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  1. Algebra

    wht is the area of a circle with a circumference of 25 meters? I have to use pi(3.14) and round to the nearest square meter.
  2. Algebra

  3. Algebra

    The circumfernce of a circus ring is 13 meters. Esimate the radius of the ring.
  4. algebra

    thanks really helped
  5. algebra

    volume of a rectangular prism:600m cubed length:30m Width:?? Hetght:4m Cant figure out the width. Please help
  6. math

    Josephs tricycle tire has a diameter of 7 inches about how does Joseph travel each time his wheel goes around 5 times
  7. math

    in a recent poll of city voters it was found that 90% liked the view of the city skyline.find the probability that exactly 2 voters in a sample of 5 voters will like the viewof the city skyline.
  8. math

    three(3) cards are drawn from a deck of playing cards.find the probability that the first card is red,the second card is a black king,and the third card is a black king
  9. stats

    three cards are drawn from a deckof playing cards.Find the probability that the firstcard is red,the second cardis a black king,and the third card is a black king.
  10. writing to explain

    The perimeter of rectangle Y is equal to its area. Rectangle Z has the same perimeter as rectangle Y. The length of rectangle Z is 5 inches an the width is 3 inches. Explain how you can find the length and width of rectangle Y.
  11. Chemistry

    How to set up to solve the equation 2 KCLO^3 ---> 2KCL + 3O^2 HOW MANY MOLES OF O^2 CAN BE PRODUCED BY LETTING 12.00 MOLES OF KCLO^3 REACT?
  12. math

    Circular pool has a radius of 8ft. What is the longest distance a swimmer can swim without making a turn?
  13. Applied Social Research Method

    Any ideas for research questions and any other area such as possible variables to go along with it...I have done so many papers and assignments in the past week that I am kind of brain
  14. Applied Social Research Method

    I need some help. For a class I need to do the following: Frame a proper research question and complete the following research processes: tell me your variables, define or conceptualize all you terms and variables, tell me what level of measurement you will use, identify your ...
  15. geometry

    Macy wants to jog around Triangle Park. On a scale map, the park has a perimeter of 11 inches. The scale of the map is 1 inch : 100 yards. What is the perimeter of the actual park?
  16. Physics - grade 11

    The speed of light of a plastic is 1.4x10^8. What is the index of refraction in the plastic?
  17. physics

    The distance between two successive crests of a certain transverse wave is 1.05 m. Eight crests pass a given point along the direction of travel every 17.9 s.
  18. spelling

    Varice you spelled travel wrong you put travle instead of travel.
  19. algebra

    Find the sum by making a drawing. (2+3)+(5x+1)
  20. math: simplify

    simplify: x^-7 x^4 5x^-4 x^4 7x^0 y^-3
  21. Accounting

    (a) Using incremental analysis, determine whether SY Telc should accept this offer under each of the following independent assumptions. (1) Assume that $300,000 of the fixed overhead cost can be reduced (avoided). (2) Assume that none of the fixed overhead can be reduced (...
  22. english

    write teacher... your just pwned
  23. algebra


    How do you solve these inequalities? -2(4k-3)=5(2k)-(-7) 6(2a-3)-3(a-4)=16 3r-2=-4(2-r)-5r+8 -3(c-10)-c=19-5c
  25. chemistry

    An element has ccp packing with a face-centered cubic unit cell. Its density is 1770 kg/m3 and the unit cell volume is 1.50 x 10-28 m3. Calculate the molar mass (g/mol) of the element to three significant figures.
  26. physics

    a motorboat is driven across a river at 5km/h at right angles to a current flowing at 3.9km/h. What is the resulting speed of the motorboat?
  27. physics

    2. Saturn has a radius of about 9.0 earth radii, and a mass 95 times the Earth’s mass. Estimate the gravitational field on the surface of Saturn compared to that on the Earth
  28. chemistry

    What are the the missing reactants for the double-displacement reaction that produces PF5 and AsCl3 ?
  29. Statistics

    I am not sure how to even get started on this question could someone help please. A college advisor wants to estimate the mean annual income of all college students who graduated last year. It is believed that the incomes follow a normal distribution with population standard ...
  30. u.s. history II

