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Image that the last U.S. census indicated that there is a major shift in our population where the northwest states are decreasing in population and the southwest states are increasing in population by more than 3 million. Discuss how this might affect the apportionment of the ...

The following project uses the game of Guess Your Card. This is a game in which each player draws (without looking) three cards. Each card has a number between 1 and 9 on it. The players then place their cards on their heads so that everyone but themselves can see the cards. ...

You and three (3) of your friends were in the same advance placement high school chemistry class in high school. All four (4) of you decided to take the same chemistry class together at the local university along with 21 other students. On the first day of class, the professor...

What is the probability of getting a license plate that has a repeated letter or digit if you live in a state that has four letters followed by three numerals followed by two letters? (Round to the nearest whole percent.)