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  1. Pre calculus

    write the finite series -1+2+7+14+23+...+62 in summation notation
  2. ELA

    The River 1. I sit on the bank in my special place, 2. Feel the breeze that lifts my hair, 3. And watch the ripples run across the river. 4. It is so peaceful here. 5. Deep enough to justify a fishing pole, 6. Quiet enough for my every thought, 7. The perfect place to ...
  3. Pre calculus

    When “superballs” sprang upon the scene in the 1960’s, kids across the United States were amazed that these hard rubber balls could bounce to 90% of the height from which they were dropped. If a superball is dropped from a height of 2 m, how far does it travel ...
  4. Math

    Why is log(base 1/a)x a reflection over the y axis?
  5. Economics

    1. Which of the following is the best example of a public good? A. Highway system B. Shopping mall C. Country club D. Movie theater 2. Which of the following is a characteristic of a public good? A. the private sector could provide it more efficiently B. it's benefits are ...
  6. math

    find the height of a pyramid whose square base measures 30yd on each side and whose slant height it 45yd?
  7. Math

    In a geography class 9 students are scheduled to give their presentations tody, one student must leave early so he will present first, how many different ways can you schedule all of todays presentations?
  8. Georgia state history

  9. Georgia state history

    ms. sue?
  10. Georgia state history

    i am dumb
  11. Georgia state history

    i am sorry that's not the wuestion i am looking to answer. the question is Which court has jurisdiction over cases involving minors? A)state court B)juvinile court C)supreme court D)magistrate court
  12. Georgia state history

    oh freek
  13. Georgia state history

    and btw i think it is state court
  14. Georgia state history

    sorry reed jiskha should not be in the question the question is which behavior is an example of a delinquent behavior according to georgia's juvenile justice system? A)state court B)juvinile court C)supreme court D)magistrate court
  15. Georgia state history

    i am really bad in social studies
  16. Georgia state history

    help me plz
  17. Georgia state history

    which behavior is an example of a delinquent behavior according to georgia's juvenile justice system jiskha? A)state court B)juvinile court C)supreme court D)magistrate court
  18. Math

    Harry and Justin have 180 stickers. If Harry has 25% more stickers than Justin, how many stickers does Justin have?
  19. georgia state history

    What do u say guys whats the answer
  20. Social Studies

    whats right
  21. Social Studies

    i really need help on all the questions of the test
  22. Social Studies

    So is it D
  23. Social Studies

    so what is it i need help
  24. georgia state history

    Which of the following rivers originates from groundwater? A)Chattahoochee B)Flint C)Savannah D)Chattooga***
  25. social studies

    does anyone know the answers
  26. history 911

    I need help with nukber one
  27. Math

    16 dogs share a bowl of food. Each dog eats half a cup. Write & solve a division equation to find how much dog food was in bowl. Would this be c=16/2 c=8 (c=cups) Thanks for your help.
  28. history

    guys i need help with this question too can u help i think it is A
  29. Math

    a snake can grow up to 21 feet. This is 35% of its maximum length. What is the maximum length?
  30. math

    Weekly pay: $253.07 Not married Exemptions: 3 What is the federal tax?
  31. physics

    we know that centripetal acceleration is a=v^2/r. If we set this equal to g (g= GM/r^2), then we find that v=sqrt[GM/R]. Then we just plug in our variables. *Note: remember what units to use: meters (m), kilograms (kg). This will produce an answer in m/s. So: v= sqrt(6.67e-11 ...
  32. AP Physics B

    Part 2!!!! An object weighing 305 N in air is immersed in water after being tied to a string connected to a balance. The scale now reads 270 N . Immersed in oil, the object appears to weigh 279 N . Find the density of the object. Answer in units of kg/m3
  33. AP Physics B

    An empty rubber balloon has a mass of 0.01 kg . The balloon is filled with helium at a density of 0.181 kg/m3 . At this density the balloon has a radius of 0.493 m . If the filled balloon is fastened to a vertical line, what is the tension in the line? The ...
  34. Physics

    A vertical spring with a spring constant of 410 N/m is mounted on the floor. From directly above the spring, which is unstrained, a 0.26-kg block is dropped from rest. It collides with and sticks to the spring, which is compressed by 2.8 cm in bringing the block to a momentary...
  35. World History

    The conquerers didn't change the pre-existing culture, so the civilization didn't change much.
  36. geometry

    Rectangle ABCD is similar to rectangle EFGH. If rectangle EFGH has sides that are 8 times greater than those of rectangle ABCD, what is the relationship between the areas of the rectangles? A. The area of rectangle EFGH is 8 times greater than the area of rectangle ABCD. B. ...
  37. Business Com.

