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  1. CHM101

    Alkali metals can be used for all but one of the following
  2. College PHYsics

    Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian skydiver, jumped from a balloon at an altitude of 38,963.3 meters, and fell into history. He was in free fall for 4 minutes 19 seconds, and on the way down reached the speed of 1,357.64 km/h What if there had been no air? How long would it have ...
  3. Math

  4. Math

    Thank you!
  5. Math

    Twice n,less three,equals 5 How do you write it as an equation?
  6. mathvariation! Pls I need help! 2(steve,reiny,reed)pls

    the distance covered by a falling ball varies as the square of the time taken.if a ball falls through 1800m in 15seconds,calculate the distance when the time taken is 15seconds and the time taken for is distance of 648m.?
  7. cynthiavariation 2(steve,reiny,reed)pls I need help!

    yea! D question was d one u asked me 2 put d first height!
  8. mathvariation 2(steve,reiny,reed)pls I need help!

    pls steve I dnt understand! Explain how d alphabets? Wat are they representing?
  9. mathvariation 2(steve,reiny,reed) pls I need help!

    the force E needed to make a machine pull a load is partly constant and partly varies as the load to be pulled itself.when the load is 20g,the force needed is 1.4n,where as the force needed for 30g load is 2N. Find the: A)law connecting the load and the force B)force for the ...
  10. tanks steve!!! 4 checking!!! I appreciate!

  11. variation! Steve pls check my solution!!!

    what if d maths is done like dx? L=km/h When L=40,m=175,h=286, (skipping the units) 40=k(175)/ 286 K=286(40)/175=2288/35 L=2288/35=250/50 L=114400/8750 L =13.1m
  12. maths

    tanks reiny!!! I appreciate!!!
  13. variation

    the load which a crame can lift up is directly proportional to the mass and inversely proportional to the height through which the load is to be lifted.if a load of 40 and mass of 175gm is lifted through height of 286m,from what load will be carried through height 50m given ...
  14. math

    the load which a crame can lift up is directly proportional to the mass and inversely proportional to the height through which the load is to be lifted. If a load of 40 and mass of 175gm is lifted through height of 286m from what load will be carried through height 50m given ...

  16. calculus

  17. calculus

    A variable force of 7x−2 pounds moves an object along a straight line when it is x feet from the origin. Calculate the work done in moving the object from x = 1 ft to x = 19 ft. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
  18. calculus

    A variable force of 7x?2 pounds moves an object along a straight line when it is x feet from the origin. Calculate the work done in moving the object from x = 1 ft to x = 19 ft. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
  19. Chemistry

    Find the number of miles of calcium chloride 0.44g
  20. social studies

    The third one is B (John)
  21. Math

    The sum of a number and 10 is -10
  22. Math

    Carolyn plans to use her 25% employee discount to buy a $39 lamp because she is redecorating her bedroom
  23. Algebra

    The sum of a number and 10 is -10
  24. Physics

  25. math

    The normal to the curve y = ax^1/2 + bx at the point where x = 1 has a gradient 1 and intercepts the y-axis (0,-14). Find a and b
  26. english

    Some people have more than 100 and some have none...what am i
  27. math

  28. math

  29. math

  30. geography

    Social effects of poor service delivery.
  31. Language arts Participial Phrase

    Thank you so much.
  32. Language arts Participial Phrase

    OH haha I thought of objects and I thought of Annex. Its her.
  33. Language arts Participial Phrase

    Well a Participial phrase is a phrase made up of a participle with its modifiers, such as adverbs, and objects or complements. So I think the answer is annex?
  34. Language arts Participial Phrase

    In the following sentence, what word does the participial phrase modify? Everyone in the annex heard her screaming loudly everyone annex heard her
  35. Tech

    I think its C.
  36. Math

  37. Pre Algebra

    Anonymous worked thx
  38. Science HELP PLEASE!!!

    Thank you! No it was not a Joke my it was on my quiz.
  39. Science HELP PLEASE!!!

