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many human-caused losses of biodiversity, such as habitat destruction and of invasive species. are there any natural events that could alter the diversity index?

Polar occurs whenever we have opposit charged ions. such HF, H being positively charged ion and F being negatively charged ion. Non Polar occurs whenever the two ions are identical. such as Hydrogen ion mixing with another Hydrogen ion to form hydrogen molecules because the ...

lets take oxygen to be the substance given. the molecular weight also called the molar mass given as 16. the density always remain constant as 1g/ml. so lets comvert everything together as 5ml*1g/ml*1mole/16g = 0.313moles. remember that 16g/mol is the molarmass or molecular ...

I think the title should be called "Welcome Home"

In buffer titration, when two acids are used are they equal to, less to, or greater to each other?