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Physical science
An astronaut on a space walk bumps the shuttle and starts moving away at a velocity of 0.02m/s. The astronaut's mass is 100kg. He takes a 1kg "safety weight" and shoves it away in exactly the direction of his motion at a speed of 6m/s. at what speed does the ...

1. For the three cubes shown below, determine their surface area, volume and surface area to volume ratio. Then, circle the one you believe would be the most efficient and write a summary stating why.

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in terms of theater what is the quote "act well your part" by alexander pope: 1)refer to 2)means

At the instant a traffic light turns green, an automobile that has been waiting at an intersection starts moving forward with a constant acceleration of 2.00m/s(squared). At the same time a truck traveling with a constant speed of 18m/s, overtakes and passes the automobile. 1....

How woukd you graph the position of each vehicle as a function of time.(0 being the traffic light)