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  1. Business

    Select an organization with which you are familiar and discuss the impact of that organization’s level of social responsibility on a stakeholder group of your choice
  2. Chemistry

    A lightyear is a unit of length equal to the distance that light travels in 1 year. What is 1 lightyear expressed in units of meters? The speed of light is 3.00 × 100^8 m/s.
  3. Chemistry

    Could you explain how or why ?
  4. Chemistry

    The enthalpy of combustion of benzoic acid is –26.4 kJ/g. What is the enthalpy of combustion expressed in joules per kilogram?
  5. chemistry

    How many 400-mg aspirin tablets can be made from 40.0-kg of aspirin?
  6. scientific notations

    7.13x10^11 = 713,000,000,000 - To convert from scientific notation to standard from simply move the decimal point 11 spaces to the right after the 7 . 10's power will tell you how many spaces to move to decimal , if its positive to the right and if its negitave to the left...
  7. Medical Coding

    what are the 2 diagnosis codes
  8. Statistics

    are the following statements, Ho:=10 and Ha:equal to or less than, a valid pair of null and alternative hypothesis?assume that in a hypothesis test with null hypothesis Ho : u = 12.0 at a = 0.10, that a value of 16.0 for the sample mean results in the null hypothesis being ...
  9. Math

    Question 6 After a golf ball struck Charl on the head he was awarded an amount from the Three Iron Fund as compensation for his injuries. He chose to receive R18 900 per month indefinitely. If money is worth 9,95% per year, compounded monthly, then the amount awarded is ...

    On the planet jupiter , g is 2.5m/s². What does this mean?
  11. Chemistry

    Asuna, How did you calculate the Molarity of in part A?
  12. Trig

    Find the exact value of tan 5pi/12 using the half-angle identity.
  13. Chemistry

    A 0.250g smaple of magnesium-aluminum alloy dissolves completely in an excess of HCl(aq). When the liberated H2(g) is collected over water at 29C at 752torr, the volume is found to be 297mL. The vapor pressure of water at 29C is 30.0torr. What is the mass percentage of ...
  14. Chemistry

    why is a water molecule is much more likely to give up a proton than a methane molecule
  15. chemistry

    how to find the weight percent acetic acid ch3co2h for a 3.89m aqueous acid solution
  16. londontowne

    divide the product of 8 and 1/2 by .02
  17. History

    Is History an art or a science?
  18. sacred heart high school

    don't know
  19. chemistry

    why is 1mol of so3 gas higher in entropy than so2 gas
  20. Calculus

    A team has been working to convert diesel-powered cars to run just as efficiently on used cooking oil! They want to compare the mileage and speed of their prototype with that of the diesel-powered car. The prototype is 100 meters south of an intersection, while the diesel car ...
  21. Calculus

    Part of a circuit has two resistors connected in parallel as shown in the figure. R(1) is a constant resistor of 10 ohm, while R(2) is a variable resistor with resistance that varies at a rate of 2 ohms per minute. The total, or effective, resistance, R, provided by this ...
  22. calculus

    Using L'Hôpital's rule, evaluate lim of xe^(-x) as x approaches infinity
  23. calculus

    Find the average value of the function f(x) = (2x - 5)^2 on the interval [1, 2].
  24. Earth Science

    In what ways can sea level be lowered? What effect might this have on existing life forms? I can't find it in my textbook. Can somebody helps??????? THANKS A LOT!!!!!
  25. why do you think communication is vital to the success of every business organization

    Not answered
  26. Earth Science

    How is the local hydrologic cycle affected by the practice of drawing drinking water from a river and then returning sewage to the same river? Can anyone please help?????? THANKS A LOT!!!!!
  27. Physics

    A 6 µC charge is placed at the origin and a second charge is placed on the x-axis at x = 0.34 m. If the resulting force on the second charge is 4.0 N in the positive x-direction, what is the value of its charge?
  28. Chemistry