    What U. S. intelligence agency did Johnson illegally authorized to spy on domestic dissenters
  31. physics

    how do u find the horizontal force needed to push a wheel that weighs 300N and has a radius of also lies on the stairs of 10m
  32. English

    cs means compound, cx means complex, f smeans fragment, s means simple, csc means simple compound subject and scv means simple compound verb. im only 12.
  33. Physics

    A ball on the end of a string travels in a horizontal circle at a constant speed. The circle has a circumference of 3 m, the ball has a speed of 2 m/s, and the centripetal force is 4 N. How much work is done on the ball each time it goes around? A) zero B) 6 J C) 8 J D) 12 J I...
  34. Physics

    If we examine a ball in free fall, we find that the momentum of the ball is not constant. This is not a violation of the law of conservation of momentum because A) the force of gravity acts on the ball. B) the ball experiences an external force. C) the system is not closed. D...
  35. calc

    Gravel is being dumped from a conveyor belt at a rate of 30 cubic feet per minute. It forms a pile in the shape of a right circular cone whose base diameter and height are always the same. How fast is the height of the pile increasing when the pile is 18 feet high?
  36. calculus

    A street light is at the top of a 13 ft tall pole. A woman 6 ft tall walks away from the pole with a speed of 7 ft/sec along a straight path. How fast is the tip of her shadow moving when she is 35 ft from the base of the pole?
  37. algebra

    (.050 minus 2pie over the square root of 6.18 divided by 2pie over the square root of 6.18)times 100 I think the answer is 5 because everything cancels out except .050*100 right?
  38. Math

    That did not copy right it is suppose to be (.050 minus 2pie over the square root of 6.18 divided by 2pie over the square root of 6.18)times 100
  39. Math

    (.050-2ƒÎ/(ã6.18))/(2ƒÎ/(ã6.18))*100 I think the answer is 5 because everything cancels out except the .050*100 is this right?
  40. Algebra

    Peter scored 17;88 and 97 on three test. How much he scored on the next test to have at least an 85 average
  41. America history

    In virgina,colonists who could pay their way across the atlantic were granted 50 acres of land to lease for a modest rental fee.the term fro such an arrangement was called?
  42. Physics

    12. A baseball player throws a ball from left field toward home plate. Assume that you can neglect the effects of air resistance. At the instant the ball reaches its highest point, what is the direction of the ball's acceleration? A) up B) down C) horizontal I think this ...
  43. Physics

    A baseball player throws a ball from left field toward home plate. Assume that you can neglect the effects of air resistance. At the instant the ball reaches its highest point, what is the direction of the ball's velocity? A) up B) down C) horizontal I think the answer is B
  44. Science


    At noon, ship A is 40 nautical miles due west of ship B. Ship A is sailing west at 23 knots and ship B is sailing north at 19 knots. How fast (in knots) is the distance between the ships changing at 5 PM? (Note: 1 knot is a speed of 1 nautical mile per hour.)
  46. math

    The equation C = 500 + 50x describes the total cost of a wedding reception, where C is the total cost and x is the number of guests. What is the total cost for 125 guests?
  47. Physics

    The strength of gravity on Mars is only 40% of that on earth. If a child has a mass of 30 kg on earth, what would the child's weight be on Mars? . I came up with 120N is this right?
  48. employment law

    The supervisor comes to your office and wants to see the employee’s file. You provide the supervisor the file. The supervisor asks for the results from the drug test, the medical follow-up for the work-related injury a year ago, and the employee’s legal right to work...
  49. Geometry

    Find the distance between point R (5,6) and point S (-2,0). Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
  50. math

    Can someone help me with how to determine the slope?
  51. Physics

    A body, which is moving along a straight line, has an average acceleration of 6 m/s/s. How much speed does it gain, on the average, during 1 second? A) 6 m/s B) 1/6 m/s C) 6 m D) 6 m/s/s I think C (6 m) is correct
  52. Physics

    Thank you
  53. Physics

    Which of the following could be units of acceleration? A) mi/h B) m/s C) mph D) m/s/s I know acceleration is the velocity/Time so I think they are all units of acceleration. Is this right?
  54. college physics

