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Human services management 240
compare and contrast the types of delivery systems (in social programs)mentioned in chapter 7. What should agencies want in terms of "good" service and benefit delivery?

human services mamagement
in a 750 word paper,in APA format, evaluate the eligibility rules for the Department of Economic security in Arizona

history 1945 and up
• Final Project: Most Significant Events • Resources: Appendix A • Write a 1,750- to 2,050-word essay in which you: 1. Choose one social, economic, or political topic/issue/theme that you think had the most powerful effect on the development of the United States...

history 1945 and up
explain how the policies introduced suring the reagan presidency contributed to conservative politics and stimulation of the economy.

hist from 1945
measure the impact of the watergate scandal on public perseption of the government power.

hist from 1945
whatwould be the implications in comparing Nixon's policies of engagement with foreign policy strategies used during the Early Cold War.

history from 1945
explain US relations in East Asia during the 1950s in the larger contextof Early War tensions.(be sure to cover all areas of East Asia)

describe the culture of consumption during the eisenhower administration. How do you thinksuch large scale, newfound getting and spending culture influenced peoples feelings about America?