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  1. Financing and Budget

    In preparing a budget for a day care center, you must plan for taxes. As an employer, you must pay part of each employee's---- tax. A.Social Security B.federal income C. state income D. local My answer is A.Can someone check this answer for me.
  2. anthropology

    what are the two leading countries today
  3. Financing and Budget

    This financial ratio measures the business's liquidity A.days recivable ratio B.average daily rate ratio C.current ratio D.profit margin I chose the letter D.Can someone check my answer
  4. Financing and Budget

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  5. Financing and Budget

    Consider these factors: amount reasonable for type of child care program used, amount necessary to meet financial commitment, and amount charged for other local programs.These factors are used to determine A. consultant fees B.the startup budget C.accounts payable D.the ...
  6. Financing and Budget

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  7. Financing and Budget

    A full-charge bookkeeper a CPA a tax expert C.can prepare financial statements D.must have child care experience. My answer is C. Can you check my answer.
  8. Child Care

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  9. Child Care

    one of the most important functions of a child's peer group is A.serving as a replacement for the parents B.providing opportunities for competition C.fostering love and understanding D.teaching about the world outside the family. My answer is B am I correct
  10. Child Care

    Some fo the children in your care are overweight. The most immediate and appropriate thing you can do about it is..... A.provide snacks, but only as a reward for good behavior to the parents about a special diet C.provide more opportunities for exercise D.discuss the ...
  11. Child Care

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  12. Child Care

    The caregiver uses a -------- for anticipating and dealing with the concerns of parents when they've enrolled or are enrolling a child in the caregiver's program. A parent discussion group B.parent conference C.parent handbook D. newsletter I pick the letter C
  13. Child Care

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  14. Child Care

    To welcome a child who doesn't speak English, it would be appropriate to A. ask the child to repeat words B.tell the child not to speak in his or her native tongue C.speak loudly D.allow the child time to observe and listen. I pick the letter D
  15. Child Care

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  16. Child Care

    One of your friends was the victim of a crime committed by a new immigrant to the country. Now she is intolerant of any children who don't speak english as their first language. This is an example of A. stereotyping B. discrimination C.racism D. inclusion I pick the letter B.
  17. Child Care

  18. Child Care

    Children with special needs may have delays or be slow to progress in one or more areas. They A. usually require special equipment to help them move around. B. need oportunities to interact with nondisabled children. C. have difficulty fitting in with other children. D. are ...
  19. Child Care

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  20. Child Care

  21. Child Care

    To encourage positive self-esteem, you should A. encourage competition between boys and girls B. persuade all students to be the best they can be. C. provide opportunities for success. D. compare children to one another. Ipick B. but I am not sure because C looks like it could...
  22. Chid Care

  23. Chid Care

    Your bugjet allows you to purchase only one math software packages for your children ages 5-8. Which one of the following packages would probaly be best for this age group? A.ages 4-7 B.ages 6-9 C. ages 7-9 D. ages 6 and up. I chose the letter B and that answer was wrong.
  24. Computer Scheduling

  25. Computer Scheduling

    Five Computers 9:30-10:00 young toddlers 3 children here 10:00-12:00 older toddlers 4 children here 1:00-3:00 preschoolers 10 children here Scheduling time.Which one of the following statements is true for this schedule. A. The young toddlers aren't spending enough at the ...
  26. business

  27. business

    An appropriate science activity for a child 6 t0 12 years of age is A. collecting leaves B. using a compass to find a specific site C. growing plants from seeds D. experimenting with a magnet. I pick the letter B. IS THIS RIGHT
  28. business

  29. business

    Your budjet allows you to purchase only one math software package for your children ages 5-8. Which one of the following packages would probably be best for this age group? A. Ages 4-7 B. Ages 6-9 C. Ages 7-9 D. Ages 6 and up. Can someone check this answer for me. D.
  30. business

  31. business

    Which one of the following questions would be inappropriate to ask during an interview? A. Do you have children of your own B. What do you like best about teaching young children C. What is one science activity that would be appropriate for four-year-olds? D. What kind of ...
  32. business

