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You have a solution which contains an unknown concentration of an organic compound quinone O=CC4H4C=O and an unknown concentration of Pb2+ and Al3+. Explain how to determine the unknown concentrations of quinone, Pb2+ and Al3+.

A service that repairs televisions sells maintinance agreement for $9 a year the average cost for repairing a television is $39 and 3 in every 100 people who purchased maintenance agreements have television that require repairs Find the services expected profit per maintenance...

0.5455 is correct!

Eliminate the parameter and write the corresponding rectangular equation whose graph represents the curve. x=4+2cos(theta) y=-1+2sin(theta)

a) Minimizing Losses: Whether a firm suffering losses decides to produce or not to produce in the short run depends on the benefits and costs of continuing production. Explain.

Robots are being used with increasing frequency on production lines to perform manotonous task. To determine whether a robot welder should replace human welders in producing automobiles, an experiment was performed. The time for the robot to complete a series of welds was ...

differentiate y=tanx^2/1+cosx and y=e^x^3-tan6x

a company manufactures a toy at a cost of Rm2 per unit and sells them for Rm x per unit.if the number sold is 800/x^2 per month,find the value of x for which the company could expect to maximise its monthly profit.

a rectangular sheet of cardboard 4m by 2m is used to make an open box by cutting squares of equal size from the four corners and folding up the sides.what size squares should be cut to obtain the largest possible volume?

a vessel comtaining water has the shape of an inverted circular cone of base radius 5 feet and height 10 feet.the water flow from the apex of the cone at a constant rate of 3 cubic feet per fast is the water lavel rising when the level is 4 feet(rate of change)

Liann works in the olde tyme Soda shoppe. The shop sells milkshakes, double milkshakes, and triple milkshakes. A shake uses 1/8 cup of syrup, a double shake uses 1/4 cup of syrup, and a triple shake uses 3/8 cup of syrup. How many shakes of each kind could she make with 3 cups...

Market Size for software (Google) •Identify/profile the customer you cater to. •Calculate the TAM (top down), SAM (bottoms up) and SOM.

In this case, I=2MVsin31

I'm sorry, N=a+b^2

2 teams played each other recently. Team 1 scored N points, while team 2 scored M. 1<M and N<100. The first digit of N is a, the second digit b. N-a+b^2. The first digit of M is b, the second is a. By how many points does team M win the game? There is a mathematical way ...

Yes, the tension is greater than the weight because the acceleration is positive.

T=490/(2sin15) T=490/.517 T=948

2Tsin15=mg=0 2Tsin15=mg T=mg/(2sin15) T=(50)(9.8)/(2sin15)

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