    I cant get this stupid question, this is disgusting and I just want to get this over with. What the word for when blood rushes towards your penis and gets bigger. A. Erection B. Sperm C. Vagina D. Puberty
  40. Math

    Rick made $33000 last year he also made $3000 selling vases at craft shows.which part of rick income is fixed income?
  41. Math

    The answers are: 11 12 10 2
  42. Math

    If no digit may be used more than once, how many 2-digit numbers can be formed using only the digits 5, 6, 3, and 2?
  43. physics help

    A homogeneous disk of mass m and of radius r free to rotate without friction about its horizontal axis, is used used as a pulley. An extensible string of negligible mass is wound around this pulley and a mass M is connected to its free end. When the system is released the ...
  44. chemistry help plz

    A potassium permanganate solution containing 1.58g of KMnO4 per liter is added into 5 ml of an acidified iron (||) sulfate solution. Decolorizing of KMnO4 solution has been added .Calculate the mass of FeSo4.7H2O which has been dissolved in one liter of solution.
  45. chemistry

  46. Algebra

    I don't have a close about this question !!!!!!!! It takes you 3 hours to drive to a concert 135 miles away. You drive 55 miles per hour on highways and 40 miles per hour on the rest of the roads. How many miles do you drive on highways? The rest of the road?
  47. Physics

    You have a boat that is capable of moving at 10.4 m/s through still water. You wish to cross a river that flows due west at 2.8 m/s. At what numerical compass heading must you pilot your boat so that you will reach a destination that is due south of your current position?
  48. think tac toe 2 adding and subracting decimals 2.

    Tim tracked the change in outside temperature one afternoon. He record a temperature of 98.3 degrees at noon. Bathe temperature then rose 5.32 degrees f over the next four hours at 5:00 pm. Tim recorded a temperature change of 108.57 degrees F, How did the temperature change ...
  49. math

    (For this, i know the equation for constant of variation is y=kx, but i just forgot how to solve it)For the eqaution -4y=8x, what is the constant of variation? A. -4 B. -2 C. 1 D. 2
  50. Math

    If n represents a number, write an expression for one-half of three less than the number.
  51. chemistry

  52. physics

    an object of mass 10kg moves in a circle of radius 13m of uniform speed of 43m\s a) calculate the angular velocity b) the centripetal force
  53. Physics

    A 1-m-tall barrel is closed on top except for a thin pipe extending 6.0 m up from the top. When the barrel is filled with water up to the base of the pipe (1 m deep) the water pressure on the bottom of the barrel is 10 kPa. What is the pressure on the bottom when water is ...
  54. algebra

    1. Given the line with the equation : a) Find at least three ordered pairs that satisfy the equation. b) Find the slope of the line. c) Graph the line 2. Given the line with equation : a) Write the equation in slope-intercept form. b) State the slope of the line. c) State the ...
  55. Language arts

    Thank you so much. :) Have a great rest of the day!
  56. Language arts

    Ohhhhhh. Okay, Got it. So like for example, "She MOVED to Michigan"?
  57. Language arts

    I see. So it would be A then...? & Thank you for explaining all of those.
  58. Language arts

    What is the principle part of the italicized verb in this sentence (suppressed) from "The Story-Teller"? The aunt suppresed a gasp of admiration. A. Present B. Present participle C. Past D. Past participle I think it's D.....But im lost on the meanings of them ...
  59. maths

    the third term of an AP is 5 while the 7th term is 13 find the 30th term of the AP
  60. new era

    the third term of an AP is 5 while the 7th term is 13,find the 30th term of the AP
  61. English

  62. Chemistry II

    How many grams of gasoline would you need to burn if you started with a 275 gram piece of ice that started at -25 OC and by the end of the experiment had 100 grams of steam and the rest liquid water?
  63. Math

    3, 90 1, 30
  64. Science

    Thank you so much
  65. Science

    What is the similarities between conduction and radiation What is the similarities between convection and radiation
  66. Math

    John has 4 cups filled with fruit juice.He said that he has a gallon of fruit juice.Is his statements reasonable?explain why or why not.
  67. math

    Mrs. Bollo's second grade class of thirty students conducted a pet ownership survey.results of the survey indicated that 8 students own a cat, 15 students own a dog and five students owned neither a cat or a dog. how many of the students surveyed owned neither a cat nor a ...
  68. Math

    I thought about not making sure you are bind to a contract. multiplying $28.00 by .30 will give you the total cost. Than do the same with the others to come up with your answer. If someone else has a better way to find the answer, please let them know.
  69. math

    bobs monthly phone bill is made up of a 10.00 fee plus $0.05 per min.bobs phone bill for july was 22.00 write an equation to model the situation using m to represent the number of min. solve the bequation to determine the number of phone mins.bob used in july
  70. Early Childhood

    Question 17 of 20 5.0 Points A possible explanation for a child who lacks practice in auditory analysis and reasoning skills is: A. that both parents are working. B. the passive lifestyle of watching TV. C. a learning disability. D. a lack of good nutrition and overall health.
  71. Early Childhood

    Small group discussions with preschoolers enables them to: A. find out if they are superior. B. learn to argue. C. outsmart the others and gain teacher attention. D. compare their ideas with peer ideas.
  72. Early Childhood

