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So a moped travels at 40km/h for part of a trip and 10km/h for the remainder. If it takes 5.75 hours to travels 185km, how far did it travel at each speed?

the answers are 1.c and d 2.a and d 3.b and c 4.c 5.a Promise I got a 8/8 you will get a 100%

What is the primary way to access application on window 8?

public speaking
the process of changing peoples beliefs and actions is called

What is the value of the expression below? |-4-5| - |7+3| Show work please or else I won't understand and confused :)

Find the sum: -15+4+(-10) 22+(-4)-15 Can you show me work too I think that'll help me understand better.

Write the sum as a product then simplify the product. (-4)+(-4)+(-4)+(-4)

Write out variable expression for the following. I. 15 more than a number II. 6 less than a number III. The product of a number m and 7 Its part of a review but I don't understand it.

What is an example of a moral fairy tale in the book "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens?

Which of the following distinguished the Middle Colonies from New England and the Southern Colonies? A. peace treaties with Native Americans B. ethnic and religious diversity C. representative government D. prohibition of slavery

For a population with a mean of μ  70 and a standard deviation of   20, how much error, on average, would you expect between the sample mean (M) and the population mean for each of the following sample sizes? a. n  4 scores b. n  16 scores c. n  25...

Describe the distribution of sample means (shape, expected value, and standard error) for samples of n  36 selected from a population with a mean of μ  100 and a standard deviation of   12.


Find the point (x,y) on the curve y=sqrt(x+4) closest to the origin.

Find the point (x,y) on the curve y=sqrt(x+4) closest to the origin.

An open box is to be constructed by cutting corners out of a 9in by 12in sheet of cardboard and folding up the sides. Find the dimensions which will maximize volume.

Film and Literature
Most see film as entertainment, but what about literature? And, what does a study of these involve? On what do you base this idea?

medical terminology
identify and list 3 of the 12 organ system as well as the organ cantained in these systems within the human body. identify which anatomical region the organ system are located within.

The force of repulsion that two like charges exert on each other is 3.0 N. What will the force be if the distance between the charges is increased to 3 times its original value?

the decibel level of a person talking in a room is 65.0 dB relative to the threshold of hearing determine the decibel level if 6 people talk in the room each at this level

Throughout the 20th century, the yearly consumption of electricity in the US increased exponentially at a continuous rate of 7% per year. Assume this trend continues and that the electrical energy consumed in 1900 was 1.4 million megawatt-hours. Find the average yearly ...

An object that is 29 cm in front of a convex mirror has an image located 13 cm behind the mirror. How far behind the mirror is the image located wen the object is 15 cm in front of the mirror?

You are just subtracting and then you add Like 61 then subtract 5 then you get 56 then you add 2 more then keep doing that pattern

ABCD is an isosceles trapezoid. Angle CDA = 80. Find the measure of angle BAD.

I need help with my assignment called o List the application-level requirements

Chemistry 1001
At which pressure would carbon dioxide gas be most soluble? 600torr, 700torr 800torr or 900torr

Rounding Decimals
rounded up the nearest hundred 11/9

Train A and B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is traveling at 80 miles per hr and train B is traveling at 88 miles per hour. Train A passes a station at 8:10 AM. If train B passes the same station at 8:40 AM, what time will train B catch up to ...

A student pulls a 60.-newton sled with a force having a magnitude of 20. newtons. What is the magnitude of the force that the sled exerts on the student

A railing for a deck requires pieces of redwood 4 ft 9 in, 13 ft 9 in, and 4 ft 3 in long. What is the total length of material that is needed?

if you have 52 grams of hydrogen chloride in 6 liters of solution , what's the ph ?

Earth and Science
OMG I am stuck on the same exact problems, so difficult!

what is a journal and what is in it?

Gym (Physical Education)
what should i do if i cant so any push ups? ill look so weak then people would pick on me im so scared what should i do?!?!!?!?!??!

what are the biotic and the abiotic factors for a procambarus carkii Please help have a test on this

What are the description of ecosystem of the procambarus carkii



what does an A note look like?

music class is boring

what does it mean when you find a three-digit code highlighted in the Tabular list

anne frank.
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anne frank.
Is their a website that has a few of annes journal entries?

7th grade

after 30 seconds of translation you treat a cell with a chemical that blocks the P site on the ribosome so that it does not function anymore. describe what was happening prior to the treatment of the ribosome, and what would happen after the treatment of the ribosome. defend ...

What does it mean to have the sqaure root of 5 with a 2 in front of it? How do you figure it out? 2 sqrt 5 is two times the square root of 5. It depends where the 2 is placed wrt the square root symbol. If it is on the same line as the square root symbol, then this means 2 ...

What is 20 to the 1/2 power? How do you figure it out? That would be the square root of 20, which is also 2 times the square root of 5. Use a calculator to get the value, which is about 4.47. A log table or slide rule could also be used.

given: 6 fingers is an x-linked trait and is recessive (5 fingers being dominant question: if you have a father with 6 fingers and a mother that has 5 fingers, but carries the 6 finger trait, what is the chance that they will have a child with 6 fingers? You can do this on a ...

you start with a cell that has a 2N number of 84. this cell goes through meiosis. for each of the following stages, determine the number of chromosomes, chromatids, and bivalents present a single cell. a. Prophase I b. Anaphase I c. Metaphase II d. Cytokinesis II I think if ...

you have performed a genetic cross, and in the final results, you get 3/4 dominant phenotype and 1/4 recessive phenotype. what other info would you need to know to determine if the characteristics is normal or sex influenced? in addition explain why you would need this info. ...

i dunno...i fink mizoseq siobphrga's answer is right