    Which of the following best describes these sentences from a congratulations message? Heartiest congratulations on being named plant manager of Maxell Industries. I am certain that you richly deserve this promotion, and I am sure that you are now thinking of expanding your ...
  38. Business Com.

    Which of the following best describes these sentences from a welcome message? Our company is pleased to welcome you as one of our valued customers. We are looking forward to receiving many more fine orders from you in the near future. We especially appreciate the size of your ...
  39. Business Com.

    . Which of the following best describes this sentence from a congratulations message? Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion to Vice President of Operations! (Points: 5) Sincere and enthusiastic Selfish-sounding Wordy and stuffy Obviously sales-oriented
  40. biology

    What effects does an increase or decrease in the pH of the cell cytoplasm have on proteins and their ability to function?
  41. biology

    What effect does an increase or decrease in the pH of the cell cytoplasm have on proteins and their ability to function?
  42. Elevation

    I thought map key
  43. Elevation

    WHat type of map would be used to identify countries and cities?
  44. Elevation

    What type of map would you use to identify landforms and elevation?
  45. Algebra LCD

    Lowest common denominator of denominators (3x^4)-27x^2 and (x^3)-3x^2
  46. Algebra

    Lowest common denominator of the following denominators: (5x^3)+25x^2 and 3x+15
  47. Algebra LCD

    whats the lowest common denominator LCD with x^2-25 and x+5
  48. Algebra

    after reviewing the book i found the answer, which is b,c,d,f are all equal to the expression √16 x √25
  49. Algebra

    it said Remember, Also, the radical sign is the same as an exponent of 1/2 and Make sure that each answer you select has the same value as the expression in the box.
  50. Algebra

    the computer test says that c,d,f are wrong
  51. Algebra

    How would i solve for this problems? also what is the answer(s) 5.)Which answers are equal to the expression √16 x √25 a.√41 b.√16 x 25 c.(16 x 25)^1/2 d.20 e.400 f.√25 x √16
  52. math

    Which of the following are square roots of the number below? Check all that apply. 25 A. -(25)^1/2 B. -5 C. 13 D. 25^1/2
  53. geometry

    am building a birdhouse. the bottom is 5" wide by 7" long. the sides are 7" long, and cut at a 45 degree angle. I need to find the dimensions of the front and back, which must sit at the diagonal.
  54. Physics ( Calculus & Mecahnics )

    A proton with mass m moves in one dimension.The potential-energy function is where and are positive constants. The proton is released from rest a x0 = a/b. (a) Show that can be written as U(x) = a --- [ ( x0/x )^2 - x0/x ] x0^2 Graph U(x). Calculate U(x0) and thereby locate ...
  55. math

    True or False? 1. The product of 2 linear polynomials is quadratic 2. The sum of two cubic polynomials cannot have a degree greater than 3. 3. The sum of two cubic polynomials may have a degree less than 3. 4. The sum of a cubic and a quartic polynomial may have a degree ...
  56. MUSIC

    West side story
  57. Math

    Solve: 3n-7/(n-2)(n-3) + 2n+8/9-n^2 - n+2/(n+3)(n-2) = 0
  58. math

    squares = 5 triangles = 12 circles = 3 ???
  59. Math : Algebra

    I have a whole page of questions I'm trying to complete that are similar to this, but no idea how to do them. If someone could give me a walk through of this question I'd be very appreciative. I'm just suppose to solve the equation. 3n-7/(n-2)(n-3) + 2n+8/9-n^2 - n...
  60. Chemistry

    your reactants are an element and compound that is not not a hydro carbon. What type of reaction do you probably have??
  61. science