    A preschooler with a vocabulary of about 4,000 words would be considered: A. a slow developer. B. advanced. C. very advanced.
  73. physics

    An unknown substance with a mass of 300 g absorbs 1000 j of heat while undergoing a temperature increase of 15 degrees c. What is the specific heat of the unknown substance ?
  74. statistics

    A null hypothesis that would use a t test statistical analysis. Use the same hypothetical situation taken in the t test hypothesis, and turn it into a null hypothesis using a one way ANOVA analysis and a two way ANOV.
  75. Math

    Ben is making wooden toys for the next art and craft sale each toy cause Ben $1.80 to make. If he sells the toy for three dollars each how many will he have to sell to make a profit of exactly $36?
  76. IPC

    If the specific heat of water is 1.0 calorie/gram°C, how many calories are required to raise 500 grams of water 10.0°C?
  77. ecnomics

    4.During the energy crisis of the 1970s, and again in the last 5 years, Congress bemoaned the “price gouging” and “windfall” profits of the major oil companies. In the 1970s Congress imposed an “excess profits tax” on these companies. It did not ...
  78. global, history

    5 contributions of Ancient Greece to modern society
  79. Chemistry

    when 2 moles of potassium chlorate crystals decompose to potassium chloride crystals and oxygen gas at a constant pressure and temperature, 78.0 kj of heat is given off. write a thermodynamic equation for this reaction.I don't know how to set up the equation i know that ...
  80. physics

    A ball starts from rest and rolls down a hill with uniform acceleration, traveling 200m during the second 4.8s of its motion. How far did it travel the first 4.8 seconds
  81. math

    An optometrist dilates a patient's pupils by a scale factor of 3. Should the patient's pupil enlarge or reduce?
  82. Social Science - Science

    Post a behavioral research situation that could use a Pearson coefficient and chi square research study. Present the rational for each selection.
  83. chem

    first you do n=m/M to get your moles then use you moles and the -3209.0 to geyt your kj then solve for the heat capacity by using the equation q=mct to rearrange to c=q/mt
  84. chemistry

    Calculate the volume that4.0mol of an ideal gas would occupy at 8.0 atmospheres pressure and 1700c (R=8.31mol-1k-1)
  85. life orientation

    Identify 3 study fields/paths in order of preference and provide two reasons for each choice
  86. math

    For a motor vehicle traveling at r miles per hour, the distance d in feet required to stop is approximately d=0.05r^2 + r. If a school bus is traveling at 45 mph, how many feet, to the nearest foot would it travel?
  87. Help

    No problem! Sometimes teachers are ambiguous at times but I am in early childhood education as well and were learning about screening and behavior, so I guess it would be D
  88. Science

    J.J Thompson
  89. Medical Billing & Coding

  90. Child care

    What fundamental motor patterns do girls attain quicker than boys
  91. statistics

    the life spans of three randomly selected tires are 31,400 miles, 40,600 miles and 36,000 miles. Using the empirical rule, find the percentile that corresponds to each life span.
  92. English 101

    memo given in which there was no punctuation...only sentences. Please let me know if I have put the semicolon, etc in right place and if third shift should be hyphenated. Thanks!!! Our production plant has made the decision to run third shift and weekends to complete the line ...
  93. English 101

    Is this memo correct (semi-colon) in right sentence and time/date correct? Thanks! There were no punctuations at all when we were given this. We are going to make a few changes in the health plan we now offer; The Economy Plan and the Standard Plan—both of these will be ...
  94. English 101

    just wanted to make sure there should be a comma between one-level and brick. Also, three and two should be spelled out. There is one home that I think would meet your needs the best. This home is located at 8 Second Avenue; it is a one-level, brick home with three bedrooms ...
  95. english

    Is the following sentence correct? This home is located at 8 Second Avenue; it is a one-level brick home with three bedrooms and two baths.
  96. algebra

    (a1/2b)1/2(ab1/2) how to simplify expression and write with positive exponent
  97. chemictry

    how many gramms are in barium carbonate with 200g and 7.3% of hydrochloric solution
  98. life orientation

    providerecommendations on how to address the topic that you identified in the previous question.
  99. math

    8. At TelePower Plus, long-distance phone calls to China cost $0.59 for the first minute and $0.25 for each additional minute, plus an additional roaming charge of $2.50. If the total charge of a call to Beijing was $11.84, how many minutes did the call last? (Points : 2)
  100. calculus

    39x + 75y over the square root of 97 =650 how do I solve this?