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  1. statistics

    1. If we select a birth at randam, what is the probability the mother is 19 years of age or younger. 2. What is the probability she is 30 years of age or older. 3. What is the expected age of the mother at birth. 4. What is the variance of mother's ages
  2. Algebra 1

    can some one direct me to a graphing program for this kind os equations. Find the label and the vertex and the lineof symmetry. Graph the function. f(x)=5x^2
  3. Algebra 1

    Thanks Reiny I was on the right track I had miss one step I had half of the answer.
  4. Algebra 1

    Please help me check my answer. Solve by completing the square. x^2-4x=10
  5. Algebra 1

    x = [ - 3 } ã (9 + 20 ) ] / 2 x = [ - 3 } ã (29) ] / 2 x = [ - 3 } 5.385 ] / 2 x = 1.193, x = - 4.193 here is the real one that was just a example
  6. Algebra 1

    When approximating to three decimal places (I've just since realized you HAVE to have a calculator to do this) what buttons on the calculator are you pushing to get the answer?
  7. Algebra 1

    -4.193.. and 1.193 But how are you coming up with these numbers? This is the answer, I am clueless to how your finding it... what do I need to do to figure this problem out?
  8. Algebra 1

    Example: x^2+3x-5=0 Answer : -3- sqrt 29/2, -3+sqrt 29/2 (exact solutions) Can someone help me put this in three decimal forum


    solve:p+4/p=-5 Please I need help
  11. Algebra 1

  12. maths(am i right??)

    Ms James buys x calculators and y folders to sell, she must buy at least 5 calculators,the folders she buys must be at least twice the number of calculators and if each calculator cost $20 and foldr $5 and she cant spend more than $300, write inequalities to represnt all this ...


    can I please get some help with this problem. FACTOR . CHECK BY MULTIPLYING 4x²+12x

    How do you determine if a polynomial is the differnce of two squares.
  16. math

    Each of the following pairs of terms is the middle term and last term of the product of a perfect square. Write the corresponding perfect square. a)-6x,9 b)4y,4 c)-8a,16 d)-12,36 ...I don't understand how to do these.
  17. english

    I'm having trouble finding quotes from Romeo and Juliet that relate to the themes of Hierarchy and Injustice/Prejudice.. please help :(
  18. math riddle ALGEBRA WITH PIZZAZZ

    what do you get when you cross a zebra with an ape man?
  19. Algebra

    solve x+21/x+3<2 x+21/x+3 - 2(x+3)/x+3 <0 x+21-2(x-3)/x+3<0 x+21-2x-6/x+3<0 answer 15-x/x-3<0(is this right?) For Further Reading Algebra - Anonymous, Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 5:07pm You are close. They want you to find the values of x so that the equation the...
  20. English

    I am supposed to write an opinion paragraph and I would like to know from an english teacher what I should change. My teacher seems pretty particular about what I write and always docks marks if I mess up on a tiny thing therefore I would really like some help Here is my ...
  21. Algebra

    Is this right? (15-x)/(x-3)<0 15-x<0 -x<-15 answer is x>15 x+3<0 answer is x<-3
  22. Algebra

    solve x+21/x+3<2 x+21/x+3 - 2(x+3)/x+3 <0 x+21-2(x-3)/x+3<0 x+21-2x-6/x+3<0 answer 15-x/x-3<0(is this right?)
  23. Algebra

    So..... from your answer I need to add a -10 to (x+1)^2+2x+-10?
  24. Algebra

    I am having trouble with this problem. I have done it several times and come up with two different answers. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Write the quadratic function in the form a(x-h)^2+k y=x^2-2x-9 (x^2-2x)-9 (x^2+2x+1-1)-9 (x^2+2x+1) answers (x+1)^2 or x^2-2x-9=y
  25. math

    how would I solve for (2x-3/2)= (-x-1/4)
  26. math

    the distance between north bay and sudbury is about 125km. If they are 10 cm apart on a road map, what is the map scale?

    thanks for your help

  29. math

    the recipe for pasta salad will serve 6 people, and there are 32 people attending the party. I know that when i added all the ingredients i had i got 11.24, and so then i multiplied by 5 1/3 which is 16/3... but i'm not sure if that is right considering many people are ...
  30. english

    can you maybe give me a site or something that gives an example of a character sketch.. because i'm not too sure how to write one.
  31. math

    five. got it now thanks so much
  32. math

    5^3 = 125, but now what do i do?
  33. math

    how would you solve [(*square root*125)^4]^1/6
  34. math

    if u have 5(square root)3^2 what would be your answer/steps to finding it?
  35. english

    could you possibly give me a site where i could find the story: silent snow secret snow by conrad aiken?
  36. accounting