    Since the oxidation number of Chromium is +3, and the oxidation number of Silicon is -4. Why is the chemical formula for Chromium III Silicide Cr3Si2? Can somebody please explain to me please???????THANKS A LOT!!!
  29. Chemistry

    Oxygen has a boiling point of 90K, and nitrogen has boiling point of 77K. Which is a liquid and which is a gas at 80K? I tried to look into the phase diagrams, but I still don't understand. Can somebody please help and explain to me??? THANKS A LOT!!!
  30. math

    How did math originate?
  31. math for elemetary school teachers

    need to create a number system using only: A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4 and Zero=0. Help
  32. finance

    The company has an open invoice for $100 but then chooses to take the 2% discount offered and pay $98 if paid within 10 days.
  33. finance

    A corporation’s pretax net income of $1,000,000 is taxable based on 30% of the first $300,000, 35% of the next $300,000, and 40% of the balance:
  34. movement and music

  35. finance

    A company began the year with retained earnings of $1,000. Net income for the year was $250, it repaid $350 of its line of credit balance, and it paid dividends to its shareholders of $200. What was the company’s retained earnings at the end of the year?
  36. finance

    Hauser Sports had sales in 2010 of $750,000, cost of sales of $500,000, average accounts receivable of $100,000 and average inventory of $225,000. How many days, on average, does it take Hauser Sports to sell its inventory assuming that all sales are on credit?
  37. finance

    The Cookie Shoppe expects sales of $500,000 next year at a 5% pretax profit margin and an average tax rate of 35%. If it chooses to pay out 30% of its earnings as dividends, what is the projected increase in retained earnings
  38. finance

    Central Systems has a pretax cost of debt of 8%, an average tax rate of 30%, and a cost of equity of 14%. If the company’s debt-equity mix is 50%-50%, what is Central’s weighted average cost of capital?
  39. finance

    Chelsea Fashions is expected to pay an annual dividend next year of $1.00 per share. The market price of the stock is $25 and the growth rate of dividends is expected to be 5%. What is Chelsea’s cost of equity?
  40. finance

    What is the net present value of a project that has an upfront cash outlay of $30,000, and generates cash inflows of $15,000 in year 1, $20,000 in year 2, and $25,000 in year 3 assuming that the company’s cost of capital is 15% per year?
  41. finance

    How much should you be willing to pay for one share of stock if the company just paid a $1 dividend, you expect the dividends to increase by 5% annually, and you need a 12% return on your investment

  43. geometry

    Find the supplement to the angle whose measure is 85 degrees.
  44. Frankenstein

    How does shelly keep mystery and terror along with supernatural elements in chapters 8-10
  45. geometry

    donald's garden is rectangular the garden is 14 metres long it's perimeter is 47 metres how wide is the garden
  46. math

    you have $60, consisting of quarters and pennies. write an inequality that shows the different number of coins in piggy bank
  47. trig

    The number of a fraction is three more than twice the denominator. The fraction simplified is equal to 9/4 Find the fraction
  48. Physics

    find the height from which you would have to drop a ball so that it would have a speed of 9.0 m/s
  49. French

    I'm supposed to come up with something in the imparfait that begins with "Quand j'étais petite, ... but my vocabulary is very limited so I don't really know what to write. Any suggestions?
  50. chemistry

    what is the name of the compound made ofrom chlorine and magnesium
  51. science

    an astronaut in space vehicle traveling from earth to the moon is in potential danger of being harmed by the sun's ultraviolet radiation.
  52. Structural Design, Part 2

    The structural technique that includes long vertical studs running from the sill plate to the second floor roof frame is called Frame
  53. calculus

    An athlete is running around a circular track of radius 50 meters at the rate of 5 meters per second. A spectator is 200 meters from the center of the track. How fast is the distance between the two changing when the runner is approaching the spectator and the distance between...
  54. world history

