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Given the reaction below, and your knowledge of the "Law of Conservation of Mass", what is the missing product from the chemical reaction? How do you know? Zn(s) + HCl(aq) --> ___ + ZnCl2(aq)

which factor had the most negative impact American Indian populations? a. exposure to European disease b. introduction to crops such as tobacco c. the French sales of guns to American Indians

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What are some ways to minimize impacts a water dam creates on the ecosystem?

Why do human beings use running shoes,winter boots, skis, or flippers? Why are these not biological adaptations?

A .70 m tall barrel is closed on top except for a thin pipe extending 5.3m up from the top. When the barrel is filled with water up to the base of the pipe the water pressure on the bottom of the barrel is 6.9 kPa.

Janet Leapverifyar drops from a high dive platform with a horizontal velocity of 2.8 m/s. She lands in the H2O below 2.6 seconds later. a. How high is the platform? b. How far from the base does she land? c. What is her final velocity in the vertical direction?

A rectangle has one corner in quadrant I on the graph of y = 9 − x^2,another corner at the origin, and corners on both the positive y-axis and the positive x-axis. As the corner on y = 9 − x2 changes, a variety of rectangles are obtained. Express the area A of the ...

Math\ álgebra

A random sample of n=16 scores is obtained from a population with a mean of µ= 80 and a treatment is administered to the sample. After treatment, the sample

Chemistry (College) URGENT
molar mass= 90.01 g/mol and Ka= 1.38 x 10^-4

3rd grade math
leo saw 8 times more snails than starfish at the aquarium. he saw 10 more sea horses than starfish. leo saw 70 animals. how many of each did he see?

How do you say "make a mess" in spanish?

What multiplication fact can be found by using the arrays for 2 x 9 and 5 x 9?

Lang. Arts
What are some quotes that pertain to life in the book Whirligig, by Paul Fleischman. I need 6. Thankk you(:

Three girls paid $100 each, a total of $300, to share a Motel Room. Later, the desk clerk realizing she should have only charged $250, gives the Room Attendant $50 and asks him to return it to the three girls. Unable to divide the money three ways, he decides to give $10 to ...

Marcel Co is growing quickly. Dividends are expected to grow at a 30 percent rate for the next three years, with the growth rate falling off to a constant 6 percent thereafter. If the required return is 13 percent and the company just paid a $1.80 dividend, the current share ...

Lang Arts.
We have to write a tall tale in my launguage arts class, mine is about how the dogsled was invented, but I need an idea about how it was invented, I want it to be heartwarming but it also has to be exaggereated since its a tall tale, the beginning is a girl who finds a little ...

How are mm Hg, torr, psi, atm, and Pa related to each other mathematically?

How are mm, torr, psi, atm, and Pa related to each other?

I got this question wrong on a quiz and i was wondering what the answer was, to help me study for a test. What do organisms do with O2 ??

What are the genus and species of Dragonfly, Water Boatman and Caddisfly??? I've looked all over the internet and i cant find the answer!!!!

We are classifying different pond organisms, and im stuck on paramecium because i know that it belongs to the protista kingdom, but when i look up the phyla it comes up as Ciliophora but the only ones we have to classify them with are Chordate, Mollusk, Annelids, Arthropod. ...

How to construct Euler's line??? Anybody know any good websites or can just explain how to construct the orthocenter centroid and whatever else is in Euler's line????? Im Soooooo confused!!!!

computer class
ok so my computer (windows) is acting weird, i used a software on it that i've never use before and now when i turn it on says "sorry for the inconvienence due to software or hard drive change your computer had done something to protect your files and folders" ...

What are all the multiples of three starting at three ending with 54?

The numbers that are multiplied together are called factors of the final number.

computer class
how do i delete an email from another computer? see i got an email from a friend about my sisters surprise birthday party and my sister has the same email but shes at college and i don't want her to see the email HELP ME PLEASE!

Math (sort of?)
Does anyone know how to get the special NY pages on an online textbook????? I forgot my textbook at home and the pages i need are in special ny pages, but i cant find those on the online textbook!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!

7th grade math
6+(4-7) 6+neg 3 + 3

Occasionally a planet will pass directly between Earth and the face of the sun. WHich planets could do this and why? How many complete orbits has Earth make in your lifetime? How many orbits has Mars made in your lifetime? *I have no idea the answer to either, HELP!!!!!

does this puzzle mean "down to earth" ------------- this is a box [ ] [ ] [ ] [ earth earth ] -------------

lang arts
thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

lang arts
if u mix PRIDE around and add a letter what kind of animal will you get?

ANIMAL SCRAMBLE rearrange the letters in each word below, add one letter, and you will find the name of the animal! (i just don't get this one) 1. meal 2. rash 3. pride 4. grope 5. parole 6. bare 7. mall 8. master 9. some 10. again 11. brave 12. lease

extra credit
what does this puzzle mean QUARTER QUARTER QUARTER QUARTER

does it cost money to go on the show trading spaces boys vs girls on the discovery channel

math grade 5

Phys. Ed
W.Shott OF CLEVELAND pitched a nine inning game without allowing a hit, or a walk, or a man to reach first, and his team made no errors. Yet he lost 1-0 How?

mtah problem
I don't understand

Thanks soooooo much the worked!!! It helped me to answer the questions about the quotes!!

Does anone know who says this quote, what's it about or what page it is on in the book Great Expectations "... The wretched man, after loading me with his wretched gold and silver chains for years, had risked his life to come to me, and I held it there in my keeping!&...

but we are only supposed to use 1 variable??

The greater of two numbers is 1 more than twice the smaller. Three times the greater exceeds 5 times the smaller by 10. Find the numbers. The second of three numbers is 1 less than the first. The third number is 5 less than the second. If the first number is twice as large as ...

For the metric system i know it goes, Kilo, hecto, ?, Basic Unit, ?, centi, milli I don't know two of them, what are they?

What is the difference between "latitude" and latitude line?"

Brazil, columbia, Equador, Kenya are located on the equator. And Egypt is located 30 degrees north longitude and 30 degrees east latitude. But i didn't figure out the difference between latitude and latitude lines.

what are 4 countries found on the equator and their locations? 30 degrees North longitude and 30 degrees east latitude, what country is this located in? What is the difference between latitude and latitude lines? I don't have a globe so how am i supposed to do some of this?

A degree of latitude is approximately____ miles at the equator and ____ miles at the poles. A degree of longitude is approximately__________ miles at the equator and ___ miles at the poles. I'm really confused i don't understand it at all HELP!!

Algebra word problems
Three girls paid $100 each, a total of $300, to share a Motel Room. Later, the desk clerk realizing she should have only charged $250, gives the Room Attendant $50 and asks him to return it to the three girls. Unable to divide the money three ways, he decides to give $10 to ...