  33. business

    In a job analysis for a teacher's assisstant, the description " satisfaction when children learn a skill" would falll under the category A. skills required B. knowledge required C. enviornment D. work interest area. D is my answer, can someone help me.
  34. Business

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  35. Business

    A requirement by law that a director of a day care facility should be careful to fulfill is the granting of A. break periods B. vacation days C. sick leave D. paid holidays. C is the option I chose.
  36. Child Care Facility

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  37. Child Care Facility

    In a child care facility, Kitchen rules are intened to A. promote safety. B.facilitate the preparation of meals. C. discourage the kitchen staff from entering classrooms. D. regulate traffic flow from food preparation areas to eating areas. I pick the letter A.
  38. Business

    Okay thanks that was my first answer then I erase it. Thanks for your help.
  39. Business

    You've completed a job analysis for the teachers in your program and are now preparing a job description. Which one of the following areas should be included in a description? A. Salary B.Benefits C. Conditions of contract D.Daily responsibilities. My answer is C.
  40. Day Care

  41. Day Care

    Which one of the following is a good traffic pattern arrangement? A. Exits should be routed away from heavily used play areas. B. For safety reasons, the kitchen area should be located as far as possible from the classrooms. C. Shelving, dividers, and other furniture should be...
  42. Day Care

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  43. Day Care

    Children will develop a sense of self-direction and competence if materials are arrangeed so that children A. must apply ingenuity to find needed materials. b. must ask a caregiver for needed materials c. can easily find matereials themselves. d. will be restricted to using ...


    When incorprating a business, which one of the following is not a major step to take? A.Preparation of articles of incorporation. B.Filing your employee policies with the proper state agency. C. Preparations of bylaws. D. Holding an incorporator's meeting. I pick B.
  46. 6th grade

  47. child care

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  48. child care

    Which of these descriptions of Julie best depicts growth as it's defined. a. Julie loves to paint with water colors. b.Julie cried when her cat cut it's paw. c. Julie's legs are four times as long as they were when she was born. d. Julie has learned how to tie her ...
  49. child care

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  50. child care

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  51. child care

    Family day care accounts for ____ of the full-time child care given outside of a child's family. a. 15% b.20% c. almost 25% d. over 80%. I picked C Can u tell me if this correct.
  52. child care

  53. child care

    let me know if I answered this question right. Which of these is considered a benefit of a quality child care program? a.The child learns to get along with adults and children outside of the nuclear family. b.The child develpos a closer relationship with the mother. c.The ...
  54. math

  55. English

    2. Yes, (a doctor) is the only part in parenthesis.
  56. English

    Is this correct? 1. Function-subject complement 2. Function-appositive
  57. English

    I am confused on my homework which is to name the function and the form in the sentence, the part in parenthesis. Do I have these right or wrong? 1)Biking is also a good reason for (visiting Oregon). Form-gerund phrase Function-direct object 2)I think that being (a doctor) ...
  58. trig

    solve for C0T^2X - CSC^2X =?
  59. french

    je voudrais means i would like je veux means i want a good one is bonpatron
  60. math

    nevermind, got it
  61. math

    solve for x, expressing x as a logarithmic function of y y=6.4(1/2)^x
  62. Math - Logarithms

    the question is 50 = -18logx + 84 then i did -34 = -18logx 17/9 = logx what do i do next?
  63. math -> exponents

    please help me, I forget how to do the problem -> 3^-5 + 3^-4 / 3^-5 - 3^-4 .... the answer is apparently -2.. please help
  64. Physical science

    A 4.2 kilo b Bag of surgar is on a counter how much work is required to put the bag on a shelf a distance of 0.60 m above the counter. J
  65. analytic geometry

    the base of an isoceles triangle lies on the x-axis. The coordinates of the midpoints of the equal sides pf the triangle are (2,3) and (-2,3). What are the coordinates of the vertices of the triangles? Please help.
  66. chemistry