    The key diplomatic achievement of Bismarck's foreign policy was
  55. chemistry

    I am very confused about hybridization in general. Please give an explanation on how to do this. Which of the following pairs of atomic orbitals of adjacent nuclei can overlap to form a sigma bond? a pi bond? or no bond at all? a) 1s and 1s b) 1s and 2px c) 2px and 2py d) 3py ...
  56. chemistry

    freezin point of the solution 25.5g c7h11no7s in 1 x 100gh2O (nonionizing solute)
  57. math (combination)

    Hmm...the book says it's 252, which corresponds to (2C1)(9C4) or 252.
  58. math (combination)

    A woman has 11 close Friend. Find the number of ways she can invite 5 of them to dinner if a. but where 2 of the friends are married and will not attend separately b. where 2 of the friend will not attend together the answer to a. 210 b. 252 Please explain....
  59. Math (combination/permutation)

    Let A denote one of the students. There are C(11,3) = 165 ways to choose 3 other students to be on the same tam as A. Now let B a student who is not on the same as A. Then let B be a studnt who is not on the same team as A. There are C(7,3) = 35 ways to choose 3 from the ...
  60. Math (combination/permutation)

    Question 1: There are 12 students in a class. Find the number of ways that 12 studenets can take 3 different tests if 4 students are to take each test. Question 2 Find the number of ways 12 students can be partitioned into 3 teams A, B, C, so that each team contain 4 students...
  61. Math (combination/permutation)

    Question 1: There are 12 students in a class. Find the number of ways that 12 studenets can take 3 different tests if 4 students are to take each test. Question 2 Find the number of ways 12 students can be partitioned into 3 teams A, B, C, so that each team contain 4 students...
  62. SCI !!!!

    I love the poem! You did a great job!
  63. Chemistry

    A quantity of 0.020 mole of a gas initially at 0.050 L and 20 degrees Celsius undergoes a constant-temperature expansion until its volume is 0.59 L. Calculate the work done (in joules) by the the gas if it expands (b) pressure of 0.20 atm. (C) If gas in (b) is allowed to ...
  64. math

    the distance of D in feet it takes a car traveling at x mph to come to a full stop after hitting the brakes is given by d= 1.26x^2+ .075x. Est. the stopping distance for a car traveling at 40 mph

    that is what I got
  66. ALGEBRA/please help

    -4(-25-(6)) -4 (-25-6) -4 (-31) 124
  67. math

    The volume of a ball is 288 pi cm^3. Find the dimensions of a rectangular box that is just large enough to hold the ball. use 3.14 for pie
  68. Chemistry

    The melting point of aspirin : 128-137Celsius degree. The melting point of the crude aspirin was measured to be 128 Celsius degree. What does it indicate about the purity of the product?
  69. Physics

    m*(L+Delta L)*w^2=k*(Delta L) Delta L=(m*w^2)/(k-m*w^2) Mass: 156 g=.156kg Answer: 0.128
  70. world history

    how did the Aztec and the Inca built their empires/
  71. calculus

    thank you
  72. calculus

    6.A manufacturer of DVD players has been selling 800 each week at 150$each. From a market survey it is discovered that for each $5 reduction in price, they will sell an extra 40DVD players each week. a)What is the demand function? b)How large a reduction in price (rebate) ...
  73. algebra 1

    8x-(2x+7)=23I am completely drawing a blank as to how I am suppose to solve this. Can someone offer the first step?
  74. algebra 1

  75. Advanced accounting

    The balance sheets of Petrello Company and Sanchez Company as of January 1, 2011, are presented below. On that date, after an extended period of negotiation, the two companies agreed to merge. To effect the merger, Petrello Company is to exchange its unissued common stock for ...
  76. geometry

    The circumference of a circle is approximately 28.26 cm. Find its diameter and radius
  77. chemistry

