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a particle moves along the sides ab,bc,cd of a square of sides 25m with a velocity of 25m/s find average velocity of th eparticle

Sn=3.8+0.4-----(eqn 1) Sn=u+a(n-1/2) =u+an-a/2 Sn=(u-a/2)+an------(eqn 2) from 1 and 2 a=0.4m/s^2 u-a/2=3.8 u-0.4/2=3.8 u-0.2=3.8 u=6.0m/s

1. A train running at 30 m/s is slowed uniformly to a stop in 44s . find the acceleration and stopping distance. 2. a car velocity increases uniformly from 6m/s to 20m/s while covering 70m find the acceleration and the time taken

it is x+(1/x)