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The least common multiple of the two numbers is 60 the difference of the two numbers is 3

The cost of renting a car is a flat $25, plus an additional 9 cents per mile that you drive. How far can you drive for $71?

Algebra 2
Simplify and enter your answer in scientific notation: 240,000,000*0.000024/0.005

God Values Humility, God Values self worth thanks

Hello, I need to write a speech and need some help in finding organizations that neglect their duty to promote the things God values in the world. thanks

Hello, I have to do a method section for a paper and need to know what I would put down for measurement and procedure section. like an example its on 500 college women and 500 college men participating in a study. thanks

How do you do scientific notations?

4th grade
The federal government affects the whole _______ _________ and the state government affects only the __________.

4th grade
what is one way in which the state government and the federal government are different from each other?

5th grade

after m minutes you blink 10m+3 times. how many times you blink in 3 minutes

social stuidies
A couple would want a strong safe environment for there child,or children to grow up in.

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