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explain the course of religious wars in buganda

asolid metal cube of side 10cm is melted down and recast as solid metal sphere.calculate the radius of the sphere.Take Pie=3.142

a+5d=9375....(1) a+4d=375....(2) find a&d wont be difficult now just subtract 1 from 2 t9=a+8d

yeah "sometimes"

use hero's formula sum all the side a+b+c/2=s now evaluate area=?[s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)] good luck

sir steve sir reiny any 1 plz help me maths har
Question. Find the greatest common divisor d of 159 and 51, and find integers x and y solving the equation 159 x + 51 y = d . Answer. d = 3. The extended Euclidean algorithm gives x = 9 and y = -28. (There are other solutions for x and y; these are not unique.) plz show step ...

let the digit be abc a+b+c=20 b=1/4(a+c) 100a+10b+c=100b+10c+b+198 now solve for abc and good luck

julio:jonah=22:8=? Divide through by 2 do that your self now

forget about that grammer just smile with your solution and learn to use your dictionary although i am not a fan of english But In mathematics, an extraneous solution (or spurious solution) is a solution, such as that to an equation, that emerges from the process of solving ...

x/(5x+4)=3 x=3(5x+4) x=15x+12 x-15x=12 -14x=12 -7x=6 x=-6/7 there you go find algebra difficult?

Continuity Calculus Help
may be if you put your parentheses well i might be able to help you,because i dont understand you mathematical write up

2+3Log a

m varies directly as the cube of n and inversely as g

Frictional force = μ mg

what do u me by exponent 2 is it h=-16t²+60t?


find ur mean let say ur mean is n (n-2)²+(n-24)²till u reach d last no/total

maths polynomial need help-see these@sam
4m⁴-24m³+33m²+9m-9=0 re-write the polynomial equation as: 4m⁴-24m³+36m²-3m²+9m-9=0 because: 36m²-3m²=33m² re-grouping (4m⁴-24m³+36m²)-(3m²-9m)-9 factor out 4 4(m⁴-6m³+9m²)-(3m²-9m)-9...

5-4²+6-2²-1=5-16+6-4-1 =5+6-16-4-1 =11-5-16=-10 not true

oooh what wrong with me it tan15=x/2.2m x=2.2m*tan15

math-sorry here
sorry it would be 1/2 of 30degree=15degree so x=2.2m/tan15 total distance =2*x

sorry it would be 1/2 of 30degree=15degree so x=2.2m/tan15 total distance =2*x

i don't know where the angle meet up so i just pick it from btw d leg here where x is the leg tan30=2.2/x x=2.2m/30

A car is moving along a straight road. The graph below shows how the speed varies with time. "'0 W WCl. (/) time - Which of the following graphs represents the distance covered by the car with time? I 1. t 2. 0> U 0> C o .l9 c '" .l9 ii .!!! "0 ...

A car is moving along a straight road. The graph below shows how the speed varies with time. "'0 W WCl. (/) time - Which of the following graphs represents the distance covered by the car with time? I 1. t 2. 0> U 0> C o .l9 c '" .l9 ii .!!! "0 ...

An ant is crawling along the x-axis such that the graph of its position on the x-axis versus time is a semi-circle (see figure). The total distance covered in the 4 s is x[m] 4 t [sI

let the distance travel by both be a&b a has a distance of d1 like wise b speed=distanc/time d1=2v d2=4v total distance d1+d2=180 2v+4v=180 6v=180 v=30 d1=2*30 d1=60 d2=4*20 d2=120 now start u get u starting not that there meet at same point so now calculate the time they will...

Two boys A and B are at two diametrically opposite points on a circle. At one instant the two start running on the circle; A anticlockwise with constant speed v and B clockwise with constant speed 2v. In 2 minutes, they pass each other for the first time. How much later will ...

the increasing rate or r^3 is 12 time of increasing rate of r d/dt(r^3)=12dr/dt 3r^2dr/dt=12dr/dt divde through by 3 r^2dr/dt=4dr/dt r^2dr/dt-4dr/dt=0 dr/dt(r^2-4)=0 r^2-4=0 (r-2)(r+2)=0 r=2 or r=-2 that went awesome now just have it in mind that any constant at all we always ...

y=kx 32=4k k=8 huh?

b=2/5 p=1/5 remaining are wind wood=1-2/5-1/3=4/15 clarinet=1/2(4/5)=2/15 tubas=1/8(b)=1/8(2/5)=1/20 let m be the no of tubas m=240/20 m=??