    First you find the moles of N2 assuming that you have 34.8 grams of N2. Then you find the moles of O2 assuming that you have 65.2 grams of O2.(100%-34.8%=65.2% so there is 65.2g O2). The partial pressure equals mole fraction x the total pressure(mole fraction= moles of O2/...
  67. math

    The equation of a circle with centre O(0,0) is x^2+y^2=40. The points A(-2,6) and B(-6,-2) are endpoints of chord AB. DE right bisects chord AB at F. a)Verify that the centre of the circle lies on the right bisector of chord AB. b)Find the distance from the centre of the ...
  68. ecology

    what are the reasons for low phosphorus levels in soil? Please explain to me, it seems as if every site that talks about this is saying something different and I really don't understand.
  69. math

    express 2,750,389 in scientific motion
  70. math

    a spherical ball requires approximately 900cm2 of material in order to make it. Find the volume of the ball : The volume is 2579.325cm3 NOW The ball is sold in a rectangular prism shaped box. What percentage of the volume of the box is taken up by the ball? Please help me =)
  71. Algebra

  72. Algebra

    1/z=2/z-1/11 the answer is z=11 is this correct.
  73. Algebra 1

    Thanks, This is my first time working on Algebra.
  74. Algebra

    Thank you for looking at my work.
  75. Algebra

    x^2-5x=-10 =x=5+i sqrt15/2 ,5-i sqrt15/2. CAN SOMEONE CHECK MY ANSWER.
  76. Algebra 1

    quadratic equation. ax^2+bx+c=0 Solution 1,only solution. Can you help me I am struggling to work this out.
  77. Algebra 1

  78. Algebra 1

    If the sides of a square are lengthened by 8cm, the area becomes 289cm^2. Find the length of a side of the original square. I do not know how to do this please help me.
  79. Algebra

    Thanks Reiny this is my first time and the operations was not in brackets so I DID NOT KNOW
  80. Algebra

    x-8/x-9-x+1/x+9+x-17/x^2-81 =x^3-81x^2-7x-27/x^2. Can some check this my answer and see if it corre4ct please.
  81. Algebra

  82. Algebra

    Can I get some help on this one I need to know if I got the right answer on this equation. Factor. v^2+12v+36 my answer was (v+6)^2 Can you check this for me.
  83. Algebra

    Factor. v^2+12v+36 my answer was (v+6)^2 Can you check this for me.
  84. Algebra

    Thanks Reiny
  85. Algebra

    Factor the trinomial. t^3-4t^2-32t = t(t+4)(t-8) can someone help me pleaseand check my answer.
  86. Algebra

  87. Algebra

    SIMPLIFY BY REMOVING FACTORS OF 1. q^2-64/(q+8)^2 q^4+16q^3+64q^2-64/(q+8)^2 is this answer correct, can you help me .
  88. Algebra 1

    Thank you
  89. Algebra 1

    (x+19)(x-7)(x+17)>0=-19<x<-17 or x>7 Can someone please look at this equation and let me know if I did it correctly.
  90. Algebra 1

    (x+19)(x-7)(x+17)>0=-19<x<-17 or x>7 is this answer correct
  91. Algebra 1

    Is this right. r^2/r^16=1/r^14 Divide and simplify

    Is this correct. t^3-4t^2-32t=t(t+4)(t-8) Factor the trinomial.
  93. Algebra 1

  94. Algebra 1

    CAN YOU LOOK AT THIS ONE AND TELL ME IF IT IS CORRECT. Multiply.(-4t)^2(2t^2)^3=128t^8
  95. Algebra 1

    thanks for looking at my work.
  96. Algebra 1

    Can you check this one for me. Evalute the polynomial for x=1. 2x^2-2x+4 When x=-1, 2x^2-2x+4=8
  97. Algebra 1

  98. Algebra 1

    Can you let me know if this answer is right. (2ã2-4ã3)(4ã3)+8ã3)=-80 Multiply
  99. Algebra 1

    Can you help get started on this equation. Solve for x. x^2+52=8x
  100. science

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