    How does budgeting affect the accrual basis accounting?
  37. math

    I don't understand how I am supposed to solve if i have something like (-7) to the power of -2... or 3/4 to the power of -1
  38. Music

    My question is what compositional techniques were used in the 20th century? I have looked everywhere including my book and cannot find compositional techniques defined. Can you give me the definition of compositional techniques and then maybe I can figure out what they are ...
  39. Chemistry

    Cis means on the same side and trans means on the opposite side. The atoms are on the same side as the double bond. Cis Isomeric compounds are different from trans isomeric compounds because trans isomers are more stable. Trans isomer are on the opposite sides of the double ...
  40. Chemistry

    Someone answered my questions.
  41. Chemistry

    Cis means on the same side and trans means on the opposite side. The atoms are on the same side as the double bond. Cis Isomeric compounds are different from trans isomeric compounds because trans isomers are more stable. Trans isomer are on the opposite sides of the double ...
  42. Chemistry

    Cis means on the same side and trans means on the opposite side. The atoms are on the same side as the double bond. Cis Isomeric compounds are different from trans isomeric compounds because trans isomers are more stable. Trans isomer are on the opposite sides of the double ...
  43. Chemistry

    Below is the question I am trying to answer. I think after much debate, I may have it. Does anyone know if I am close to being right? Does cis and trans isomeric compounds display different properties? Why? Cis means on the same side and trans means on the opposite side. Cis ...
  44. health

    can u find me a site with stating specific slang names for depressant drugs? cause i really can not find any :(
  45. Health

    what are the different ways stimulants can enter the body? & is it possbile for certain stimulants to be injected (like by a needle)into the body? & if so what kind of stimulants are injected?
  46. spelling

    what new words can you make out of the letters hummingbirdwaterproof
  47. vocabulary

    What word means fear of meeting new people? Thanks for helping
  48. Math

    could you maybe give me and euqation using the numbers 21, 2, 6, 19 & 13 that give a total of 3? Please :)
  49. religions of the world

    how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous people. are indigenous religions still practiced today
  50. chemistry

    the atomic number of oxygen is 8. How many protons, neutrons and electrons are in an oxygen icon with a charge of -2 and a mass number of 17?
  51. algebra

    kyle's credit bill is $360. kyle sends a check to the credit card company for $70, charges another $109 in merchandise, and then pays off another $231 of the bill. how much does kyle owe the company?
  52. English

    What is the theme of of Design by Robert Frost?
  53. health

    1. What organ is the master controller for directing "amino aciduse(it's not a muscle)? 2. What is meant by the term "amino acid pool" and amino acid turnover"
  54. Math

    How do i tranfer formulas?
  55. science

    I've got two questions which I do not understand... a)In the early 1920's, shortly after world war I, smoking became fashionable for men. Why did lung cancer rates not increase until the 1950's? &... b)Suggest a reason why no comparable increase in lung cancer in ...
  56. health

    What are some common items that use lactose as a filler or as a flavoring agent
  57. please help solve algebra problem

    subtract 4x/x-8-32/x-8
  58. history

  59. history

    i need some finding a website for this assignment. I have to do a presentation on these points. Explain how the U.S became involved in the politics of Southeasr Asia. Explain how this involvement impacted the U.S political climate of the 1950s.
  60. algebra 2

    help multiply (x/3+3/4)(3x/4-3/5)
  61. algebra 2

    find the value of this polynomials for the given values of the variable. -x^2-5x-6, x=-3 and x=-2
  62. algebra 2

  63. Algebra 1

    Rewrite the equation y = –3x + 5 as a function of x.
  64. Algebra 1

    I appreciate your help I did it right
  65. Algebra 1

    Write the equation of the line with slope 4 and y-intercept (0,-5).Then graph the line.
  66. Algebra 1

    Solve the system by addition. 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11
  67. Algebra 1

    Determine which two equations represent perpendicular lines. a)y=5/3 b)y=5x-5/3 c)y=-1/5x+5/3 d)y=1/5x-5/3 I have worked on this equation for two days.
  68. Algebra 1

    Thanks so much
  69. Algebra 1

    Find the slope. -2x-9y=-29 Can you please work it out for me so I will know how to do the next one.
  70. Algebra 1