    0.5123 g KHP sample was dissolved in about 25 mL of distilled water, and titrated to the phenolphthalein endpoint with 28.75 mL of a sodium hydroxide solution. Calculate the molar concentration of the hydroxide solution
  78. 9th grade

    the shower is the story in line 1-4 the speaker usesa metaphor to compare the twilight to
  79. math word problems

    15 yards gained
  80. math geometry

    what is the area of a regular hexagon having sides of 16 meter length?
  81. math

    -3/5 =(9/35)so how would i get to coming up with the answer
  82. math

    7/9-(13/18)does it equally -1/18 or can you help me with this soultion
  83. math

    -3/5 =(9/35)=0.34285714 as a decmial and a fraction of -12/35 did i work this problem right
  84. math

    4-(-3)+1/2-2/(-2) am having trouble with this problem. I got a 8.5 decimal are a fration of 8 1/2 am I right? are how do i come up with the solution
  85. biology

    When considering the incresing complexity of atoms, molecules, cells, and tissues, you may notice that each step characteristics that were absent in the previous level. These characteristics, called emergent properties, demonstrate that the whole organism is more than the sum ...
  86. Business

    After more than 10 years of proposals, revisions, and re-revisions, the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) at long last voted to adopt the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) on July 29. Like its better known cousin, the ...
  87. ETH125

    Consider the differences between arabs, muslims, and arab muslim extremist and fundamentalist. What may be done to maintain the american guarantees of religious freedom and increase knowledge about muslims and arabs?
  88. Starting a day care center

    Thanks so I was on the right track.
  89. Starting a day care center

    How do you come up with the starting cost, plus a budget for a new Day Care Center. How do you come up with a estimate of the monthyly expense for one year. Including the lease of office space supplies and other expenses if you have not open up the doors yet. Can some one help...
  90. Math

    A tank in the shape of a cone has a diameter of 8 feet and a height of 10 feet.when there is water in the tank, th water is in the shape of a cone too. find the radius of the cone of water when the water is 2 feet high. Explain how you would solve it.
  91. english

    What are the nouns in this sentence? In 1999, John went to Disney World for vacation.
  92. chemistry

    Chlorine dioxide, ClO2, has been used as a disinfectant in air conditioning systems. It reacts with water according to the following equation. ... HCl If 142.0 g of ClO2 is mixed with 33.0 g of H2O, how many grams of which reactant remain if the reaction is complete?
  93. chemistry

    A particular coal contains 2.55% sulfur by mass. When the coal is burned, it produces SO2 emissions which combine with rainwater to produce sulfuric acid. Determine how much sulfuric acid (in metric tons) is produced by the combustion of 1.1 metric ton of this coal. (A metric ...
  94. com220

    I need help with com220 week5 a full-sentence outline
  95. com220

    I need help with my research paper. I do not know how to do a full sentence outline
  96. chemistry

    HF acid ionization constant (Ka) is 3.5 X 10-4. In a solution of HF acid @ equilibrium [H+] = 0.090 M. What is the concentration of F-?
  97. chemistry

    25.0g of 5.0% (by mass) acetic acid solution are titrated with 0.300 M NaOH. What volume of NaOH will be needed to neutralize this sample?
  98. chemistry

    If 24.7 of 0.250 M NaOH solution are needed to neutralize 19.8 mL of H2SO4 solution, what is the molarity of the H2SO4?
  99. auguta tech

    a. Percentage of scores less than 100=50 percent b. Relative frequency of scores less than 120= 0.34+0.135+0.0235+0.015+0.84 c. Percentage of scores less than 140 d. Percentage of scores less than 80 e. Relative frequency of scores less than 60 f. Percentage of scores greater ...
  100. auguta tech

    Assume that a set of test scores is normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 20. Use the 68-95-99.7 rule to find the following quantities: a. Percentage of scores less than 100=50 percent b. Relative frequency of scores less than 120= 0.34+0.135+0....
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