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A bus travels 340 km south along a straight path with an average velocity of 88 km/h to the south. The bus stops for 22 min, then it travels 230 km south with an average velocity of 75 km/h to the south. How long does the total trip last? Answer in units of h

You drive a car 2 h at 48 km/h then 2 h at 62 km/h. What is your average velocity? Answer in units of km/h

1.If you drive a car, you're utilizing the potential energy stored in octane molecules to move your vehicle. If you made toast this morning, you oxidized the surface of the bread. If you watch color TV, the colors on the screen are due to electrons being excited by high-...

Heather and Matthew walk eastward with a speed of .85 m/s east. If it takes them 50 min to walk to the store, how far have they walked? Answer in units of km

11TH Geometry
classifying triangles

what happens to a man who carries an ax in his teeth

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