f=26+b...(1) (b-3)=1/3(f-3) 3b-9=f-3 3b=f-3+9 3b=f+6 3b-6=f 3b-6=26+b 2b=26+6 2b=32 b=16 F=26+16 f=42

sorry it should be 15/t-20/t=8/60

speed=distance/time 20=d/t 20t=d t=d/20 and 15t=d d=15/t so amy finish 15/t-20/t=8/20 find t then you can get their distance

College Algebra-suggested solution
solve each equation? hmmm-well Suggested solution log3^n+log9=log69 log3^n=log69-log9 n=(log69-log9)/log3 find n then round up

use y=mx+c now x1=4 and x2=-1 y1=-3 and y2=1 x1=4&y1=-3 sub into equation of the line -3=m*4+c 4m+c=-3...(1) now x2 and y2 1=-m+c -m+c=1...(2) subtract 2 from 1 5m=-3 m=-4/5 when perpendicular it is now 5/4

i would be very happy to help if you would show me your suggested answer...

still the same -algebra
see [(42(x^2)-4pi(x^2)] 21*2(x^2)=42(x^2) rit? 2*2(x^2)pi=4(x^2)pi rit? [(21*(2x^2)-(2x^2)*2pi)] bring (2x^2) out you get (2x^2)(21-2pi) do you undestand now

a+b=76...(1) a-b=38......(2) adding 1 and 2 together you get a+b+a-b=76+38 a+a+b-b=114 2a=114 a=114/2 a=57 plug a into any of the equation e.g 57+b=76 b=76-57 b=19 57-b=38 -b=38-57 -b=-19 b=19 i guess u meant a/b=57/19=3...

Pre Algebra??
what question???

Pre- Algebra

you are welcome

i agree with u so now can u solve it

hmmm never mind u gave me a wrong formula A=p(1+r%)^n A=20000(1+5.5/100)^3 A=20000(1+0.055)^3 A=20000*(1.055)^3 now do what i told you recall that i=A-p

what could be the problem plug in those value A=20000(1+5.5/12)^3*12 A=20000(1+0.4583)^36 A=20000*(1.4583)^36 Puch ur calculator for (1.4583)^36 And multiply by 20000 and wuehi we are done!!!

draw a vertical line to represent the radio mast,and then a horizontal 53m away from the radio mast.and then also a diagonal line from the angle of elevation to the top of the radio mast then tan63=h/53 find h?

log(ab)=loga+logb log3x+log[3(x-2)]=1 log[(3x)(3x-6)]=1 (3x)(3x-6)=10^1 9x^2-18x-10=0 find x and see if you would arrive at that

telling you there is a total let the width 10w^2+10w*4=1050 now solve for w

telling you there is a total let the width 10w^2+8w*4=1050 now solve for w

reciprocal of -1/6 =6 and that of 1/2=2 a=-6 b=2 a+b=x -6+2=x x=-4 y=a*b y=-6*2 y=-12 z=2(a)/b z=2*-6/2 z=-6 now x+y+z=??

Math-easy you can do it
you can do that just 6-17=???

use these formulea a^2=b^2+c^2-(2bcCosA) then to get angle C sinA/a=sinC/a...(1) to get angle B sinB/b=sinC/c....(2) there you go a big hint

Physics-huh? where
Physics-huh? i can,t see any problem to try them if i can..

math area-poor reading
ooh i did not read that poor reading yeah

math area
A=Lw A=4*30 A=120square unit

Further maths
from sir steve work remeber that 6th term is 6th term=a+5d =24+5*8 =64

x/4+2x/20=700...mucg easier now rit? just find x

Math-it should have been (1/4*2/5)
i made a i little error in my previous post here (1/4)x+(1/4*2/5)x=700 solve for x


Math-sorry dx/dp
oops dx/dp not dy/dp

if it's derivative take the 'p' as a constant dy/dp=2x-4p

Math-?? what? typo!!
hey what do i do with typo i think

sorry i made a typo i mean u not m

if sin^6(x)sin(x)dx...(1) then let m=cos(x) dm/dx=-sin(x) dm=-sin(x)dx input 1 into 2 (1-cos^2(x)^3)sin(x)dx (1-u^2)^3-du -(1-u^2)^3du -[1-3u^2+3u^4-u^6) [-1+3u^2-3u^4+u^7) now just integrate and input your 'm'

khalid=k daughter=d first statement k=4d...(1) second statement (k-10)+(d-10)=60. k+d=60+20 k+d=80...(2) plug 1 into 2 and there you go

calculus very hard help
you are welcome read out calculus made easy on schaum's outline these book was recommende to me by my favorite tutor here STEVE...that book is a life saving one if you can not get one locally use amazon..steve favorite statement google is your friend try it out

calculus very hard help
hmmm lets see using demovire theorm z+1/z=2cosx and z^n+1/z^n=2cosnx in our case 2cosx=(z+1/z) pascal triangle (z+1/z)^10 from left to right are 1,10,45,120,210,252,210,120,45,10 and 1 the coeffient now 1st,2nd---last 1st term:z^10 2ndterm:10z^9(1/z)=10z^8 3rdterm:45z^8(1/z)^2...