    Which elements are poor conductors of electricity?
  62. accounting

    explain each of the two conventional ways of allocating joint costs of products?
  63. math

    in high school football, a touchdown is worth 6 points, a field goal is worth 3 points, and a safety is worth 2 points. Following a touchdown a team can try for a 1-point or 2 point conversion. in how many ways can a team score 9 points? explain your answer. __ I don't ...
  64. 5th grade

    Algebraic expression and its variable representation. Jasmine has three times as many chores as her younger brother does.
  65. Algebra

    y = x + 8 x*y = 273 x*(x+8) = 273 x^2 + 8x - 273 = 0 (x-13)(x+21) = 0 One of those factors must evaluate to 0 for the answer to be 0. Therefore, x must equal either 13 or -21. y must equal either 21 or -13. So: x=13 and y=21 or x=-21 and y=-13 I'm sure you can figure out ...
  66. 4th grade

    what are two examples of condensation
  67. spanish

    Yeah teacher gave us this questions, and its not simple at all
  68. spanish

    Hello, For this question in Act two line 91-93 when Esteban states It falls to nobleman to grant true honour those who have no honour cannot grant it. I need to explain the two and give examples: For true honour I have that but for the false honour I am not understanding what ...
  69. Spanish

    PI chose line 230 in act three when mengo says It wasn't enough to be a pimp, you went and whipped my arse as well.
  70. Spanish

    I need help trying to find a quote where mengo in Fuente ovejuna is a comic in the play, thanks or at least steer me in the right act in the play
  71. spanish

    For the question In Fuente ovejuna how does laurencia respond to Fernan gomez pursuit of chasing her, in Act one. I put the answer was she refused his gifts is that correct, if not can you steer me to to find the right answer, thanks
  72. Pscyhology help again

    Hellok, my question was misunderstood, I know how to write a book report, I have to write a review on a movie with psychological issues. I chose the movie I am Sam, but my problem is do I mainly write about the mental retardation, the lawyer that has obsessive compulsive ...
  73. psychology help

    Hello, I have to review a movie with psychological issues and I chose the movie I am Sam with Sean Penn. I know the main issue is with Mental Retardation but would I do the review on mental retardation or the one where the lady is obsessive compulsive. thanks
  74. Physics

    When you approach a blinking source of light, the frequency of its blinking is seen to: decrease, increase, or remain the same always. I THINK IT IS INCREASING. If you are traveling at close to the speed of light and shine a flashlight out in front of you, a third observer at ...
  75. Physics

    According to special relativity, the momentum (mv) of an object at relativistic speed is actually: more, less or no different than if it were at rest
  76. macbeth

    After reading Macbeth and going to various websites in order to write an essay on who is responsible for the tragedy in macbeth, to write about the witches, macbeth, and lady macbeth leading to the tragedy. If you want to get technical it was Lady Macbeth who was responsible ...
  77. education Ms. Sue

    Hello, Thanks for the response I got the idea now for the teaching practices but what would be an example for 3 teaching practices that undermine academic achievemtn. Thanks Editor's Choice: Valuing Diversity—Student-Teacher Relationships that Enhance Achievement ...
  78. Education

    Hello, I need help with this question I need to come up with 3 teaching practices that foster children's academic achievement and I have no clue of what the teacher is looking for. Thanks I'm not sure what you mean by "teaching practices," but possibly this ...
  79. nutrition

    Hello, I have to do a one week menu plan for my nutrtion class for a childcare setting, and I can't find a menu template that I can use, any suggestions. Thanks
  80. Education

    Hello, I have to make a flyer for my early childhood education program, to promote healthy pregnancies. Does anyone know how to go about making a flyer? I need a catchy title. I know what to put in the flyer just need a good title and how to make the flyer. Thanks Hi Clark, ...
  81. education

    Ok, so does this sentence sound good then. Physically, a ten year old boy who can't throw a ball due to coordination has delayed growth spurt, delayed puberty and things like these can affect their social and emotional development. Huh? Nonsense. Why would one presume a ...
  82. Education