    A certain person's eye measures 24.0 mm from the pupil to retina. (a) If we treat the eye's lens as a thin lens, what is its focal length when the person focuses on a pencil 44.3 cm from the eye? (b) While the person focuses on the pencil, what is the image distance ...
  55. physics

    a room which is h = 9.0 feet tall and r = 12.0 feet wide. Attached to the ceiling is a piece of glass (with unknown index of refraction) which is 2.5 feet thick. A laser pointer in the bottom left corner is aimed so that the ray which reflects off the glass hits the room'...
  56. physics

    a room which is h = 9.0 feet tall and r = 12.0 feet wide. Attached to the ceiling is a piece of glass (with unknown index of refraction) which is 2.5 feet thick. A laser pointer in the bottom left corner is aimed so that the ray which reflects off the glass hits the room's...
  57. physics

    A meter stick lies on the bottom of a 100 cm long tank with its zero mark against the left edge. You look into the tank at an angle of θ = 24°, with your line of sight just grazing the upper left edge of the tank, and h = 32 cm. (a) What mark do you see on the meter ...
  58. Math Help PLEASE !

    I obviously need help to come up with an answer ...
  59. Math Help PLEASE !

    Paul delivers newspapers. He charges $2.25 per week for daily plus Sunday delivery, and $1.00 per week for Sunday delivery only. Which expression below shoes how much Paul would collect in a week if he had 40 clients receiving daily plus Sunday delivery, and 25 clients ...
  60. Managerial Economics and Globalization

    Describe how two Monopolistically competitive firms respond to the current macroeconomic conditions in terms of: stock performance, current/future revenue, current/future profits, labor costs,and hiring decisions.
  61. statistics

    a companys ceo wanted to estimate the percentage of defective product per shipment. in a sample contianing 600 products he found 45 defective product. a. find 99% confidence interval for the true porporton of defective product show calcultions and explain process used to ...
  62. Chemistry

    Cl2+3F2 -> 2ClF3 how many grams of ClF3 form when .204 moles if F2 react with excess Cl2?
  63. Poems

    What is a diamante poem based on art
  64. geometry

    Find the value of x if m arc adc=5(x-3) and angle abc=165 degrees.
  65. MATH please help

    5xy^2 + 15x^2y^2 - 25xy^2 + 65x^2y^2 = 10x^2y^2 + 45xy^2 Factor out the GcF of each polynomial in the equation
  66. MATH please help

    5xy^2 + 15x^2y^2 - 25xy^2 + 65x^2y^2 = 10x^2y^2 + 45xy^2 Factor out the GcF of each polynomial in the equation
  67. MATH please help

    5xy^2 + 15x^2y^2 - 25xy^2 + 65x^2y^2 = 10x^2y^2 + 45xy^2 Factor out the GcF of each polynomial in the equation
  68. math

    a basketball player makes her foul shots 1/3 of the time on average P(makes next two foul shots)
  69. MATH

  70. american government

    a member of Congress who votes based on the wishes of his or her constituentsoperates in which of the following roles? a.trustee b.delegate c.partisan d.politico
  71. spanish

    i cant remember how to congegate a verb...
  72. science

    1) Science is the ______ of temperature 2) a ________ is used to measure temperature. 3) ice is ____ dense than water 4) adding heat to a ________ increases the the motion of molecules
  73. Physical science

    thank you drwls!!
  74. Physical science

    how many calories to change 100 grams of water at 100 degrees C. to 100 grams of steam at 100 degrees C.?
  75. Physical science

    does that mean A= 500 cal/g. B=8,000 C=10,000 ?
  76. Physical science

    A) a 100 gram ice cube is at -10 degrees celcius. how many calories needed to raise it to 0 degrees C.? B) once its at 0 degrees, how many more calories are needed to melt it? C) once melted, how many are needed to raise it to 100 degrees C.? need answers t all!! thank you!!
  77. probability

    you have 16 coins that are heads up and 18 coins that are tails up. After you add some coins that are tail up the ratio of heads up to tails up is 1:1.5. How many are tails up?
  78. Algebra

    The gravitational force between an object & the Earth is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the object to the center of the Earth. If an astronaut weighs 210 lbs on the surface of the Earth, what will he weigh 100 miles above the Earth? Assume that the ...
  79. physics

