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ik im late but really, is the answer 2 ???

thanks angel. i got this too

What is the molarity of a solution of sucrose that has a density of 1.24g/ml and a molecular weight of 342.3g/mol

Express 2.5M NaCl as a percent solution. what is the molar concentration of a 10% NaCl solution?

If a bullet is fired with the speed of 6.0x10² m/s horizontally from a height of 48 m, how long will it take to hit the ground? What is The range of projectile? Assume that there is no air resistance.

at the school carnival reva sees a 6-l jar filled with marbles. the person who comes closest to guessing the number of marbles wins a bike. reva tries an expeirment and finds that 70 marbles can be placed in 250-ml cup. how many marbles should she guess are in the jar?

show limit x to 1 (x^2)sin(1/(x-1)) = 0

show limit x to 1 (x^2)sin(1/(x-1)) = 0

Chem II
have absolutly no idea

can you find a site of a total # of troops that have died since the president's new plan I went to to find this. =) I found this site that shows that 53 troops were killed in January, 2007. ...

How do Glucagon and Insulin help maintain homeostasis? So far i have they balance each other out never mind

Dirt Bike
What does it mean for a dirt bike to be in neutral? Does it mean you can push it forward or can't push it forward? You can push it forward if it is in Neutral. It would move (especially downhill) without any gas. You can also run the engine without the bike moving as a ...

Chemistry Questions!!
What are the products of this reaction: NaHCO3 + NH3 --> H2O + ... Thanks. (I assume water is produced given sodium bicarbonate is amphoteric. But basically I need to otherside of the equation.)