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college help application confused
The follwing information is found on the college application i'm applying to. it is called the waiver of access form. i'm confused about this. what does this mean? If i sign it, does that mean that the college will not read my letters? what if i don't sign it, ...

hi it's me again
fromt he request of my last post, i have managed tof ind the info on my own but i need more help. What is the function of confirmations involving congress. I think Im the only one awake, and I cant link, :( srry, re-read the pertanant parts of the constitution. oh, duh they ...

sorry but more research help
can you guys also give me websties on the process of committe investigations. i looked in goggle but they keep talking about ethics and all that. i swear, that before i ask for your help, i research for atleast 20 to half an hour on the internert to find my information and ...

governement pleae asap
I need information on trustee and delegate role of congress. that's all the info my teacher gave and i looked at wikipedia, but it doesn't help. is there a specific site you can guide me to please Here is what it means: Congress is composed of senators and ...

flaws help please asap
In a 1995 Corporation for Public Broadcasting poll of TV viewership, one question was, “A recent study by a psychology professor at a leading university concluded that the amount of violence children see on television has an effect on their likelihood of being aggressive ...

hi live experts
for the online expert help, do any of the experts help you for free or do we have to pay. i liked the other one better with the AIM experess. we're just students and others...but I suppose some are experts. It's all free I don't kno please hwlp with homework

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