  71. Algebra 1

    Determine which two equations represent perpendicular lines. a).y=5/3x-5 b).y=5x-5/3 c).y=-1/5x+5/3 d).y=1/5x-5/3
  72. Algebra 1

    Thank you I got the answer right.
  73. Algebra 1

    sorry I am having computer issues.
  74. Algebra 1

    find the slope and the y-intercept. y=-5x+3.
  75. Algebra 1

    14.Find the slope and the y-intercept. y = –5x + 3 Find the slope. –2x – 9y = –29
  76. Algebra 1

  77. Algebra 1

    Find the slope of the line passing through the points (–2, 6) and (6,-10).
  78. Algebra 1

    An employee who produces x units per hour earns an hourly wage of y=0.70x+11 (in dollars). Find the hourly wage for an employee who produces 2 units per hour.
  79. Algebra 1

    solve each following system by substitution. 4x-12y=5 -x+3y=-1
  80. Algebra 1

  81. Algebra 1

    solve each following system by substitution 4x-12y=5 -x+3y=-1
  82. Algebra 1

    Evaluate each functions for the value specified. f(x)=x2-7x+10;find (a)f(0),(b)f(5),(c)f(-2).
  83. Algebra 1

    Complete the ordered pairs for the equation 2x+y=10.(5, ),( ,10),( ,-2), (0, )
  84. Algebra 1

    Write the equation of the line with slope -2 and y-intercept (0,0).Then graph the line.
  85. Math(Geometry)

    I'm SOOO glad I found this site (: I was like going crazy trying to figure these questions out. ahaa. Thanks to all these people who posted the right answers (:
  86. Algebra II

    quadratic equations Solve: 2x^2-5x=3 2x^2 -5x -3 = 0 (2x + 1)(x -3) = 0 x = -1/2 or 3
  87. English

    Can you help me understand what 'iambic pentameter' clearly is? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some explanations for you: 1. 2. 3. http://www....
  88. science

    Is a gelatin dessert a solution, a suspension or a colloid? I think it is a suspension. Thanks you. The ingredients of gelatin are completely soluble in water and the end product is clear and transparent. It is a solution, in my opinion.
  89. chemistry...weird question

    on heatin, 0.02mol of the element M reacts with 0.025mol of oxygen gas. What is the empirical formula of the oxide of M? The mole ratio is .025/.02=1.25 or 5/4 So the O2 has a ratio of 5 to one Metal. M4 (O2)5= M>sub>4O10 or writing it in lowest whole numbers M2O5 why&#...
  90. Ethincs

    Describe other measurements sociologists use to calculate prejudice. Look at the post by melody below. Same question.
  91. science

    what steps can be taken by rwanda to reduce degradetion and deforestation (Broken Link Removed) I don't know what you mean by degradetion, but deforestation, the way to reduce it is to control the forests: who is there, who does what, and when. I frankly doubt if Rwanda ...
  92. English

    Please help me! I need the title of a book that's subject is based on ignorance and another on choice or making a decision. Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird will fit both criteria in certain ways. A more recent book along similar lines is Grisham's A Time to Kill...
  93. english

    Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones. What is your question about this sentence? More on identifying verbs? If so, there are three of them. Tell us what you think, and we'll give you feedback. ?? Cynthia, that is an excellent idea, but we don't ...
  94. english

    I am looking for all VERBS both "Action" and "Be" verbs identified in the sentence. In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation. There is one verb in that sentence. Which word do you think it is? ??
  95. Chemistry

    Using the following information, identify the strong electrolyte whose general formula is Mx(A)y * zH2O Ignore the effect of interionic attractions in the solution. a. A"-is a common oxyanion. When 30.0 mg of the anhydrous sodium salt containing this oxyanion (Na,,A, ...
  96. math

  97. physical science

    i have 25 examination quesions i need answered. can you help me? We can help you with some of them if you post them individually and show your own work or thoughts. We don't do exams for you here.
  98. Social Studies

    What are the five Great Lakes?
  99. Math

    Can someone please help me with this? I don't know how to simplify this. 7m^7n^4/8m divided by 9m^2n^9/5n^2 Put all your m's together,all your n's togehter and then it will continue getting simplified!hopE THAT HELPS! is this correct? 16m^9n^13/40mn^2
  100. Math

    What's the slop of the line whose equation is 8y = 7 - 2y? the slope would be zero. if you add '2y' to the other side, then your equation will be 10y=7. If you divide 10 on both sides, the new equation will be y=7/10. That will be a straight line, so the slope will...
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