maths surd
let a=2+sqrt(3) b=2-sqrt(3) but a=((2+sqrt(3)^2) b=[(2-sqrt(3)^2] a^2=(2+sqrt(3))^2 =(2+sqrt(3)(2+sqrt(3)=7+4sqrt(3) b^2=(2-sqrt(2)]^2 =(2-sqrt(3))(2-sqrt(3) =7-4sqrt(3) but (a^3+b^3)=(a+b)(a^2-ab+b^2) a+b=7+4sqrt(3)+7-4sqrt(3) a+b=14 ab=(7-4sqr(3)(7+4sqrt(3) ab=1 a^2=(7+4sqrt...

thats in standard form 4.09726*10^5 and then and i thinks these is the expand notation 400000+9000+700+26

or you mean since a^b.a^a=a^b+a then 5^3.5^1=?

Math-do that!!!
can,t you do normal multiplication? you should be able to do that

just normal indices rule a^b/a^a=a^(b-a) with that hint play around with your question

Algebra-no it's not!
see (x^2+2x+1)/(x^2+1) ((x^2+x)+(x+1)]/(x^2+1) x(x+1)+1(x+1)/(x^2+1) (x+1)^2/(x^2+1)....What i see

Uhun what your question!!!!

wow got to right the question and solution down

division and remainder...error ws from my teacher not me
thats the real question

i think the question was post before and sir steve answered i rember fully well he said such reflection move from (x,y).....(-x,y)


direct variation...not enough info!!!!!
not enough info how can i find my constant see y=k(0.3)....see what i mean

direct variation
not enough info how can i find my constant see y=k(0.3)....see what i mean

opps!!! math
yeah your are right thanks

wait do you mean to solve foy 3(2^y-1)=2^y+4 6^y-3=2^y+4 apply natural log log6^y-log3=log2^y+log4 log6^y-log2^y=log4+log3 ylog6-ylog2=log4+log3 y(log6-log2)=log4+log3 y=(log4+log3)/(log6-log2)....... not sure how you wanna keep on beaten these you can simplify from there

here u go as u=2^y.... plug in 3(u-1)=u+4 3u-3=u+4 3u-u=4+3 2u=7 u=7/2 now to solve for y apply natural log 2^y=7/2 log2^y=log(7/2) ylog2=log7-log2 y=log7-log2/log2=? or even y=log7/log4

math? not enough!! i bet
not enough information!!!! please recheck

health part 2
No right anser is C it recur less

using phythagoras theorm (x+8)^2=x^2+(x+7)^2 x^2+16x+64=x^2+x^2+14x+49 16x+64=x^2+14x+49 x^2+14x-16x+49-64=0 x^2-2x-15=0 (x+3)(x-5)=0 x=5........

a+6d=12.......(1) a+20d=68......(2) solve by elimination a is gone 14d=56 d=4 a+6*4=12 a=12-24 a=-12 68 term=a+67d=? that reminds me the equation i use to solve is nth=a+(n-1)d

maths insufficient info!
formula for average speed=total distance/total time A=[(60+90)km/h]/no time? insufficient information

sweet correct

Pre Algebra@summer?
where is your table?????

0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 pick out the odd number remeber that possible outcome/total required outcome=odd?/9 here you go

?? what your question

pre Algebra
y=-(3x+8) that should be it

Pre Algebra
E(c)=15c sorry for my typo yes am sure

Pre Algebra
f(-2)=(-2)^2-3(-2)+2 =4+6+2=12.... E(c)=15E .......

do you want to simplify? sinacosa(sina/cosa+cosa/sina) sinacosa[(sina)^2+(cosa)^2]/sinacosa (sina)^2+(cosa)^2.........

sin=7/20 sin^-1=(0.35)=?

i just did i without solving ob paper it was a typo okay

y=mx+c...... m=y2-y1/x2-x1 m=4-3/-1-2 m=-1/3 at any point i pick p(2,3) y=mx+c 3=(-1)2/3+c -9=-2/3+c -9+2=3c -9+2/3=c c=-7/3 now y=mx+c.......crack out the equation

question !!!
thanks but,is there any one for algebra advanced world problem and logarithms?

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