    A light ray parallel to the optical axis of a glass sphere of radius R enters the sphere at height H above the axis (H<R). The ray is refracted from air with ¥è = 34¨¬ into the sphere of unknown refractive index. If the refracted ray emerges at the point ...
  80. physics

    A tank filled with water has marks every 10 cm on one wall. The refractive index is 1.33 for water in the tank. You observe the marks out in air, from the opposite wall and with your eye level with the top of the water. Which is the lowest or highest mark that you can see? ...
  81. physics

    A copper bar is initially 20 cm long at 10 degrees C. It is then heated to a temperature of 40 degrees C. What will be its new length?
  82. science

    Scientists performed an experiment to determine whether there is a connection between learning ability and food. They took two groups of 20 mice each, all from the same purebred strain. The mice were deprived of food for 3 days and then given a standard learning session in ...
  83. business law

    If you were forming a business entity and had no intent to go public (sell stock on the stock exchanges), what form would you use and why?
  84. business law

  85. Business Law Environment

    The three main types of business organizations are partnerships, LLCs and corporations. Using the text and the comments to this chapter provide the following information. a. Describe the formation process for each – formal, informal, etc.? b. Describe the liability of the...
  86. English

    I am home-schooled and they just give you a book and some assignments and that's it.
  87. English

    I'm not sure what Lao Tzu would say because I am not familiar with him, and I don't exactly understand what the assignment is calling for.
  88. English

    I've come up with these, but I am not sure how the whole conversation would go... How are College Academics Different from High School? What should I expect when I arrive at college? Can you get a STD and have never had sex? What does it mean to be both physically and ...
  89. English

    Create an imaginary dialogue between Laotzu and a contemporary high school student in which the student asks for the philosopher's advice. Focus the dialogue on a concrete situation involving school, work, or relationships, and be sure that Laotzu's advice is in ...
  90. physics

    A person notices a mild shock if the current along a path through the thumb and index finger of one hand exceeds 80 ìA. In volts, calculate the maximum allowable potential for a hand with moist skin with a resistance of 67.7 kÙ. please help i am getting the wrong...
  91. physics

    9-Volt battery is used to charge a 375 mF capacitor over a 147 Ù resistance. How many seconds will it take for the capacitor to reach 75% of its maximum charge? Hint: The equation below represents the charge of a charging capacitor as a function of time Q max= CV once ...
  92. physics

    Two capacitors, identical except for the dielectric material between their plates, are connected in parallel. One has a material with a material with a dielectric constant of 2, while the other has a material with a dielectric constant of 3. What is the dielectric constant ...
  93. physics

    An air-filled parallel plate capacitor has a plate separation of 0.6 cm, and an area 179 mm2. In femto-farads (fF), what is the capacitance of this capacitor?

    Department A had 10,000 units in work in process that were 30% converted at the beginning of the period at a cost of $10,000. During the period, 15,000 units of direct materials were added at a cost of $60,000, 16,000 units were completed, and 9,000 units were 40% completed. ...
  95. physics

    A rectangular piece of gold is 2.6 cm long and 3.9 cm wide.The piece displays a resistance of 1.47 ìÙ when a current flows along the depth-direction. In cm, how deep is the piece?
  96. Physics

    An ideal transformer is needed to step the voltage down from 400V to 115V. The primary has 400 turns. How many turns would be necessary on the secondary side?
  97. chem

    When varsol and iodine in potassium iodide aqueous solution is mixed, two phases form. What are the colours in each of the 2 phases when 2ml of I2/KI aqueous solution plus 2 ml of varsol are mixed in a test tube? What are the colours in each of the 2 phases when each of the ...
  98. physics

    Thanks Henry
  99. physics

    A hair dryer uses 10A at 120V. It is used with a transformer in England, where the voltage is 240V. A. What should be the ratio of the turns of the transformer? B. What current will the hair dryer now draw?
  100. Physics

    Physics Question Please Help? A wire, 20.0 m long, moves at 4.0 m/s perpendicularly through a magnetic field. An EMF of 40V is induced in the wire. What is strength of the magnetic field?
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