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Well I think you can got to wikipedia for details on the yoga...but I do know that they focus on stretching, flexibility and inner spirituality and meditation as part of the exercises and that they utilize different positions (more specifically postures) in order to do so. ...

Okay that makes much more sense than before, lol. Thanks!!!

In regards to atomic emission spectroscopy: Explain why the intensity of the color gets brighter when the metal salt concentration is higher. Salt is any ionic compound that has positive ions(called cations) and their associated negative ions (called anions). For example, ...

Why Jiskha Is NOT Full of Crap
I've never had a problem with them.

Intro to Chemistry
yes i did thanx! the cross multiplying actually worked out pretty well! thank u so much!

Intro to Chemistry
A substance X has the density of 0.359 g/mL at room temperature. What is the volume in mL of 25.0 g of the substance? Show calculation. -------------------------------------- I tried to cross multiply but I dunno...I'm getting some pretty crazy numbers. Any suggestions?