    I need help with this assignment or some ideas please, I need to come up with an example of how two domains affect each other like physical, social, and emotional with children. I was trying to figure out how I can give an example of a 2 year old girl can't swallow food ...
  83. Health

    Hello, I have to compare the old and new pyramid and what are the differences and whats the same. For differences I put the chart is now color coded for the sections for the food groups, the new pyramid represents a person walking up steps to encourage activity. And for the ...
  84. health

    Is this the correct answer for this question: What do the various sections of the food pyramid stand for? I put Fruit group, Bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group, vegetable group, milk group, meat, poultry, fish, and beans, eggs, and nuts group, also, fats, oils, and sweets. I...
  85. Health

    Hello, I am trying to find the answer to this question? Do you agree with baby fruits and vegetables containing Dha that these types of baby food may promote sensitivity to foods or allergies? I can't find the website with this article. Thanks, Since this is not my area of...
  86. Health

    I need help with this question I have some of the answers. Compare the old pyramid to the new food pyramid what are the differences and what is the same. The differences in the new food pyramid would be the amounts that you eat, and also the colors and shapes of the pyramids. ...
  87. Health

    Hello, what do various sections of the food pyramid stand for? I don' t know if the instructor is looking for breads, fruits and vegetables or what with the new pyramid. I know what the colors stand for but not the sections. Thanks (Broken Link Removed) You are on the ...
  88. English redo

    Ok, for my first question Flying over the oak tree,the farmer saw the flock of birds that had damaged his crops. I revised to: The farmer saw the flock of birds, flying over the oak tree that had damaged his crops. Second sentence: Ironing out all wrinkles, the pants looked ...
  89. English

    Hello, I have to revise these sentences for dangling modifiers and I wanted to see if I did it correctly. First sentence: Flying over the oak tree, the farmer saw the flock of birds that had damaged his crops. I revised it to: Damagins his crops, the farmer saw the flock of ...
  90. English

    Hello, I have the answer for the relaxed situationf or nonverbal communication but I don't have an answer for the verbalcommunication in a relaxed situation for family and friends. Also, I looked up for tense situation for supervisors for nonverbal and verbal communication...
  91. Social studies

    hello, I have to write my essay for next Sunday on which ethnic group I belong so I understand this right, I would write about white americans but I have to find out if the white americans faced forms of discrimination like dual labor market, reverse discrimination, and stuff ...
  92. social studies

    Hello, I am writing an essay paper and collecting information on my opinions and yours Should US government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants? Should citinzenship preference be given to the neediest applicants, and should applicants from certain countries be given ...
  93. English

    Hello, I have this question to approach creating a negative message to a superior versus a colleague to approach them would I tell them they are doing something wrong or not, I am lost for this question. Thanks Clark, you have a long run-on sentence here. I'm not sure what...
  94. English

    Hello, I can't find the answer to these questions, What kinds of unwanted reactions might you get from readers of your messages whether it be negative, persuasive, or informative? Also, What steps would you take to ensure that the purpose of your message, informative, ...
  95. english help

    Hello, we have to write a business solution to a scenario and for this scenario I figured it would be best to use a letter, instead of email or memo. The scenario is Your local bank made a mistake on your printed checks. Additionally, the bank charged you for the checks, even ...
  96. English

    Hello, I am lost and don't understand I need to find the readiblity formula for this scenario. The trip scheduled for Mexico has been cancelled due to the bankruptcy of the bus company. You must tell 25 of your classmates that the trip has been cancelled and that they have...
  97. Social Studies

    Need help with this question How may prejudice contribute to hate crimes against arabs, muslims, and other groups. Thanks Try the following sites by clicking the below long link:
  98. social studies

    Hello, I have to do a second essay and I need to find some good websites on where the hawaiians immigrated from and then what type of work did they do back then. Thanks, Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under "Hawaiian immigration history to get ...
  99. Social Studies

    I need help I changed my journal entry and I am trying to find info on African Americans migration and some good websites and can't find enough info to write my journal entry. Thanks You should find this website helpful: It describes ...
  100. Social Studies

    I need help I cant' find this answer where did African Americans originate? and How did they come to the US? Thanks
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