft.. The height h is by virtue of the assignment defined as h(x)= 2*x+3. Again, the measurement's unit is ft.. The area of a rectangle is calculated by: Area(h, x) = h*x Substituting h=h(x)=2*x+3, we obtain the final ...

Well, I really do not get what precisely you're supposed to do. If you shall find a term of a function on whose graph the aforementioned points are located, you will have to make a LES (linear equation system). y = ax^4+bx^3+cx^2+dx+e Since 5 points are given, it is ...

Well, this is rather a question concerning both, physics as well as chemistry. You certainly know from physics: density = mass / volume Even though your provided information seem to be in a disturbingly unmathematical order, I presume your familiarity with calculating the ...

This an easy deal when recalling the fundamental identity for traingles, namely that the sum of the three angles must be identically 180 degrees. (Why precisely 180°?) This means: (x-25) + (2x+40) + 30 = 180 This can be simplified to: 3x + 45 = 180 Subtracting 45 on both ...

Well, this is a typcal question where either you or the textbook has forgotten to mention a necessary prerequisite.

college physics
A = a*(-1, 0)^T B = b*(cos(27°), sin(27°))^T C = 27*(cos(39°), -sin(29°))^T By using the identity imposed on us by the task, we immediately obtain the result by solving the emerging L.E.S..